Inner Thigh Exercises – Firm and Tighten Your Inner Thighs For More Beautiful Legs

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Jun 212010

When you are trying to sculpt beautiful legs the inner thighs seems to be one of the most stubborn areas. The only way to create the legs you really want is to add some inner thigh exercises to your routine to tone, firm, and tighten your inner thighs.

Before we discuss the inner thigh exercises we need to cover one important point. Doing these exercises will not remove fat from your inner thighs. If your problem is an excess fat buildup you will need to add a few extra steps. We will cover those at the end.

To tone your inner thighs requires a squeezing action. This can be accomplished in several different ways. If you are a member of a fitness center or gym the best way is to see if they are have a fitness machine setup for working the inner thighs. These machines will have you sit in an upright position with your knees on the sides of two pads. You start with your legs spread a little, and then crunch your knees and legs together. These machines normally use adjustable tension or weights to allow for continued toning and improvement.

If your gym does not include this type of machine, or you are working at home then you have a few more very effective methods. There are several different inner thigh machines you can purchase for home which are very inexpensive. These machines work on the same principle as the gym equipment, but usually only have limited tension settings or are spring loaded. These home machines give you a good range of motion for working your inner thighs.

When you do not want to invest much money you can substitute either a pillow or a ball for the exercise machine. Place the ball between your knees and squeeze in tightly. This should be performed while sitting up. Make sure you hold the contraction for about 5 seconds before gently releasing. Repeat the movement approximately 20 times. A ball is a better choice than a pillow due to the air resistance. As your legs become stronger you can simply continue to push harder compressing the ball further. You can start with the ball not being fulling inflated if you want a little added movement, and then add air as your legs improve in strength.

Now, back to the issue with fat deposits on your inner thighs. You will need to reduce your calorie intake a little, while adding a little aerobic exercise along with your inner thigh exercises. You will not only lose fat in your inner thighs, but over your entire body. This is a good thing, you will end up with a more healthy overall body, while you are developing firmer inner thighs.

By using inner thigh exercises while continuing a regular exercise program and sensible diet, you can have magnificent legs. You will create the shapely legs you are seeking.

Exercises To Jump Higher – Leap Above Your Competition

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Jun 212010

Jumping is an explosive activity. It requires instant and rapid power. Many times people are told exercises to jump higher need to be done in a weight room. While building powerful legs can help you jump, often you are training the wrong muscles, and not using the explosive rapid motion required for jumping.

Have you ever noticed how basketball coaches love to have their players run the bleachers? Many coaches in recent years with all of the fold out bleachers have stopped using this exercise and it is really too bad. Running quickly up and down steps is one of the great exercises to jump higher. You are moving quickly, using the same muscles required to jump. It is not the same as running sprints on the floor, since when you run up the stairs you deeply work your upper thighs, the same muscles which help give you great leaping ability. If you have a safe place to run up stairs, add this to your exercise routine.

The next exercise which is great in improving your jumping ability requires some very strong boxes. These should either be constructed from wood, or you can buy progressive jumping blocks in many sporting goods stores. Having several different heights of blocks or boxes is beneficial. Start with your lowest box and leap up and down on to the box repetitively. Do at least 10 reps and then move to the next box. Leap from the floor onto the higher box for 10 jumps and then move to your highest box. By this time jumping may starting to become hard, you are going to have to focus your mental and physical energy. Leap onto the highest box as many times as you safely can. Now, progressively work back down the height of boxes. Jump on the next lowest box again for around 10 jumps, then down to the lowest box. Your goal is to jump to exhaustion. As you can, get progressively higher boxes. This exercise builds powerful and explosive legs and is used by top athletes in basketball, football, and wrestling.

If you want to really start building more powerful jumping you may need to hit the weights, but you need to do it a little different. Jumping is about explosiveness. You will want to workout with lower weights, and explode upward in the movement. Work to develop the explosive fast twitch muscles required for jumping high. There are two exercises you should focus on the squat and the toe raises.

While it may be tempting to use exercise machines, do not fall into the temptation. Use free weights for your squats and your toe raises. For the squats drop down into a sitting position with the weight resting on your shoulders and then explode back to a standing position. For the toe raises, place a board or stand under the balls of your feet, drop down to have a stretched calf muscle and then explode to the top of your foot extension. For the toe raises you can either hold the weights on your shoulders with a barbell, or hold dumbbells in your two hands.

By using these exercises to jump higher you increase the explosiveness in your legs. You will soon be out jumping your opponents and excelling on the court or field. Jumping higher is simply a matter of working harder than the other guy.

Exercises To Increase Height – Can Exercise Make You Taller?

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Jun 212010

Your overall height is determined by many factors in life. One factor is genetics. Another factor is lifestyle. Exercises to increase to height can actually help in both areas. By exercising you can maximize your genetic potential, and reduce the height reducing factors of lifestyle.

Have you noticed how as people get older they seem to get shorter? It is not just your perception, they actually do get shorter. Gravity is pressing down on their body frame for years causing compression and shrinkage. You can battle this change, and actually make your body taller with proper stretching and extension exercises. Yoga and Pilates workout are great for stretching out your cartilage, ligaments, and your overall body to reduce the effects of gravity.

