May 252010

Do you have those wonderful little rolls on your side? The name love handles sounds so cute, but describes something we all want to get rid of quickly. The best exercise for love handles is answer you probably do not want to face. Are you ready?

Love handles, as you probably already know, are fat. They are excess fat which has accumulated in an area of your body you find very annoying and unattractive. The best exercise for love handles is not a spot exercise. It is not some magical cream, or vibrating belt. The best exercise is an aerobic-cardio workout to burn off the fat.

Have you been watching television and keep seeing advertisements trying to convince you their diet supplement, exercise machine, or video is going to get rid of love handles? The simple truth is unless you lose fat you will not get rid of the love handles. Now the secret is out, let us get down to the business of eliminating those love handles.

If you want to get rid of love handles quickly, make the decision to take a three direction approach. The first part of the program is to cut your calories a little bit. Do not worry about going on a killer diet, just cut back a little. If you have been maintaining a steady weight a little reduction will get you started losing weight slowly.

The second part of your program is to add some cardio exercise to your life. You can make the choice whether it is going to be fast walking, an exercise bike, an aerobics class, or maybe even a kick boxing aerobics course. Any program which brings your heart rate up, and gets you perspiring will work. This is the best exercise for love handles. This is the step which is going to get the fat burning off your body, and the love handles disappearing.

The third part of the program is your accelerator for losing love handles. If you really want to make dramatic changes to your body appearance, add some strength training to your program. Whether it comes in the form of lifting weights, or using body weight exercises like sit-ups and push-ups, this step will create dramatic changes in your appearance. It will help you slowly add lean muscle and burn more fat. Your body will become tighter, leaner, and firm. If you are going to exercise 6 days per week, rotate 3 days of cardio workouts and 3 days of strength training.

When you combine those three ingredients into your recipe to change your body the results are amazing. You will quickly learn the best exercise for love handles is actually a combination of the proper diet and exercise routines. You will not only lose the love handles, but you will create a body you enjoy looking at in the mirror. Think how much confidence you will have with your new body. Go ahead, flaunt it a little, you will have earned it.

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