Jun 212010

Does standing with your profile to the mirror drive you crazy? You see a belly instead of a firm, powerful stomach. Women notice your stomach sticking out almost immediately. Two of the sexiest parts of a man for women is their buttocks and their stomach. If your stomach is a bulging beer belly you are not creating the right impression. Using a few simple abdominal exercises for men can start transforming your beer belly into a six pack.

There are two parts to building an impressive stomach. The first is exercising the abdominal muscles using resistance exercises. The abdominal muscles become stronger, more toned, and defined by building added muscle. The second part of the plan is to trim a little excess fat off your body to uncover those new powerful stomach muscles.

Let us get rid of the excess fat issue first. By just cutting your fat and sugars a little in your diet, and adding a little aerobic exercise your excess fat will quickly disappear. It is not going to take an extreme effort on your part, just a consistent effort. Reduce your calories a little while increasing your activity will solve this portion of the problem quickly.

Now, to build a really impressive stomach you will need to focus on abdominal exercises for men which are designed to increase abdominal muscle mass. It sounds a little strange to think about adding mass to get rid of your beer belly, but it is the proper solution. Muscles take much less space, and look impressive. Here are three exercise to get you started creating a powerful abdomen.

The first exercise you should be doing is abdominal crunches. Laying on your back with your hands behind your head, roll your head and shoulders up using your stomach muscles for the power. Hold the crunch for a few seconds before lowering back down slowly. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps. Do 3 sets of crunches in each of your abdominal workouts. As possible start adding weight by holding a dumbbell or other weights across your chest. You want to keep increasing the weight to build stronger, more impressive muscles.

Another very effective exercise for your stomach is the leg pull-in. Lie flat on your back, arms resting beside your body. Lift your legs bending your knees and draw your knees to your chest while rolling your hips to get even more of a contraction in your abdomen. Do 15 to 20 reps for 3 sets.

A slightly more advanced exercise is the hanging leg raise. Using a chin-up bar, or other location your can hang from, pull your knees up towards your chest, rotating your hips upwards towards your chest, too. The addition of gravity pulling against your body increases the resistance making this exercise challenging.

The main thing to keep in mind while choosing your abdominal exercises for men, choose exercises which allow you to increase resistance. You must be able to continue to add new challenges to your abdomen to increase the lean muscle and fitness of the area. Only with increased muscle and less fat will your beer belly become an impressive six-pack.

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