One exercise many people use to battle the effects of gravity is hanging. It sounds a little silly, but using gravity to reduce it’s own effects can really work. Hang from a chin-up bar for several minutes daily, or even better, a couple times daily can help to decompress the body, stretch out and straighten your spinal column, and make you taller. This is not an exercise which can be done a few times and then expect the benefits to stay with you. You need to make this part of a lifestyle change, and do it daily.

Pilates and Yoga have about the same effect. Using the poses, stretching, and balancing movements in both of these exercise styles can help stretch your body, and improve the strength of your core. Keeping your muscles lean, long, and flexible will help you stay at your tallest potential.

What about genetics? It has been shown repetitively in scientific studies exercise, especially resistance exercise, can increase the production of human growth hormone. HGH is one of the key ingredients in helping to maximize your genetic potential. This is more effective the younger you are. The highest benefits will come to teenagers and young adults. The older you are the less likely you are to spur a new growth cycle. Do not let this deter you from using resistance exercise when you are older. The added HGH will reduce the effect of aging including the normal shrinkage seen any many adults as they age.

Hearing this about HGH many people want to leap to the conclusion they should be adding human growth hormones artificially. This sounds great until you realize there are risky side effects by doing so. Giving your body proper nutrition and promoting the release of natural HGH is much more effective, and completely safe. Added height would be very useless if you lost your health. Exercise and do things the right way for the greatest benefits.

Exercises to increase height are not a myth. Stretching and extension exercises can help you maximize your existing height, reducing the effects of daily living. Resistance exercise can help produce higher amounts of HGH to fuel reaching your genetic potential. Use exercise to become your maximum height.

Jun 212010

Exercise is not just for people in their younger years, but may actually be even more important for our elderly. Exercises for the elderly can take many different forms depending on age, physical condition, and desire. We are going to discuss exercises for a reasonably healthy person.

Before starting any exercise program it is advisable you visit with your Doctor and discuss your plans. They may wish to make minor adjustments to your plans to make sure you avoid injuries, but expect them to be your biggest cheerleader. Doctors love to see their patients, including elder patients, exercise. They know exercise is one of best ways to increase health, improve mobility, and enjoy life.

Being a bit older mean you need to start by throwing away one very common exercise phrase. The idea of “No Pain, No Gain” is a great thought for young people who are trying to pack on muscle, but is a terrible mantra for anyone who is even a little older. If you feel excess pain, it probably means you did too much, or may have sustained a minor injury.

Enough warnings, let us get started with the fun. One of the most important kinds of exercises for the elderly is aerobic or cardio fitness exercises. The most popular is walking. Walking for 30 to 45 minutes per day can make major improvements in your life. You will get more oxygen, more blood circulation, improve balance, and it aids in maintaining bone strength. The best part of walking is it can be done indoors on a treadmill in bad weather, or enjoyed outside in the fresh air on nice days.

Another great exercise program for the elderly is water aerobics. This takes all the stress of gravity off of your body, and allows you to play in the water. You can get a great workout with zero impact, and increase circulation, improve cardio fitness, and have fun. You can find these classes at many fitness centers, and community recreation facilities.

Weight lifting is not just for young people. Doctors and fitness trainers both recommend the elderly lift light weights a couple times per week. It helps in strengthening muscles, improving balance, maintaining bone density, and again, can be great fun. Make sure you start with light weights and increase the weights very gradually. Never lift a weight which feels awkward to handle. You will be shocked at the overall improvements strength training can make to your lifestyle. Improved balance and strength can allow you to return to activities you loved in the past, and thought were gone forever.

The biggest factor in choosing exercises for the elderly is not creating limits. If you want to try a kick boxing aerobics class and your Doctor approves, then try it. You may need to move slower, take more time, and improve your condition slowly, but you will have great fun. Get out there and regain your strength and love of life with exercise.

Exercise For Pregnant Woman – Do Not Stop Exercising Just Because You Are Pregnant

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Jun 212010

Do not become one of the women who decides when they become pregnant that exercise is too difficult. Exercise for pregnant woman is just as critical, and probably more critical than it is for non-pregnant women. Your body is preparing for an intense ordeal in delivery, and then you will desire a fast recovery to your pre-pregnant shape, or maybe even a better shape.

The first thing we need to discuss, do not start an exercise routine while you are pregnant without talking to your Doctor. Listen to their advice carefully. They are going to support your interest in exercising, but may have specific recommendations based on your fitness level, and possible other issues with your pregnancy.

One exercise virtually ever Doctor is going to recommend for pregnant women is Kegel exercises. These simple exercises are simply a matter of tightening the same pelvic muscles you use to control urinary flow, and holding the contraction for a count of 5. Make that a slow count, not a rapid count. Repeat the exercise 10 times. You should try to do the kegel exercises up to five times per day. These exercises will help you both during labor, and also during postpartum recovery.

Building strong core muscles is critical in overall conditioning and in helping with labor. Strong abdominal muscles play an important role. You may not be able to do traditional abdominal exercises like sit-ups and crunches easily, but you can do core stability exercises which strengthen the abdomen and lower back. One of the simplest exercises is using a Swiss exercise ball resting your elbows on the ball with your feet extended behind you on the floor. Maintain a straight body, with a straight line running from your head, through your shoulder, hips and all the way to your feet. Hold the position for up to 30 seconds, take a short rest then repeat.

