May 252010

Aerobic workout music is a crucial part of your workout time. Doing an aerobic workout in silence or with the wrong music drags you down. Instead of being an invigorating, challenging, fun time of the day, it becomes a time to be dreaded.

Music is the part of our workout which brings our mind and soul along for the workout. It helps us focus on tempo, and helps keep our body moving. Have you purchased aerobic workout songs, or compiled your own special playlist of songs? Have you actually planned out the music to go along with the goals of your workout. This is one of the special talents of the finest aerobic teachers.

At the beginning of your aerobic workout you need a time of gradually climbing. You need to start off slow to give your body time to warm up, your joints to get loosened, and your heart to expect what is coming. This is the time for medium tempo songs and workout music. It helps you get started without pushing you over the limits on a cold body. Once your body starts to warm up, and the first traces of perspiration start, it is time to take the workout up a notch. Your music needs to move up in tempo and intensity along with your workout. This helps you to pickup your pace without even really thinking about it. Your body flows with the music.

The hard beating, fast tempo music will have you moving quickly and with power to match the songs. If you like to push extremely hard for a few minutes, then cycle through levels of intensity, you need your aerobic workout music to follow your plan. Then instead of watching a clock to time your segments of exercise you just move with the tempo and intensity of the music. This is one of the key reasons buying CD’s filled with aerobic music is a great idea. They are already laid out with a workout plan in mind and help to drive your workout in the proper direction.

Never forget the importance of the end of your workout. You need to plan a gradual decrease in your intensity to bring your body back down to normal. The cool down period should be planned in your aerobic workout music, too. Step down from your intense music into a medium intensity song, and then take one more step into a slow tempo song. This allows you follow the music through two steps of cool down. During the slowest tempo you can be closing out the workout with a series of great cool down stretches as you prepare to hit the shower. Your emotions, mind, and body are all satisfied with the high quality workout they just completed. Music is not just a nice addition to your workout, but can be the engine which drives it. Plan your workout and music together for the best workouts.

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