Sep 012010

Think about the fitness level of various professional athletes. Can you name anyone more fit than a top ranked professional boxer? They are lean, strong, have excellent endurance, and can take a pounding but keep on going. Using a boxers workout can help you get into the same kind of excellent shape but does not require getting punched in the face.

The key in any boxers workout comes down to basic circuit training techniques. You must have great endurance to make it through 10 to 15 rounds of boxing. The only way to achieve this level of endurance is to train hard and long.

You must have a strong body both to deliver blows and to endure the punishment of getting hit. Building a powerful body requires resistance training either in the form of body weight exercises or weight lifting.

Here is a very simple example of a boxers workout you can either use, or modify to fit your particular needs.

To develop hand power and arm endurance use weighted gloves and shadow box for about 60 seconds. Keep the hands moving fast punching at different levels. Your feet need to be dancing the entire time, too.

Move instantly over to a jump rope and jump rapidly for 30 to 60 seconds. Your feet should stay together and spin the rope rapidly.

Drop down to the floor, it is time to develop arm and chest strength. Start doing push-ups as fast as possible for the next 60 seconds. You want to keep count and attempt to improve the number of push-ups completed in each workout.

Quickly roll over on your back and start doing ab crunches. Again, repeat the crunches for 60 seconds squeezing the ab muscle tightly at the top of the movement. Your lower back stays flat on the floor as your head and shoulders rock upward.

Back to your feet. If you have some dumbbells or a barbell grab them. Do bicep curls for 30 seconds working up to at least 15 reps, then add weight. Next switch to doing presses from your shoulders to straight above your head for 30 seconds. Work to get to 15 reps and then add weight.

You are ready to start all over again. Do this rotation of exercises for 3 full passes. Move quickly on each exercise with little rest in between exercises. This boxers workout is inspired by Earnest Hemingway, and is one used by many young boxers as they get started. You will lose weight, get in great physical shape, improve speed, and power with this simple routine.

The biggest key to making any boxers workout work for you is not in the complexity of the routine, but in your commitment to work through the burn. Your body is going to feel very challenged to accomplish all the tasks laid out in front of you. Once you master these exercises you will know why boxers are among the fittest men in the world because you will be, too.

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