The exercise ball is a great investment. Not only is it helpful for exercise for pregnant woman, but you will love it when you are in labor, and in the weeks leading up to delivery. You will find sitting on the exercise ball with your legs straddled is very comfortable and eases tension in your back.

To continue on the theory of building overall strength and condition, squats are a great exercise. They improve the strength of your legs, buttocks, and lower back. All portions of your body you will want to have in shape for both delivery, and for recovery. You can do squats using only your body weight, squatting down to approximately a position of sitting in a chair, then powering back up.

Walking may be the favorite exercise for pregnant woman. This is not saying it is easy for a pregnant woman to walk far, but it is very helpful in keeping off excess weight, and building up overall body tone. Becoming pregnant has changed your body in many dramatic ways. By using proper exercise you can have an easier delivery, faster recovery, and reduce the physical aches and pains of being pregnant.

Elliptical Exercise Machine – More Complete Exercise Than A Treadmill

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Jun 212010

Are you trying to choose what exercise equipment to get at home? An elliptical exercise machine should be towards the top of your list.

The big three in home exercise equipment today are the treadmill, the exercise bike, or the elliptical exercise machine. The treadmill is the most efficient machine for training someone planning on running on the road. If you are going to be going out jogging, running in races, or even doing a lot of hiking, a treadmill is probably your best choice. The treadmill gives you the simulation of running on the road even giving you a similar load bearing experience.

An exercise bike takes the load completely off your legs, but works the muscles of legs. Your workout is very one dimensional using only your legs for the pedaling action. Some exercise bikes do have options for upper body attachments, and some riders use punches or other upper body movements to give themselves a more complete workout. Since both of these options are not common, they should not be considered in choosing your piece of exercise equipment.

An elliptical exercise machine most commonly has handles for exercising your upper body along with your legs. You will not get the impact you do on a treadmill since the foot pads travel with your foot. Their movement simulates the same action as a runner running down the street, but is not identical due to not having the weight bearing impact.

Elliptical trainers are excellent for people with weak knees, back pain, or other joint issues. Since you are not taking the impact of running your joints stay healthier while you still get a very intensive aerobic workout. This allows an elliptical to be used by almost everyone in the family. Whether it is for a teenager in great shape, or grandma who has sore knees, an elliptical trainer can give them a great workout.

Which machine is mosts efficient at burning fat? The elliptical trainer and a treadmill come in almost even. The treadmill gets a little more fat burning compared to the exercise bike due to the weight bearing activity and higher impact. The elliptical trainer comes in even with the treadmill due to the added upper body involvement. From a standpoint of burning fat, the exercise bike is going to come in last on our choice of exercise equipment.

Choosing the right machine for yourself can be simplified a little. If you are not training to be doing outdoor running, or preparing for races, the elliptical exercise machine should be your preferred piece of exercise equipment. You have less risk of damaging or stressing a joint with the elliptical trainer. You will get the added benefit of the upper body workout which helps give you a better balanced overall appearance. Since you burn the same amount of fat, and get the same aerobic benefits, the added upper body workout and lower risk of injury make the elliptical a great choice.

Deep Breathing Exercises – Improve Your Health and Lower Your Blood Pressure

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Jun 212010

Are you aware of how important deep breathing exercises can be to your health? Deep breathing can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, and help clear your mind. It may be the simplest form of exercise available, and one of the most beneficial.

Oxygen plays a critical part to every bodily function we have. Perhaps the three most important things we can do for our body are drink plenty of fresh clean water, eat a healthy natural low fat diet, and do deep breathing exercises to increase our ability to oxygenate our blood. These three things make sure our body is fully nourished, and able to produce plentiful energy for all of life’s challenges.

Deep breathing to improve your health should be done with purpose and a plan. The first thing is to make sure you are sitting or standing in a position which allows your diaphragm to move freely and without restriction. Wear comfortable clothes which do not restrict your free movement.

Many people breathe from their chest and not deeply from their diaphragm. To get the most benefit breathe deeply starting from your belly button. Draw the air deeply into the lower portion of your lungs allowing them to fill from the bottom to the top. As you are drawing in the air picture your lungs inflating from their lowest recesses slowly inflating up to the very top.

Once your lungs are fully inflated you need to let the air out slowly. Do not expel all the air in one big gasp, but slowly let it out, taking approximately twice as much time as you did to inflate your lungs. If you took a count of 4 to 5 to inflate your lungs, strive to release the air in about 8 to 10 counts. As you are expelling the air picture all the poisons, stress, and pressure of your life being released with the air. Clear your mind of negativity, and picture all the good things of life being drawn in with each deep incoming breath. Picture love, joy, happiness and laughter being inhaled along with the oxygen. Your mind is a powerful part of improving your health, use it fully.

