May 252010

Feeling a little stagnant in your muscle growth? It might be time to shake up your system and get your growth started again. The 7 bodybuilding tips can help you get back on the road to building more muscle mass and a better body.

1. Change Your Exercises – Have you been using the same workout routine for months? When you stay with the same plan month after month your muscles learn how to adjust and simplify their work. They quit responding, and you get less growth. Give them a shock and throw a new exercise at them.

2. Change Your Diet – Another area which commonly causes stagnation for many bodybuilders is eating the same foods day after day, week after week. Your body responds to change in your diet, too. Give it some variety in types of proteins, change the fruits and vegetables, shake up your routine.

3. Reduce your number of reps – This may sound contrary to what you are told many times, but sometimes it is better to reduce you number of reps to get the maximum muscle growth. Try it for a couple weeks and see if it starts your muscles on a growth cycle again.

4. Increase your weight – This is commonly paired with reducing your reps, but can also be paired with changing to movements allowing you to handle more weight. As you are starting to see, bodybuilding tips to get your muscles growing again are all about shocking and stressing your muscles.

5. Eat more – Are you sure you are getting enough calories and protein to really keep your muscles growing. As your body grows in size it will require more calories and protein. If you do not adjust your diet along with your growth you will eventually hit a sticking point.

6. Reduce your cardiovascular workout – Get enough aerobic workout to keep your fat levels down, but do not overdo on this portion of exercise. Your muscles need to time to recover, and you could be over stressing them on their days off.

7. Add supplements – If you have been avoiding using supplements it may be time to give them a try. Whether you start with protein supplements, creatine, or another supplement, only start one at a time. Watch for changes in your performance and muscle growth. Supplements are a great way to break through to the next level. Always follow the instructions for supplements very carefully. Some supplements can be used everyday, others require cycling their usage off and on.

Sometimes there is only one final solution to getting your muscle growth back on track, intensely continuing on. Muscle growth happens in cycles, and you are going to hit highs and lows in your growth pattern. Do not become frustrated and give up on your dreams. The best bodybuilding tips are the ones which keep you motivated and focused. Spend time working on your beliefs, dreams, and motivation. You are going to make it over the hump and succeed in building the body of your visions.

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