Jun 212010

One of the most commented parts of both a man and woman’s body is their butt. The glute muscles are often neglected by many exercisers when they hit the gym or design their home workout. You need to use the best glute exercises to create a rear view which is going to be noticed, and you will be proud to put in your pants.

Your buttock muscles are used most extensively when you are in a deep bend or squat. They are responsible for power you up from deep positions, drawing the leg backwards, and aid in supporting your lower back.

One of the best glute exercises is one you may already be using for your legs, with just a minor change. Are you doing squats to improve your leg strength? If you drop down just a little deeper into your squat position you will start engaging the buttock muscles very intensely. You will probably not be able to use as much weight when you drop down into these deeper squats, so consider your glute exercises as separate from your normal squats for your legs.

Another exercise which is normally used to work the legs but which can powerfully work the glute muscles is the lunge. The lunge is performed with one foot stepped in front of you, and the other foot trailing behind you. You bend to approximately a 90 degree angle on the front leg and then power yourself back up. The lunge works all parts of your leg, and the buttock muscles. One thing critical in the lunge is concentrating on the muscle you wish to exercise. You can determine the muscle doing the majority of the work by choosing which muscle to focus on. Since we are discussing the glute muscles, focus your attention on using your buttock muscles to power yourself out of the squat. Feel the muscle contract and pull your body back upwards.

Another of the best glute exercises is the Good Morning. This is a very simple exercise, but one you must use your mental focus on again. Put a broomstick, or a barbell across your shoulders, and then bend forward at the waist keeping your back straight. Bend until you are bent to about 90 degrees, and then straighten up again. Keep your back straight to slightly arched. Make sure you focus mentally on using the buttock muscles to draw your body back up, and then crunch the glutes at the top of the movement.

On all of these exercises for your glutes you will want to use a little weight if they are too easy. By adding weight you increase to improve the strength of your glutes, which is what improves the shape.

The best glutes exercises always require either deep bending. Make sure you use proper form to protect yourself from injury. Building impressive glutes is going to make you feel great in our jeans, and have people noticing your changed appearance. It just takes a little effort on your part to round out your body with a great looking rear.

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