We are not just working on our body but also our mind with your deep breathing exercises. This is one form of exercise which can be very therapuetic to both our bodies and our minds. Try to stop thinking about all of the problems of the day, and just focus on the breathing exercise. If thoughts keep straying into your mind exhale the thoughts with the next deep breath. Imagine the thoughts disappearing out of your body with the air. What you are going to discover is the increased oxygen, the release of poisonous thoughts, and taking a break from the day is going to relieve tremendous stress. There have been many medical studies done showing the power of decreasing blood pressure by doing deep breathing exercises. Why not give your body a treat and start adding deep breathing to your day.

Core Stability Exercises – Build Up Your Core To Improve Performance In Life

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Jun 212010

Core stability exercises are a little different than all other kinds of exercise. These exercises are not intended to build impressive muscles, increase cardiovascular efficiency, or to burn fat. Your core exercises are intended to build a strong and stable center for your body. Stability exercises work to create a steady and stable spine, strong and healthy back, and a stable abdomen for centering all other movements in your body.

Think about every movement you make with your body. It does not matter if it is swinging a tennis racket, lifting your child, or even washing the dishes, they all center around and are supported by the central core of your body. Your central core is made up of the lower back, abdomen, and spinal support muscles. This group of muscles are responsible for giving you balance and stability for all your other body movements.

One way to picture the importance of core stability exercises and building a strong core is to picture your body as having a loose, rubbery moving center, or having a strong, resilient, powerful core. If your body flows, twists, and flexes without restriction when you move you are inviting spinal stress and injury. Without a strong core sports and normal household activities pose a much greater risk to minor injuries.

Your core exercises are usually centered around putting your body into a pose or position which aligns your spine, while using your support muscles to maintain the pose. A classic example is the superman. In this position you are on the floor on your hands and knees maintaining a straight back. Raise your right arm to a straight out to the front position, and raise your left leg to a straight back position. Work to maintain a straight spine. Hold the position for 15 to 20 seconds and the switch sides. You will feel this exercise up and down your spinal support muscles, in your lower back, and will require you use your abdominal muscles for support.

Another one of the common core stability exercises requires the use of either a chair or a exercise ball. Place your elbows on the ball or chair, stretch your body out fully supporting your body only the tips of your toes and your elbows. Make sure to maintain a straight back. This exercise is mainly felt in the back, abdomen and buttocks. Make sure to hold the position for 30 seconds or longer, then you can relax a moment and repeat.

This exercise can also be done on your side to build up core stability from the sides. Just rotate on to your right or left side, supporting yourself on the side of your foot, and the side of your body. Maintain a straight spine. After holding the position for 30 seconds rotate to the other side and repeat.

Core stability exercises are not difficult to perform, but play and important role in maintaining a healthy body. All of your other exercises, activities, and normal life are centered around the core of your body. Taking time to perform a few stability exercises daily helps you maintain a healthy spine and lower back.

Buttock Exercises – Getting An Impressive Butt Can Be Simple

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Jun 212010

Getting great looking glutes is not difficult one you learn the proper buttock exercises. Most people work on their entire body, but for some reason forget to add exercises to target the buttock muscles directly. The buttocks may be involved in many different exercises, but until you learn to isolate them you will never change their shape, and create a killer set of buttocks.

One of the best buttock exercises you can do is also one of the easiest, and requires nothing but your own body. This exercise will target directly on your buttock muscles, and can start making changes quickly. The Buttock Lift is performed by starting on the floor on your back. Have your knees bend with your feet flat on the floor, keep your hands on the floor beside your body, with the arms straight. Using your glutes, pull your body up into a bridge position, clamping your buttock muscles tightly for a count of 2 at the top of the movement then lowering back down. One note on this exercise, it is very tempting to use your hands or other parts of your legs to help power the lift. Resist the temptation and use your buttock muscles to power this movement. By focusing your effort you will start reshaping your glutes quickly.

Another great exercise to target your buttocks which does not require additional equipment is the glute kickback. This one requires a little more balance. Get on the floor on your hands and knees, then keeping your right leg bent, lift it, and kick the foot towards the ceiling. Use your buttock muscle to pull the leg back and upwards. At the top of the movement make sure to contract the buttock muscle fully. Do 5 to 15 reps and then switch legs. You can repeat for 2 to 3 sets.

With any non-weighted exercises you will need to increase reps as the exercise becomes too easy. With either of these two exercises you can add weight by either holding a weight on your stomach for the Buttock Lift, or using ankle weights for the Glute Kickback.

If you are going to a gym or fitness center check out their line-up of equipment to see if the offer a machine specific for the glutes. If so, give it a try and see how it works for you. Many gyms have weight machines offering cable attachments which can be used for doing a standing glute kickback, using the weighted cable around your ankle or foot to give you more resistance. This is a great way to continue to strengthen and tone your buttock muscles.

Getting a great rear is not a matter of only genetics, it is a matter of you taking the time to do buttock exercises. Your buttock muscles will respond just like any other muscle in your body, shaping, firming, and growing to look great with a little attention in your workouts.

Best Glute Exercises – Create An Awesome Rear

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Jun 212010

One of the most commented parts of both a man and woman’s body is their butt. The glute muscles are often neglected by many exercisers when they hit the gym or design their home workout. You need to use the best glute exercises to create a rear view which is going to be noticed, and you will be proud to put in your pants.

