May 252010

When you see an aerobics class full of men and women intensely working out you see them all dressed in aerobics wear. Do you know why they are paying such close attention to what they wear? It does not have to do with looking great, it has to do with having a superior workout.

What is the first outfit many exercisers place on their bodies? They grab some sweat pants and a t-shirt and head out to exercise. They head into an aerobics class and start working out intensely. Their body is suddenly trapped in clothes drenched in sweat, the clothes are becoming heavy. Their body cannot breathe. They may even start believing aerobics are not for them. Changing clothes can make a tremendous difference.

Those tight aerobics clothes are not worn to show off the bodies, they are worn because they allow the sweat to wick quickly away from the body. When the sweat gets out into the open air quickly it dries off the body and actually helps to cool the body. Aerobics wear is often made of blended materials to allow the clothes to stay tightly against your body while still having enough natural fibers to let the body breathe.

One additional item many exercisers like to add to their aerobics outfit is the loose fitting aerobics leggings. You probably think these leggings look a little odd loosely draped around the calf muscles until you experience your first cramp. The leggings help to get the calf muscles warmed up, and keep them warm throughout the workout. This helps to reduce the cramps you might experience not only during a workout. The increased circulation helps to remove the waste and toxins from your calf muscles so you do not experience those terrible night time cramps.

All of these articles of clothing are important but without a doubt the most critical piece of aerobics wear is your shoes. Whether it is a low-impact or high-impact aerobics workout you are going to be working your feet hard. They are going to take a beating. You want to have shoes which are comfortable, and give you proper support. This is one part of your aerobics outfit you must not cut corners on. Getting high quality shoes which are light, breathe well, and give you great support are going to protect your feet and make your workouts more enjoyable.

You may be starting to worry you are going to break the bank outfitting yourself for your aerobics classes. If you do a little comparison shopping you can buy entire outfits for very low cost. You can potentially have a couple great sets of aerobic wear and your shoes for under $100. As you learn how much you love your aerobics training you can start adding more outfits and possibly a second set of shoes. It is always nice to have two pairs of shoes to allow them an extra day of drying between workouts. With the right gear your workouts are going to be fabulous.

  2 Responses to “Aerobics Wear – Wearing the Proper Clothes Can Make Your Workout More Enjoyable”

  1. I totally agree. The other day a friend of mine said she was going to the gym just because she got some new workout clothes. If they look and feel great you just can’t help but want to go show them off.

  2. Not to be contrary, but you are completely off when you say that those tight clothes are not to show off the body. They ARE to show off the body in the same way a professional body-builder usually wears a tank top (wife beater) in the gym. The whole point is to show off all of your hard work in a place where there is an excuse to wear little or no clothing. What you are saying makes about as much sense as trying to find some practical reason for why some women wear 2 piece string bikinis on the beach. It is to show off plain and simple.

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