May 252010

You have been hitting the gym like a mad man. You have taken all the right supplements, ate like a champion, and grown great mass. When you look in the mirror you find yourself frowning. Instead of the cuts, the ripped appearance, and impressive muscles you were expecting, you see a smooth almost soft looking body. It is time to change up your bodybuilding diet plan and get ripped.

The smooth body is caused by only one thing, FAT. While you have built up tremendous muscle mass, you are still covered in a layer of fat which is hiding all those muscles. If you want them to show through, and look impressive, you must decrease your body fat percentage. The challenge, you must do this with utmost care or you will start losing muscle mass at the same time.

The worst enemy of any bodybuilder is a scale. If you have been stepping on one to monitor your weight and to work on getting ripped, go find it, smash it, and throw it in the trash. It is a meaningless measurement for you. Now, go to the drug store and buy yourself a good body fat calipers, or electronic gauge. You are not concerned about hitting an ideal weight, you are concerned about hitting an ideal body fat measurement. Use your new toy and follow the instructions to find out your percentage. Most likely if you look smooth your body fat is well above the 10% mark. Your goal is to get it into the single digits.

The first thing you need to understand as you start on a bodybuilding diet plan to get ripped is to not starve yourself. If you want to maintain your muscle mass you must consume the same amounts of protein you used to build it. You need to still eat plenty of complex carbohydrates to have energy reserves for workouts. You must still eat a well balanced diet. The key is to reduce your calorie intake just a little. Reduce the carbs by approximately 10%. If you have been eating any processed sugars today is the time to stop. By changing only those two items you will start to see your fat levels begin to drop.

To take your plan to the next level, add 10 minutes of extra aerobic activity into your cardio days. Just a few extra minutes will burn off more calories, and help you burn the fat a little faster. Add a little extra walking into each day, too.

Did you think you were going to hear a big speech about supplements, and extreme diets? Some supplements can help you speed up your metabolism and burn fat a little faster. Extreme diets must be avoided. If you go on an extreme bodybuilding diet plan you will lose muscle as fast as you lose fat. Sometimes a slower, more deliberate approach is the winning solution. It may take you a few more weeks to get into those single digits, but you will have retained your muscles. The muscles you battled to gain.

  2 Responses to “Bodybuilding Diet Plan – It Is Time To Get Ripped”

  1. DO NOT leave your body without some form of protein for more than 3 hours.

  2. Think you are too skinny? Are you looking for the best way to gain muscle mass? Well here are some great body building tips which will help you build muscle and gain weight fast.
    How to get big!

    Eat 6 meals a day. Yes six. High protein foods. Eat Eat Eat.

    There is more than just eating however. I’m sure you’ve heard muscle weighs more than fat? So we can’t just eat we also need to get ripped. Having a weight training diet plan is crucial. Get organized and stick with the program.

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