May 252010

If you want to lose weight, create more energy, and have the highest levels of fitness possible, you must use an aerobics workout. Aerobics is the only kind of exercise guaranteed to burn off the calories and the fat.

An aerobics workout is not necessarily what you would expect. You may have visions of a room full of women dancing. This is a form of aerobics exercise but is only one single kind. Let us define aerobics so you can get a more complete picture. Aerobics exercise is any form of exercise which increases your need for oxygen. Running, swimming, and even fast walking are all forms of aerobics exercise. A structured aerobics class or workout can take many forms, also.

If you walk into a local gym you may see many different types of classes being advertised. It could be a Jazz Exercise Class, Water Aerobics, Circuit Training with weights, or a class like Tae Bo. Any of these kinds of Aerobics workout can increase your overall health, improve your strength, and fitness. The best way to choose a class is to watch a few of the different styles of classes. Most gyms and exercise centers will allow you to audit a class, or even take a free lesson or two. Take advantage of these offers to discover what class is a good match for you.

Make sure when you go to your first aerobics workout to dress in comfortable, easy to breathe clothes. One of the big side effects of aerobics exercise is sweat. Learn to embrace perspiration as a good thing. It is one of the finest indicators you are improving your health. The other indicator of your aerobic exercise is working is your increased rate of breathing. You do not want to be gasping for air, but you do want to be pushing yourself hard enough that talking is a little difficult. This is one of the core components of aerobic exercise and improving your cardiovascular fitness. When you feel yourself breathing harder and your breathing becoming more difficult you will know your efforts are paying off.

One way to monitor your exercise intensity if by checking your pulse rate. You can do it either on your own by checking your pulse with your fingers, or with an electronic pulse meter. Your target pulse rate can be figured by taking 220 (The maximum heart speed.) minus your age, then multiplying by a factor of your level at training. An example, a healthy 35 year old man who is at an intermediate level of fitness would be 220 -35, which gives you a maximum heart rate of 185. An intermediate would then multiply by 75% resulting in a target heart rate of 139. You want to ideally try to have your heart rate near this target rate to get the highest level of fitness. A beginning exerciser would multiply by 65%, an advanced person by 85%.

During your aerobics workout monitor your intensity by either taking your pulse, or by using the talk test. If you can talk comfortably with some effort, then you are hitting the right target. If you cannot talk, you are going too hard. Talking easily shows you are working out too easily. When you learn to train properly you will discover aerobics training will make you leaner, stronger, and more fit faster than any other method.

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