May 252010

Callanetics exercises are an innovative and sometimes controversial exercise method to get fast body improvements. When Callan Pinckney started her Callenetics program she had no idea the impact it would make on so many lives.

Callanetics works very differently from other exercise programs. It is designed to isolate and focus the work deeply on individual muscles. This isolation allows you to get fast results from the muscle. The movements are not dramatic, but are tiny, strong, movements to get the muscles deeply involved.

Another benefit from Callanetics exercises is the low impact. You will never cause stress injuries or have high impact in a Callanetics class. While the tiny movements are not designed to work on cardiovascular fitness the overall health and strength of your muscles can give you cardio gains. Callan has developed a training program which does include a combination of Callanetics, low impact aerobics, and body alignment techniques to give you a complete workout.

With the Cardio-Callanetics Exercise routines you will improve your aerobic fitness, your flexibility, muscle strength, and tone. This is one of the most comprehensive exercise routines available. You can follow a course with either a DVD or by enrolling in a Callanetics class.

You need to be aware with this type of exercise it is very likely you will feel a little muscle soreness. The programs were designed to give you the same level of muscle conditioning in one hour of training as your get from 20 hours of an aerobics class. This kind of deep, intensive muscle training is at times going to cause you to have sore muscles. This is just a sign the exercises are working and you are getting the benefits.

Most programs which can promise gains in muscle strength, flexibility, and condition are not recommended for older people, or for people recovering from medical conditions. With the low impact nature of Callanetics exercises it is practiced by people of all ages, ranging from young children to people in their seventies. If you have been struggling with a body getting weaker, out of shape, and losing the mobility you want, Callanetics can help you regain your life. You will discover with the stretching and muscle strengthening you will get better balance, better body control, and feel more energetic.

Not every fitness center or gym offers Callanetics exercises. If you discover your gym does not offer callanetics you can pick up one of Callan’s books or videos to get yourself started. If you love the training and changes in your body as much as many people, you may choose to become an instructor yourself. Callanetics is not only an efficient exercise program, but is also a way of life. Once you have experienced the changes in your body it becomes hard to keep your mouth shut and not be telling everyone. Go ahead and spread the word. You will have more fun when you find a few people to enjoy your exercise passion with you.

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