May 252010

Getting sick and tired of the pretty moves, the pop music, and the dancing around in a regular aerobics class? If you want to take your workout up a notch and combine power, strength building, and excitement, cardio kickboxing is the best program in town.

Cardio kickboxing is not for everyone. This is a high impact training program. If you are having trouble with joints, your back, or other physical problems it may be pushing your body too far. If you still want to give it a try, talk to the instructor, explain your conditions and get their opinion. Many times the added benefits of the stretching, increased strength, and faster weight loss can help your joints improve rapidly. Your instructor can evaluate your situation quickly.

This style of aerobics exercise takes pages from various martial arts techniques, especially Thai kickboxing. You will learn proper punching and kicking techniques. The training is great to get improved balance. One of the key components at the beginning of every training session is warm up and stretching. When you are going to be punching and kicking aggressively you must stretch and warm up your joints. Once you are warmed up the real fun begins.

This is not a class for people not ready for a little noise and excitement. The music is usually hard hitting, the trainers loud and aggressive in their instructions, and your partners in training will be noisy with their grunts as they punch and kick. Most trainers have their students facing a mirrored wall to watch their own techniques and movements. Learning to kick and punch properly is very important. You risk possible injury if you are letting your kicks and punches flail around wildly. Martial arts and cardio kickboxing require technique and precision to get the most benefit. Listen closely to your instructor’s directions, following the instructions closely will help you get the greatest benefits from the workout.

While many kickboxing classes do not include specific abdominal exercises, you will be amazed at the tone and strength you develop in the core of your body. Your lower back and abdominal muscles will become powerful by working in the twisting, turning, and support of your other powerful movements. Your legs become powerful from the kicks, bending, and driving forward through your punches. Your arms become firm and powerful with the efforts of the punches. This is one form of exercise which works out almost every muscle in your body.

Cardio kickboxing develops confidence on many different levels. You are developing a very strong and fit body, which gives you personal confidence in being able to accomplish physical tasks. Your body shape becomes lean and strong, giving you an appearance you are confident showing to the world. You gain confidence in your ability to defend yourself. While you may not actually be getting self-defense training, you are learning powerful kicking and punching techniques. You are developing power. Cardio kickboxing gives you all the excitement, and great physical benefits you really desire.

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