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Bodybuilding is a sport. You are training more intensively than athletes in almost any other sport. Bodybuilding accidents occur just as easily as they do in any other sport, and the odds are very high at some point in your training you will have an injury. By being mentally prepared it will not bring your life to a crashing halt.

One of the worst days in any bodybuilder’s life is when they get injured in one of those occasional bodybuilding accidents. You may be squatting trying to get one more rep pushed out, and then to your horror you feel a muscle give. Your spotters catch the weight, but you are in agony on the floor. As you head to the hospital to have it checked out, visions of a career ending injury will start flowing through your mind. Are you ready?

The reality is most injuries sustained from accidents are recoverable. You may be facing minor surgery, a long recovery and rehab process, and major rebuilding of your muscles after they heal. The good news, a single limb does not stop you completely. It would be very rare to be forbidden from the gym by your doctor. They are more likely to forbid you from certain types of exercise to prevent you from re-injuring the muscle. If you tear a muscle in your thigh, sustain a torn meniscus in your knee, or other lower extremity injury you should be able to keep training your upper body.

How you react to bodybuilding accidents is going to be a big determining factor in your success in this sport. Even if you are not trying to be a competitive bodybuilder, your choices and attitude in a time of crisis will make or break you. If you remain determined, and seek to continue working on your body in whatever fashion you can, you will be a winner.

There is a secondary reason to keep focused on the rest of your body. Your efforts at working even limited body parts keeps your physiology in the mode of growth. Your metabolism will stay higher, your testosterone levels will stay higher, all the critical hormones, and chemistry you have battled to get in line will still see your body working and will stay engaged. By keeping your body in a building mode, when the injury is healed you will have faster growth and recovery in the muscle.

A cautionary thought to place in your mind about your injured body part. When you get the go ahead to start training again, it does not mean to go all out the first week or two. It is time to bring your muscles gradually back into play. Allow them to get acclimated to working out again. Work on the range of motion, the deep movements, and getting your muscles involved in exercising again. This couple weeks of taking it easy will help reduce the chance of other bodybuilding accidents occurring immediately. The worst feeling in the world is to believe you are recovered and to sustain another injury almost immediately.

Keep your hopes up that you will never be involved in bodybuilding accidents, but face the reality it is likely to occur at some time. Have your mindset in place for recovery, and sustaining your body during recovery. You are going to be one of the champions who finds their way through the injuries and makes it to success.

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  1. One should be very careful while doing the different types of body building exercises and take the proper advice of the coach to avoid accidents.

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