Your buttock muscles are used most extensively when you are in a deep bend or squat. They are responsible for power you up from deep positions, drawing the leg backwards, and aid in supporting your lower back.

One of the best glute exercises is one you may already be using for your legs, with just a minor change. Are you doing squats to improve your leg strength? If you drop down just a little deeper into your squat position you will start engaging the buttock muscles very intensely. You will probably not be able to use as much weight when you drop down into these deeper squats, so consider your glute exercises as separate from your normal squats for your legs.

Another exercise which is normally used to work the legs but which can powerfully work the glute muscles is the lunge. The lunge is performed with one foot stepped in front of you, and the other foot trailing behind you. You bend to approximately a 90 degree angle on the front leg and then power yourself back up. The lunge works all parts of your leg, and the buttock muscles. One thing critical in the lunge is concentrating on the muscle you wish to exercise. You can determine the muscle doing the majority of the work by choosing which muscle to focus on. Since we are discussing the glute muscles, focus your attention on using your buttock muscles to power yourself out of the squat. Feel the muscle contract and pull your body back upwards.

Another of the best glute exercises is the Good Morning. This is a very simple exercise, but one you must use your mental focus on again. Put a broomstick, or a barbell across your shoulders, and then bend forward at the waist keeping your back straight. Bend until you are bent to about 90 degrees, and then straighten up again. Keep your back straight to slightly arched. Make sure you focus mentally on using the buttock muscles to draw your body back up, and then crunch the glutes at the top of the movement.

On all of these exercises for your glutes you will want to use a little weight if they are too easy. By adding weight you increase to improve the strength of your glutes, which is what improves the shape.

The best glutes exercises always require either deep bending. Make sure you use proper form to protect yourself from injury. Building impressive glutes is going to make you feel great in our jeans, and have people noticing your changed appearance. It just takes a little effort on your part to round out your body with a great looking rear.

Best Fat Burning Exercise – Do You Know How To Get Rid of Fat Quickly?

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Jun 212010

The best fat burning exercise is going to require a little effort on your part, but it is going to give you tremendous results. When you combine this exercise with a minor change in your diet, the results are outstanding. The fat deposits all over your body will begin to disappear, and you will have a completely new appearance.

What is the best fat burning exercise? First it is time for an admission. This is not a single exercise, but is strength building exercise. If you really want to get the fat off of your body you need to produce more of fat’s worst enemy, muscle. Muscle burns fat, requires more calories, and makes every movement you make help you to get rid of more fat deposits.

Second admission, if you really want to accelerate your fat burning, then you will want to add in aerobic exercise, too. Are you starting to feel like there really is not a single best fast burning exercise? You would be correct. The real answer to your needs is a combined group of exercises to increase your overall fitness and strength. Let us discuss a few of the core items you should look at.

Your large core muscles are the first area you should start working on. If you really want to burn fat quickly by building additional muscle in your legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, and arms you will accelerate your fat burning engine. Use the simple time tested exercises like the bench press, bent barbell rows, barbell curls, triceps extensions, squats, and dead lifts to build up lean tissue quickly. If you are working out at home without weight equipment substitute exercises like lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and other body weight exercises.

It is not important to build big bulging muscles to burn the fat off, but building added lean tissue is critical to burning fat.

Aerobic exercise is the second portion of getting rid of fat quickly. When you have added lean tissue and you use it in activities like swimming, jogging, cycling, and hiking you burn fat very quickly. Your body will begin to trim down and reshape into a more athletic and healthy shape. The transition from fat to lean can happen very quickly, and is very impressive.

If you must choose just one exercise as the best fat burning exercise select rowing. Rowing machines work on both cardio fitness and build added lean tissue. They work on the upper and lower body hitting the upper and lower back, legs, abdominal muscles and arms. Rowing can do both the strength building and aerobic fitness activities you need for a great body. It is not quite as effective as lifting weights and aerobics, but it is close.

The best fat burning exercise is not really just a simple choice of one exercise as much as it is understanding how to use your body to maximize fat loss. Combining strength conditioning and aerobics will give you the results you really want.

Benefits of Pilates – The 5 Major Benefits To A Pilates Program

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Jun 212010

Are you considering joining a Pilates class, but trying to figure out what benefits you will really see? There are five major benefits of Pilates you will gain from the exercise routine. Let us take a look at each of them.

1. Flexibility and Range of Motion – When you begin thinking about the benefits of Pilates, one of the biggest is your increased range of motion. With the motions and stretches in the Pilates routine, your back, and extremities will become more flexible with a greatly improved range of motion. This is great news for the elderly and people who have seen their range of motion decreasing.

2. Improved Circulation – Deep stretching has been shown to help increase circulation in the body. Pilates is filled with deep stretching, and you will begin to feel the benefits of better circulation in your hands, feet, and all portions of your body. With better circulation your hands stay warmer, your feet do not get as cold at night, and you feel more energetic. Having great circulation is necessary to both fuel all parts of your body, and to carry away the waste.

