May 252010

Are you ready to learn the perfect bodybuilding workout routine? Throughout the history of bodybuilding there have been great names, Arnold, Frank Zane, Lee Haney, Larry Scott, Ronnie Coleman. There have been great leaders like Joe Weider. The amazing thing, everyone of these men have told us the perfect bodybuilding workout routines. Sometimes they have each told us many routines. More amazingly, none of the workout plans are the same.

Hopefully you are getting the point very quickly. There is no perfect bodybuilding workout routine. There is only one kind of routine proven to work every time. The intense workout is successful every day, every week, every year. The one thing all of those champions had in common was great determination, drive, intensity, and purpose. When they entered the gym iron was going to be destroyed. Muscles were going to submit to their will.

Your bodybuilding workout needs to consist of a well balanced set of exercises to focus on the combination of mass building, and muscle sculpting. Use mass building exercises like the bench press and squat to put the muscle in place. Then start hitting them in new ways with leg extensions, lunges, cable flies and other techniques to get them shaped as you wish.

One of the reasons no one can tell you the perfect plan is because your muscles require confusion and change. If you stick with the same plan for too long, your muscles get in a groove and will stop responding to the stimulus. After spending a couple months on one series of exercises for your chest you need to rotate out one or two exercises and rotate in new ones. This gives your muscles new stresses, new challenges, and spurs new rounds of growth.

Perhaps the only thing you should have consistently in your bodybuilding workout routine are the core strength and mass building moves. The bench press, squat, dead lift, and other core moves maintain the power and mass you need, giving you the base for the other exercises. If you choose to rotate out these core moves, only do so for a short period of time, and then bring them back into your plan.

How are you going to determine the best workout plan for yourself? Start with the core exercises, then choose a couple additional exercises for each body part. The real key, DO IT. Do not get tempted into switching wildly between plan after plan, or exercise after exercise. Commit to your chosen exercises for that body part for a couple months, and then devote yourself passionately into beating personal records in every workout. When you commit to excellence in the exercise you will build muscle mass. Focus your mind, your spirit, and your muscles into owning the exercise. This is the real magic the experts have discovered.

You will drive your muscles further and faster by committing to your own plans, and driving yourself intensely than you could ever hope to do with someone else’s bodybuilding plans. Should you ignore the bodybuilding workout routines of the champions? Of course not, use them to help you choose exercises, and to build up your excitement. Then hit the gym and crush the weights.

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