May 252010

Pounding the iron is not enough to get great muscle growth. To make your muscles grow rapidly you need the best supplements for muscle gain. The challenge is the wide range of supplements on the market makes it very hard to make good choices. Here are the top 5 supplements you should consider for increasing your muscle building ability.

1. Protein Supplements – No list of muscle building supplements can be complete without protein supplements. Protein, and the amino acids contained within, are the key ingredients in allowing your body to repair and build new muscle tissue. If you do not have adequate protein all other supplements are going to be ineffective. You may want several different varieties of protein supplements due to the time they take to digest. Whey protein enters your system rapidly, Casein protein enters very slowly. Both have their purpose. Other forms have more intermediate times.

2. Creatine – This supplement does not actually aid in muscle nutrition but aids in your recovery and endurance phases of exercise. This allows you to pump put more reps with higher weights, which stimulates faster muscle growth. Make sure to use Creatine in cycles. Plan to use it for 2 to 4 weeks, and then allow your body to rest for approximately 2 weeks before starting another cycle.

3. Glutamine – This is the most pervasive amino acid in your muscles. The reason it is one of the best supplements for muscle gain is it helps your muscles repair themselves rapidly, giving you faster recovery, and the ability to hit the weights hard at each exercise session.

4. Multi-Vitamins – Your muscles are part of the entire system of your body. If any of the important vitamins or minerals are lacking you will not develop muscle rapidly. Using a multi-vitamin helps to fill in the gaps left from the foods you eat. Eating a healthy diet, with a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and grains is still necessary. The multi-vitamin does not replace your need to eat properly

5. Natural Testosterone Supplements – Testosterone plays a major role in determining your ability to gain muscle and to feeling strong and masculine. While steroids and other man made forms of testosterone boosting is illegal, using herbal supplements based on tribulus or other herbs can be highly effective and give you an added boost in gaining muscle.

Getting started with this short list of the best supplements for muscle gain could be all you will ever need. Make sure to always use protein supplementation and a good multi-vitamin, they are crucial to your advancement. The other supplements can help you progress even faster and are ones you will want to test in your own muscle building program. As with all forms of supplementation follow the recommendations on the packages carefully, and monitor your own health carefully. You are going to love watching your muscles expand and your power grow.

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