May 302014


If you are a current or former member of the military (thank you for your service!), the term “boot camp” may cause you a little uneasiness. However, fitness boot camps are one of the latest fitness crazes. They help you establish a healthy lifestyle while giving you rigorous work out. Here are five ways fitness boot camp will assist you in obtaining your health goals: 

1. Fast Results – An organized, one hour boot camp fitness session will help you burn up to 900 calories. They include exercises such as calisthenics, cardio circuits, plyometrics, resistance training, and endurance events. This condensed workout will provide benefits much quicker than many other exercise classes offered at a gym.


2. High-Intensity Workouts – Many people don’t have the willpower to reach their physical potential while exercising. Fitness boot camp instructors will force you to go harder and execute better than you would without someone pushing you. This helps you reach your goals of weight loss, firmer muscles, improved cardiovascular system and others very quickly!  

3. Built-in Support – There is a natural bond created when people endure a demanding time with others. Just like in military basic training, a sense of camaraderie is born within the team. This helps motivate you to complete your workouts while creating accountability among the group members.


4. Lower Costs – The instructor’s fee is split amongst everyone in the group. You get the same positives of having your own trainer at a considerably smaller cost.

5. It’s Fun and Exciting!  The friendships, passion, and various physical routines of a fitness boot camp class help create a more agreeable atmosphere than more-conventional programs. It helps you get out of the mundane routine many fitness enthusiasts get mired in. Fitness boot camps help reinvigorate your desire to get healthy by offering a change of pace to your normal workout regimen.

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