May 252010

It is imperative you learn multiple bodybuilding techniques to use in your workouts. Without variety and change it is not only your mind which becomes bored, so do your muscles. They will stop growing, and become accustomed to your routine. Changing exercises, and types of workouts sets can give your muscles the change they need to move forward.

Today, let us discuss 3 different workout methods you can add to your bodybuilding techniques to keep your muscles excited and growing.

1. Giant Sets – Using giant sets in your workout is a great way to throw your muscles a new twist. In a giant set you change from doing all of your sets and reps of one exercise to completion, to rotating through 3 exercises for the body part. An example would be doing one set of bench press, immediately followed by one set of dumbbell flyes, followed by cable crossovers. Then you start again back at the bench press. You are giving your pectoral muscles exercise from three directions very quickly.

2. Twenty-Ones – These types of sets give your muscles variety through controlled range of motion in your sets. The 21 represents the total number of repetitions in the set, with there being three portions of 7 reps. The first 7 reps are done as half the motion of the exercise. In a barbell curl you would curl only half way up for 7 reps. On the next 7 reps you start at the mid-point and finish the motion to full muscle contraction. For the final 7 reps you will be going through the entire motion of the barbell curl. These sets sound simple until you try them. Focusing your power on only half the motion adds new stresses, and new burn to your muscles.

3. Partial Reps – This is one of the great bodybuilding techniques to squeeze some extra juice out of your muscles. It is similar in some ways to twenty-ones, except you are never doing a full motion. A great example is triceps extensions. Bring the bar down only forty to fifty percent of the way, and then power it back up. This technique often lets you work with a little heavier weights and to really put an intensive burn into the full muscle contraction. This works greats in the bench press, curling exercises, and extension exercises.

Your muscles need to get these changes and shocks to their routines to avoid stagnation and hitting training plateaus. Whenever you feel your progress levelling off, give your muscles new exercises, or modify your bodybuilding techniques to give them new incentive to grow. The only thing which can truly stop your progress is your unwillingness to make changes, and to adapt. Your body is ingenious in finding ways to adapt to stress. Stress is required to force growth. Find ways to convince your body it is still under stress and must adapt and grow. Your mind is your most powerful weapon in keeping your progress in motion.

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