May 252010

When you want to build muscle fast you cannot trust in just hitting the weights hard, or just in eating the right things. You must make a concentrated two sided approach of changing your body with intensity in your workouts and in your selections of muscle fuel.

The average person heads to the gym and hits the weight equipment, looking to increase their muscle size. They see slow, consistent growth, but nothing changes quickly. The smart and determined person heads to the gym and destroys the weight equipment, feeds their muscles the proper nutrients, and will see quick muscle growth. Let us discuss what they are doing differently.

The average person may have a plan in mind. They want to do 3 sets of 10 reps of 200 pounds on the bench press. The guy who wants massive growth is going to plan to do 5 or more sets, and has no idea how many reps. He knows on his last chest workout out on his heavy set he did 6 reps with 250 pounds. Today his is going to drive himself for more reps. He wants to power out one, two, or more additional reps so he is closer to moving the weight up again. He is not content with hitting some magic number of reps, he wants more than last time. He knows only with pushing beyond the last workout at every new workout will he get muscle growth.

The average person eats like everyone else. They might have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and whatever is on the table for supper. When you really want to build muscle fast, you eat on a strictly planned diet. Your breakfast may have included 6 egg whites with a couple yolks, a piece of whole wheat toast and some fresh fruit. After your workout you fuel your body again, and take a protein supplement to give your muscles the building blocks to grow. You eat at least six times throughout the day, making sure to get at least 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight.

The average person takes a multi-vitamin and is ready for the day. When you want to have massive muscles you create a plan of supplements. You take a multi-vitamin, add in a little creatine for this cycle, have a nitric oxide supplement before your workout, and know to rotate the proper protein supplements to get a complete amino acid profile.

Being the average guy is fine, if you want an average body. When you want to build muscle fast, and look amazing, you need to go to the next level in your workouts and your nutrition. You need to push and feed you body in new ways to get the growth you want. It can never be a one sided approach. Muscles which are not driven to overload will not grow. Muscles which are not properly nourished will not grow quickly, either. Balance your efforts, and give your body exactly what it needs, massive effort coupled with massive nutrition.

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