May 252010

Have you ever marveled at the changes a young man or women makes to their bodies after a few weeks in a military boot camp? They go into the military out of shape, sometimes many pounds overweight. They come out of boot camp lean, strong, transformed completely. You can accomplish the same changes in your own body by following the plan of a cardio boot camp.

What exactly is a cardio boot camp? You are going to use the same intensive types of training the military subjects their recruits to. You are going to use push-ups, sit-ups, rope climbing, double time marching, running and a wide variety of other exercises to reshape your body and life. One of the things you are missing is the drill Sargent yelling in your ear, driving every move. You are going to need to become your own drill Sargent, and demand more from yourself than you thought possible.

What kind of workout could you start out with? A common warm-up for recruits is to start off with 30 push-ups, followed quickly by 50 sit-ups, then jump up and do 50 jumping jacks. You are now starting to get warmed up, so take off and run two miles. This is not a sprint, think of it as a jog or double time march. You want it to be fast enough to make you breathe hard, but not where you cannot talk. When you get back home, base camp, it is time for another round of push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. This is just a good starter idea for your own personal boot camp.

In a real boot camp you would have additional marches throughout the day, weight training, and possibly a second round of exercise in the evening. If you really want to transform your body quickly, add additional walking into your daily routine. Do not look for the closest parking spots, park at the far corners of parking lots and enjoy a brisk walk into the office, mall, or grocery store. If you are really ambitious you can follow this routine twice a day, but watch your body closely. It is possible to over train. If you feel yourself not recovering between workouts, or not feeling energetic during the day, drop back to one workout a day.

One thing which would probably shock you in boot camps is how much food these young men and women eat. They are ravenous. They need lots of food to power the physical demands. If you are working at your maximum capability you will need plenty of nutrition, too. Do not try to go on a starvation diet while following this program. By restricting calories just slightly you can lose fat very quickly.

The plan laid out earlier is a very abbreviated program, and it would be wise to consult with a full guide or a trainer to create a complete cardio boot camp exercise program. The amazing thing about following a boot camp regimen is the amazing speed in changing your total body. It is an amazing way to exercise.

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