May 252010

What are your exercise goals? This is the first question you must answer before you can determine the best home exercise equipment for you and your family. Some of the members of your family may be dreaming of getting rid of fat. Other members may be dreaming of building massive muscles. Another person may just be thinking about how much fun it will be to play on the equipment. Get an idea of everyone’s goals before you start choosing your equipment. Here are some suggestions to help you make decisions.

An exercise bike is a great choice in home exercise equipment for anyone wanting to lose weight and increase their cardio fitness. It is easy to use, low impact, and very safe. It will help you build a little more leg muscle as you turn up the tension. With variable tension and the variations in speeds you can pedal you have a piece of equipment which can grow with you as your fitness improves. When you combine it with an upper body attachment you can get a full body workout.

A cross trainer is one of the most complete exercise machines. It is designed to work your body from top to bottom. You get a great aerobic workout which engages your arms, legs, and body. It is not designed to increase muscle mass, but will help you get lean quickly. Most cross trainers include variable tension, and you can vary your speed. It is another piece of equipment which will grow with your through your improvements.

Choosing a Bowflex, weight bench, or strength training apparatus is the choice for many of the guys in your home. They want to build muscle, get strong, and get fit. Do not overlook this as an entire family piece of equipment. You can all improve your bodies, lose fat, and look great working out with strength conditioning equipment. They are not as efficient in providing for cardio fitness, and usually are not selected as the best home exercise equipment for the entire family.

There is one innovative new entry on the market, which combines playing and exercise. The Nintendo Wii with the Wii Fit equipment can give you a great workout, loads of fun, and competition between family members. With an internet connection you can compete against other family member spread around the country. This piece of equipment is not the most efficient in any category except fun.

Do not overlook the importance of fun in choosing the best home exercise equipment for you and your family. As we all know, exercise equipment is often purchased and then left to gather dust. If the equipment is fun, enjoyable to use, and creates a little competition in the family you are more likely to use it on a daily basis. Discuss the different kinds of equipment with your family and then you are ready to make a choice of the best equipment for your home, and then let the fun begin.

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