May 252010

Are you planning to start a bodybuilding program? As you head to the gym for the first few times you may want to keep these body building tips for beginners in mind. They will help you focus on the right things, and get off to the best start for the greatest early gains.

1. Stretch before you workout. This is commonly overlooked by many new lifters. You get into the gym, are fired up to start hitting the weights, and you go into it cold. Take 5 to 10 minutes to warm up your muscles and stretch out. Preparing your body will make the rest of the workout much more productive.

2. Did you eat before you came to the gym? Eating before and after workouts is crucial. You need to have plenty of energy for the workout, and protein to start rebuilding muscle tissue. After the workout your body needs nutrients to aid in recovery and to replace the stored energy you just destroyed.

3. Start with the basics. Do not get caught up in trying to do 10 to 15 different exercises. Pick the classics like the bench press, squat, barbell curl, dead lift, lunge, bent over rows, the shoulder press, calf raises, and abdominal crunches. They can give you a complete body workout. By sticking with these basics to begin with you can pack on some mass, build strength, and then move forward to additional lifts.

4. Form is everything. Have you watched guys doing the bench press struggling to lift their maximum weight? They go through all kinds of body movements trying to get the barbell moving, and lose focus on their primary muscle. One of the most important body building tips for beginners is to find the groove which puts maximum isolation and effort into the muscle you are training. Focus your bench press into your chest. Make your chest do the work. Perfect form will give you better and faster results. This is the secondary reason to start with a short list of exercises. Get them perfected before you move on to something else.

5. Rest is crucial. You may believe the workout is everything, but the rebuilding time is when the muscle grows. If you are doing a complete body workout in one day, take a complete day off before the next workout. One great way to do this is to work through your basic core exercises one day, do your cardiovascular workout the next day, the following day hit the weights again. By cycling between the two you will get great fat burning on one day, and a great muscle building workout the next.

6. Lift to failure with a spotter. Make sure you read both halves of that tip. You want to do all your lifts where the last rep you do is the last rep you could possibly do. Strive to drive out one more rep, then see if you can get even one more. Having a spotter is critical. If you doing a bench press to failure and cannot lift the bar you could be in trouble. Having a spotter allows them to assist you through the failure, and rack the weight. A good spotter will only give you enough assistance for you to push the bar through.

Focusing on these few body building tips for beginners will help you get started on the right foot. You will quickly be building strength, mass, and confidence. Venturing into more advanced techniques will be easy once you master the basics.

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