3. Improved Posture – When you start developing your core muscles and focusing on proper form, you begin getting one of the most noticeable benefits of Pilates. You will stand taller, straighter, and look more confident. When you move your body will flow with your improved posture. Have you noticed how someone with great posture seems to be in more control? They appear to be in command of their body, and filled with energy. Someone with poor posture looks tired.

4. Abdominal and Core Strength – The Pilates program focuses most of its efforts on improving your core strength. Your abdomen, lower back, and buttocks will increase in strength and stability. This gives you the powerful core which makes all other functions of your body movement easier. A strong core helps to eliminate injuries, and is the catalyst for all the other benefits of Pilates. This strong core helps to give you more energy, which transfers into higher levels of confidence, and happiness. When you feel confident in your body’s ability to handle challenges, you will find more joy in life.

5. Reduced Neck, Back, and Joint Pain – When you improve your flexibility, strengthen your core, and learn proper body movement, you will experience less pain in all of those annoying areas. If you thought living with pain from working at a desk, in a factory, or at a check-out stand was normal, you are wrong. When you learn and work with Pilates, you will learn new ways to move, and have the strong core needed to stop pain before it happens.

The benefits of Pilates may not include items like losing weight and increasing cardio fitness, but it does revolutionize your body. You will move differently, feel better, and change your look by practicing Pilates. It is one program where the benefits make the effort worth every moment.

Back Exercises At Home – Creating A Strong Back at Home

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Jun 212010

How is life when your back hurts? It brings us almost to a standstill. We cannot lift, twist, turn, or do most of our normal daily activities. If you want to prevent back injuries, adding back exercises at home can create a strong back with greater range of motion.

If you do not exercise your back regularly your back is prone to injury. You twist a little and pick up a child and your back hurts for days. You bend over to pickup the laundry basket instead of using your legs, and you suffer. If your back is strong and flexible you can do these types of movements and not sustain the minor injuries and sore back.

A good starting point is to start using some core stability exercises. With these exercises you hold a position with a straight body line. One example would be putting yourself into a normal push-up position. Hold the upper position maintaining a straight firm body. Hold the position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. For a little more work try putting your feet up on a chair. This will put a little more effort on your part building stronger core muscles, including a stronger back.

A great exercise to increase strength in your lower back is the barbell dead lift. You bend down at the waist and knees with the barbell in front of you. Grasp the bar with both hands approximately shoulder width apart. Power upward using your legs and lower back to lift. When you start out, use only weights you can comfortably lift. As you develop better form and improve the strength of your back start challenging yourself with heavier weights. This is the exercise athletes use to create their powerful backs for lifting and participating in sports.

One of the most popular back exercises at home is hyper-extensions. You can perform these on your bed or on a bench. You allow your upper torso to hang over the edge, maintain a straight back and then lower and raise your shoulders. This exercise should not be attempted until you practice some of the other lower back exercises first.

The Good Morning is an easy to perform exercise you can do at home. Simply bend at the waist while keeping your back straight. It looks like bowing. Then you raise yourself back to upright. This exercise works both the lower back and the buttock muscles.

One more of the back exercises at home you should perform is the superman. You simply get down on your hands and knees, and then raise one leg straight back and the opposite arm straight out in front of you. Hold the position for about 30 seconds, and then switch sides. This exercise will help create a stronger back quickly.

Back exercises at home are an essential addition to your workout program. All exercises require a strong back for support. Never neglect your back health or you will pay severe consequences.

Arm Exercises for Women – Your Flabby Arms Can Become Firm Sexy Arms In Just Weeks

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Jun 212010

Having arms with jiggle and sag look terrible in sleeveless shirts and bathing suits. Getting firm, toned, sexy arms can be accomplished very quickly by using arm exercises and some common sense.

The common sense portion of your program may be the most challenging portion. Sagging, jiggling arms start from once source, excess body fat. The exercises are going to help, but cutting back just a little on your food intake to reduce just a few pounds will multiply the efforts of your arm exercises. If you really want to have the best looking arms possible cut your calories just a little, and then start on these great arm exercises.

Your uppers arms consist mainly of two muscle groups, the biceps and the triceps. The biceps is the muscle on the front of your arm responsible for bending your arm. The triceps is on the rear of the arm and is responsible for straightening your arm and for pushing. When you see bodybuilders and strength athletes you might perceive the biceps as being the largest muscle since it is the one men prefer to show off. The truth is your triceps is the larger of the two muscles and plays a critical role in stopping your jiggle, and giving firmer arms.

We need to target both the biceps and triceps to be highly effective. The best method to improve tone and firmness of your arms is to use resistance exercises. This can come in the form of body weight exercises, using resistance bands, or using a set of dumbbells (single hand weights). Since resistance bands are inexpensive, and easy to store, let us use them for our example exercises.

Before I describe the two exercises, you need to understand something very important. Just because the jiggle on your arm is on the bottom, does not mean we should only tone and work on the back of the arm. Working the biceps muscle is just as important. You want to replace the fat with lean, strong, sexy muscle. Having a well balanced arm is the perfect way to have beautiful arms.

