Dec 202013

No matter how old you are, biking is fun and healthy for everyone. There are bikes to suit just about anyone’s needs and desires. There are bikes for road racing, off-road racing, trail riding, and pleasure riding just to name a few.

Today there are as many bikes to choose from as you can imagine. Most bicycle shops can help you choose which one will suit your needs. They will ask you a series of questions to get a good idea how you want to use it. After you provide the answers, they will suggest the bike for you.

The old-fashioned 10 speed bikes are still available. But most multi-speed bikes today have over twenty gears to choose from, even mountain bikes. There are even hybrid bicycles which are a mixture of mountain bikes and comfort bikes. These can be ridden casually on a paved road or aggressively on a mountain bike trail.


Bicycles are also available in just about any material you can imagine. You can find them made out of everything from aluminum to space-aged, high-quality alloys. Of course, as the technology increases, the price does, too.

Many people (especially those of certain generations) will pay more for a bike nowadays than they did for their first car! But, if you are going to ride it hard, the extra price might be worth it.

Being fun is not the only benefit of bicycling. It is also good for you. Typically, you will burn over 400 calories in one hour of riding. And, this is just on a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood. This increases significantly if you are racing or trail riding. It will also keep your leg muscles toned and improve your blood circulation.


These are all great reasons to get a bike and ride. You can do it alone or have some quality time with your family or friends. So, what are you waiting for? Get a bike and pedal away!

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