Mar 232010

When thinking about weight loss, most people tend to associate it with things like hunger, sacrifice, and all around feeling miserable and down. Surely one of the largest fears associated with weight loss is the feeling of having to go on for weeks without eating anything filling or tasty. It doesn’t have to be this way though – if you know how to make your diet, if you’re familiar with what exactly you need in order to be healthy, you’ll be able to make a meal that’s both tasty and healthy.

First, in order to prevent feeling hungry throughout the day, make sure you spread your meals well enough – instead of having two or three large meals, eat a few smaller ones, with pauses of 2-3 hours between each. This will keep your body well-nurtured, which will reflect on your energy levels for the entire day. You’ll feel much more lively, and will be able to do more work than you normally can.

With that in mind, some good foods to keep in mind are rice, chicken (not fried though!), yoghurt, oatmeal, and of course fruit and vegetables. If you’re eating bread, replace it with whole-grain – but if you can, try to remove it completely. Milk is also very good for you, in pretty much all of its forms – though watch out for those high-fat cheeses, as they can give you some negative effects.

If you like fish, make sure you eat plenty of tuna as well – it’s rich, filling, and also very good for you, especially your brain. Don’t eat the kind that’s in oil though, go for the water one. It may taste a bit dry, but if you mix it in a salad, it’ll be fantastic!

Peanut butter is also nice in its nutritious contents, but eat it in moderation – one slice of toast with a thin spread on it should be enough per meal, otherwise you may get too much fat into your meal.

If you can, remove all kinds of juices from your diet as well – they may have their useful sides, but in the long run, the negatives outweigh the positives. Water is all your body needs to stay hydrated, and if you get used to drinking it on a regular basis, you’ll soon forget about those juices and soft drinks. And the best part of this is, when you do get to have a soft drink – when sitting down at a table with friends, for example – it will taste so much better when you haven’t had it in a while and you know you deserve it!

Coffee is okay, though don’t overdo it – if you can, limit it to one cup in the morning, and cut down on the sugar you use – using honey instead is better in most cases, but brown sugar is also fine if you prefer it. Black coffee is especially good, and it can give you enough energy to last for most of the morning and until noon, so try to have one strong cup after your breakfast.

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