For the biceps you will want to do curls. With your resistance band held underneath your feet, grasp one end in each hand, with your arms fully extended. Now, bend the arms at the elbow bringing your hands to your shoulders without moving the elbows except for the bending motion. At the top of the motion squeeze your biceps muscle tightly before starting down. Repeat this exercise 10 times with each arm, doing 3 sets. If the resistance is not enough, start with a slightly tensioned resistance band before starting the motion.

The triceps requires you do an exercise extending your arms. If you want to skip the resistance band you can do push-ups with your hands closer together than normal. If you want to use the resistance band, then hold the band in front of you with the hands close together, just below shoulder level. Keeping one hand stationary, straighten the other arm straight out to your side, using the muscle on the back of your arm to stretch the band. Do 10 repetitions on each arm, rest briefly and do 2 more sets.

These two exercises are enough to start conditioning, toning, and improving your arms. When combined with common sense eating to reduce body fat your arms will quickly go from jiggling to fantastic.

Abdominal Exercises for Men – Replace the Beer Belly With a Six Pack

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Jun 212010

Does standing with your profile to the mirror drive you crazy? You see a belly instead of a firm, powerful stomach. Women notice your stomach sticking out almost immediately. Two of the sexiest parts of a man for women is their buttocks and their stomach. If your stomach is a bulging beer belly you are not creating the right impression. Using a few simple abdominal exercises for men can start transforming your beer belly into a six pack.

There are two parts to building an impressive stomach. The first is exercising the abdominal muscles using resistance exercises. The abdominal muscles become stronger, more toned, and defined by building added muscle. The second part of the plan is to trim a little excess fat off your body to uncover those new powerful stomach muscles.

Let us get rid of the excess fat issue first. By just cutting your fat and sugars a little in your diet, and adding a little aerobic exercise your excess fat will quickly disappear. It is not going to take an extreme effort on your part, just a consistent effort. Reduce your calories a little while increasing your activity will solve this portion of the problem quickly.

Now, to build a really impressive stomach you will need to focus on abdominal exercises for men which are designed to increase abdominal muscle mass. It sounds a little strange to think about adding mass to get rid of your beer belly, but it is the proper solution. Muscles take much less space, and look impressive. Here are three exercise to get you started creating a powerful abdomen.

The first exercise you should be doing is abdominal crunches. Laying on your back with your hands behind your head, roll your head and shoulders up using your stomach muscles for the power. Hold the crunch for a few seconds before lowering back down slowly. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps. Do 3 sets of crunches in each of your abdominal workouts. As possible start adding weight by holding a dumbbell or other weights across your chest. You want to keep increasing the weight to build stronger, more impressive muscles.

Another very effective exercise for your stomach is the leg pull-in. Lie flat on your back, arms resting beside your body. Lift your legs bending your knees and draw your knees to your chest while rolling your hips to get even more of a contraction in your abdomen. Do 15 to 20 reps for 3 sets.

A slightly more advanced exercise is the hanging leg raise. Using a chin-up bar, or other location your can hang from, pull your knees up towards your chest, rotating your hips upwards towards your chest, too. The addition of gravity pulling against your body increases the resistance making this exercise challenging.

The main thing to keep in mind while choosing your abdominal exercises for men, choose exercises which allow you to increase resistance. You must be able to continue to add new challenges to your abdomen to increase the lean muscle and fitness of the area. Only with increased muscle and less fat will your beer belly become an impressive six-pack.

Yoga Class – Improving Your Body and Mental Calmness Simultaneously

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May 272010

What images does Yoga bring to your mind? If you are picturing a bunch of unusual people twisting their bodies into difficult poses while chanting at the moon you need a reality check. A Yoga class is filled with people just like you. They are learning to control their bodies and minds through carefully planned techniques.

You will discover several different styles of Yoga class in the western world. The most common is the class which leaves out the mental and spiritual practices of many eastern Yoga experts. They focus on the physical poses, stretching, and breathing techniques to give you a healthier body. These classes give you tremendous benefits without much mental preparation.

The next style of class is going to take the time to integrate your mind and body into one. You will learn not only the physical poses of Yoga, but learn to be meditative, breathing will become a central focus of your training. You will learn how controlling your mind, and thoughts, can benefit your overall health. When you can take a break from your overactive self-talk and experience calmness for the duration of a Yoga class it gives you not only a physical boost, but a tremendous emotional and mental boost.

It is uncommon in our western society to find a Yoga class which steps deeply into the spiritual aspects of Yoga. If you want this kind of class you will need to dig a little deeper than your local fitness centers. This type of training will help you see the connection between yourself and the universe itself. You will learn about releasing your inner thoughts and pondering the grandness of everything. It is the same feelings and processes many people feel through deep meditation, or sometimes deep meditative prayer.

Which type of class is the best fit for you will be dependent on your goals. Irregardless of the type of class you select, plan on taking care of a few basic needs. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes to every class. You will want clothes that slide easily over your limbs and body allowing you to transition between positions easily. Do not worry about stylish workout clothes, they will not aid in efforts. The second item you may wish to bring is your own yoga or exercise mat. While most Yoga centers and classes have a selection of mats, they are used by many people, with varying levels of cleaning in between usage. If you want the confidence of having a clean mat you can either clean one of their’s before use, or bring your own.

