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Are you looking for a gym? If the answer is yes, here are a few things you should think about when deciding which gym to join:

1. Location

You should try to join one close to your home or office. You are much more likely to stop there when you already pass it every day. Conversely, if you have to go out of your way to get there, you are much more likely to put it off.

2. Budget

What fee fits into your budget best? While staying healthy is imperative, it shouldn’t break your bank account, either. There are health clubs for just about every budget out there.


3. The Equipment

Most gyms will let you look around before joining. Pay attention to what it has to offer (and not just the scenery) while you are walking around. Does it have the machines you are looking for? What kind of free weights does it have? Does it look like you may have to stand around waiting for your favorite machine a lot?

4. Cleanliness

No one wants to work out in a dirty facility. How clean in the place in general? Does it look like they keep the showers clean? Is there enough room or does it feel crowded? What kind of safety precautions are around?


5. Attitude

Your workout is always more enjoyable and effective when the staff makes you feel like you belong there. Talk to the workers to get a feel for them. Pay attention to how they interact with current customers. If they speak to just about everyone while you are walking around, chances are they are pretty friendly. It can’t hurt to talk to some of the current patrons while you are walking around, either.

These are probably the most important things when picking a place to spend your money to work out. You probably have some other things you will look for, too. It is important to find a place you will enjoy going to so you will actually use that membership.

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  2 Responses to “5 Tips For Choosing a Gym”

  1. Another thing to consider is to use a wellness facility offered to you by your employer. Or if your employer doesn’t have a wellness facility, check to see if they offer discounts to any local wellness facilities.

    I completely agree about finding a gym that is close to home. Consistency and commitment are what’s truly important, and a close gym will help you with that.

  2. Yeah I agree with most of this post, and also with Tim.

    My work has a floor with a gym for people to use. I just need to start going there more often, hehe.

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