May 252010

There seems to be a million different kinds of aerobic lessons, plans, and techniques for you to choose from. You need to not only consider the health benefits of an aerobic lesson, but how well it is going to match your personality if you want the maximum level of success.

Consider a man who enjoys power, intense music, and building muscle. This guy is not going to enjoy an aerobic workout filled with feminine looking moves and pop music. He wants an aerobics class built around martial arts movements, punching, kicking, and which has some hard thumping rock music to engage his spirit. Getting noisy with grunts, shouts, and yells are going to be inspiring and drive him to a better workout. A ripped t-shirt, sweat shorts, and workout shoes are all that is required.

For some women this kind of aerobic lesson would drive them crazy. They love the more dance like movements, the dance music, and the synchronous look of the class working together. The exercise class is almost a fun time of dance and pleasure for her. The thought of yelling and grunting during a workout sounds disgusting. Dressing for the aerobics class is important. She wants to look just as stylish as all the other women in the class.

This separation in types of aerobic programs needed is not split on gender alone. There are many women who enjoy the same intense workout as the man in our first example. They are building a strong, powerful, but feminine body. They love the idea of learning moves which can help protect themselves in a crisis. Their heart and spirit is filled with Rock and Roll. They would go crazy in a feminine class. They love being around people who are intense, and having a room filled with testosterone drives them to workout intensely. They love being around men, and cannot imagine working out in a class filled with only women.

Of course, you find men who love to be in dance aerobics classes filled with women. They find working out with beautiful women inspiring, and it helps to push them harder. They are not worried about the pounding music, punching, and battle of the other guys.

Which kind of aerobic lesson is right for you? You know your personality and the kinds of music you love. Let those be guides to what classes you wish to try, but do not let it limit you. You may want to drop by a video rental store and grab an aerobic lesson showing other styles. You might discover another style energizes and inspires you. When you feel your spirit take a leap up, and your body start rocking to the tempo of a style, you have found your perfect aerobics style. Enrol in a class of that style and give it a real trial run. You may suddenly discover the dance aerobics you loved so much before are suddenly replaced with a love for a powerful and exciting new experience. Let your heart drive you decisions, and you will love aerobics.

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