Jun 212010

Having arms with jiggle and sag look terrible in sleeveless shirts and bathing suits. Getting firm, toned, sexy arms can be accomplished very quickly by using arm exercises and some common sense.

The common sense portion of your program may be the most challenging portion. Sagging, jiggling arms start from once source, excess body fat. The exercises are going to help, but cutting back just a little on your food intake to reduce just a few pounds will multiply the efforts of your arm exercises. If you really want to have the best looking arms possible cut your calories just a little, and then start on these great arm exercises.

Your uppers arms consist mainly of two muscle groups, the biceps and the triceps. The biceps is the muscle on the front of your arm responsible for bending your arm. The triceps is on the rear of the arm and is responsible for straightening your arm and for pushing. When you see bodybuilders and strength athletes you might perceive the biceps as being the largest muscle since it is the one men prefer to show off. The truth is your triceps is the larger of the two muscles and plays a critical role in stopping your jiggle, and giving firmer arms.

We need to target both the biceps and triceps to be highly effective. The best method to improve tone and firmness of your arms is to use resistance exercises. This can come in the form of body weight exercises, using resistance bands, or using a set of dumbbells (single hand weights). Since resistance bands are inexpensive, and easy to store, let us use them for our example exercises.

Before I describe the two exercises, you need to understand something very important. Just because the jiggle on your arm is on the bottom, does not mean we should only tone and work on the back of the arm. Working the biceps muscle is just as important. You want to replace the fat with lean, strong, sexy muscle. Having a well balanced arm is the perfect way to have beautiful arms.

For the biceps you will want to do curls. With your resistance band held underneath your feet, grasp one end in each hand, with your arms fully extended. Now, bend the arms at the elbow bringing your hands to your shoulders without moving the elbows except for the bending motion. At the top of the motion squeeze your biceps muscle tightly before starting down. Repeat this exercise 10 times with each arm, doing 3 sets. If the resistance is not enough, start with a slightly tensioned resistance band before starting the motion.

The triceps requires you do an exercise extending your arms. If you want to skip the resistance band you can do push-ups with your hands closer together than normal. If you want to use the resistance band, then hold the band in front of you with the hands close together, just below shoulder level. Keeping one hand stationary, straighten the other arm straight out to your side, using the muscle on the back of your arm to stretch the band. Do 10 repetitions on each arm, rest briefly and do 2 more sets.

These two exercises are enough to start conditioning, toning, and improving your arms. When combined with common sense eating to reduce body fat your arms will quickly go from jiggling to fantastic.

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