May 252010

Do you love an aerobics class? Whether you answered yes or no, your children will love aerobics. Aerobics for kids is filled with everything they love. It includes music, dancing, play, and other kids.

One of the biggest tragedies today is the overweight, unfit children we are raising. They are becoming fat due to sitting in front of the television watching their favorite shows and playing their video games. Their idea of activity is their fast flying fingers on their Nintendo, cell phone, or computer. If we do not start getting these children up and moving they are going to turn into fat, unhealthy adults.

The crazy thing about all of this, our kids love to play, dance, scream, and have fun. If you enrol them in an aerobics for kids class, or rent some great videos for them to share with other neighborhood kids they will have a lot of fun. Imagine a room full of kids their age, with a stereo blasting out music they love, and someone showing them fun ways to move. Your child will start moving with the other kids and having more fun than they have enjoyed in weeks.

Aerobics for kids does not only improve your child’s body and give them fun, it increases their confidence. They are learning coordination, dance moves, and cooperation with others. Their improved health combined with learning important life lessons will give them added confidence in school, going to school dances, and in athletics. It gives them a head start over other children who are not used to physical activities in a group setting.

Even though you child will enjoy an aerobics class do not expect them to go willingly on the first trip. Some children will think it is the greatest idea ever, and some will think you have lost your mind. It is your job as a parent to break their habit of playing with electronics and get them started. Once they have an opportunity to experience the fun of exercising with other children they will become addicted. It will become the times in their weekly schedule they look forward to. Instead of being stuck in the house, they will be out having fun with all of their new friends. Even shy quiet children make the transition well. They may not become outgoing over night, but the little smile you see on their face tells you how much they enjoy being around other kids.

A good instructor is one of the most critical elements in aerobics for kids. They need to know how to make the class fun for the children. Visit a couple different locations and watch the children in the class. If they cannot seem to wipe the smiles off their faces, you will know you found the right teacher. Your children will thank you for this new opportunity, if not today, in the future. This simple change in their life can change them from being a lifetime couch potato into a vibrant active child and adult.

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