May 252010

What is the best cardio machine to get yourself in shape? Watch television for a few hours and you will be completely confused. You will see machines of all styles, all price ranges, and some which look completely insane, all claiming to be the best exercise machine. How do you choose?

When you start asking wealthy people what the best cardio machine is you will probably hear some of them talk about the ROM 4-Minute Cardio Machine. Unless you were preparing to spend fifteen to twenty thousand dollars for your home gym you are not going to want one of these machines. While they are highly effective, they simply are not the machine most of us will ever own. Most of us are happy if we can budget $500 to $1000 for a good quality machine, with many of us hoping to stay even lower. Do not worry you are not needing to spend thousands of dollars.

The next machines most of us look at are the families of treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, steppers, and rowing machines for the home. You can make arguments for each of these machines as being excellent for promoting cardiovascular health. The advantage in these machines will go to machines which work the upper and lower body together. This normally will lead you to rowing machines, exercise bikes with rowing attachments, and cross trainers. These machines can range in pricing from around one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It is not always the most expensive machines which are the best either. Set your budget and then shop for machines in those price ranges. You can find a great piece of exercise equipment in your range.

How do you choose the best cardio machine out of the group? It is actually quite easy. While certain machines are a little more efficient at giving you an excellent workout, it is not the primary item you must look at. Take a look at the different machines, watch a video of them in use, and then picture yourself using each one. Can you picture yourself going down to floor level to use a rowing machine day after day? Are you going to enjoy riding an exercise bike for months? Choose the machine you feel most confident you are going to use consistently. Take into consideration other activities you wish to do while exercising. Do you want to watch a movie, read a book, or talk on the phone while you exercise? By choosing a machine which matches your interests and habits you are more likely to consistently use it.

There is the real answer to choosing the best cardio machine. Get one you will use consistently, then do it. When you workout daily you can make dramatic changes to your body. Your metabolism goes up, you start burning more fat, your energy levels spike. You will feel like a completely new person when you exercise regularly.

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