Make sure when you attend your first Yoga class to not be worried about matching the movements and positions of long term practitioners. It will not happen. You must slowly work on your flexibility, your mental thoughts, and your muscle strength before some positions are possible. Not all bodies are created equal, so some positions may never be possible. The most important thing, bring an open mind to your class. You are journeying into a new experience in body and mind control which will pay huge dividends.

Workouts For Women – Go Where No Man Dares To Tread

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May 272010

Women are built differently than men, there is no doubt about the fact. Workouts for women can be very similar to a man’s workout, but women normally want to work on different issues than men. A man is dreaming of big arms, powerful legs, and big chest muscles. A woman is dreaming of a shapely bottom, beautiful legs, perfectly sized hips and a firm feminine body. Women get to overcome the effects of pregnancy, while men overcome the effects of a beer belly.

The interesting thing, both sets of dreams do have many parallels, which will make your workouts for women have many of the same aspects as a man’s workout. The first big similarity is the need for aerobic exercise. You must do cardio work if you want to lose fat and get your body to look fantastic. There is no way around this simple fact. When planning your workout choose a form of aerobic exercise you can stick to. For many women this means an aerobics dance class. These classes are fun, normally filled with other women. You not only get to work on burning fat and getting fit, you can have fun with the dance like movements. Other women tend to head to the gym and will be found on the treadmills, stair steppers, and the exercise bikes. There is no perfect answer, except the one you will keep doing.

If you want to reshape your body aerobics is not enough. You are going to want to add in some forms of strength training. This does not necessarily mean weights, but does mean effort. This can come in the form of working with stretch bands, weighted balls, or even exercises like push-ups, lunges, and sit-ups. Creating slightly bigger and stronger muscles helps to change your body shape and to burn away the fat. You will not become massive, or muscular, you are going to become trimmer and beautiful.

One form of exercise which combines aerobics and some resistance is water aerobics. You will get the resistance of the water which can aid in reshaping your body, and the great aerobics workout of the movement in water. These classes can be great fun. This is another class which is normally heavily balanced towards women. Men tend to be out on the rowing machines, weight equipment, and treadmills.

If you would love to prove to the guys women are just as resilient and capable as them, a kickboxing aerobics class is the perfect place. Do not worry about being out numbered, women love these courses as much as men.

What type of workouts for women should you choose? The best answer is to choose one and just get started. You will either love the one you choose, or find it annoying. Either way you have learned. If you do not like it, try another program until you find the one which gets you excited. Make sure to include the combination of strength and cardio training, and your body will start heading towards your dream vision quickly.

Water Aerobic Exercises – Exercise to Transform Your Body With Water Resistance

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May 272010

Water aerobic exercises are the best way to give your body a superior workout. The other big advantage to water exercise is the low impact it puts on your body. The low impact exercise is highly beneficial to the elderly, people who have joint injuries, are recovering from surgery, or even people who are overweight.

Have you ever noticed how impressive the bodies of Olympic swimmers, divers, water polo players, and rhythmic swimmers appear? Their bodies are lean, muscular, and in fantastic shape. Their bodies are sculpted by the resistance of water. Water gives you a gentle and controllable resistance which helps you sculpt your body into the appearance people admire. Body appearance is not the most important reason to follow a program of water aerobic exercises, though.

The best reason to start a program of water aerobics is because of the health benefits it gives your heart. Your heart will respond to the aerobic exercise, improving your circulation, and your total cardiovascular health. While you are working out intensely, building a stronger healthier body, you will not be taking the severe pounding of a high impact aerobics program. Another amazing benefit is how you will feel while working out. Instead of dripping in sweat you will be staying cool. If you think doing aerobics in an air conditioned gym with a fan blowing across your body feels great, think how much better it feels when the perspiration is washed away with water. You will not even realize you are perspiring.

The fact you are not aware of your perspiration is one thing you need to stay very aware of. Just because you do not feel it, does not mean your body requires less fluid intake. You need to make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water or sports drinks during and after your workout. If you do not take time to stay hydrated you will feel the effects quickly. You could start feeling light headed or a little ill. Take care of yourself during any type of intensive exercise.

Water aerobics exercises follow very similar movements to any other kind of aerobic exercise except in slow motion. You cannot move nearly as quickly in the water as in the air. This is due to the resistance of the water and is one of the big benefits. You will build stronger muscles, while giving yourself a very effective workout. Your joints do not take the beating they do from other forms of aerobics.

It is even more gentle than a low impact aerobics routine. This is the reason if you are a little older, battling joint injuries, or have other health concerns you should enrol in a water aerobics class. These classes will help you strengthen your body. After building your strength and improving your overall health you may be able to move on to other forms of aerobics if you wish. You will probably learn you love the water aerobics so much you will never wish to change.

Warm Up Stretching – A Stretch A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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May 272010

Go watch the average workout center. You will see people running in, getting to their aerobics class, weight workout, or to hit the aerobics machines and jump right into action. Is this your pattern, too? It is very easy to neglect the warm up stretching, because it does not seem to be the portion of the exercise time giving us the real benefits. Remember that when you pick up the phone to call the Doctor about your latest injury.

Are you protesting that you never get injured working out? When is the last time you missed an exercise session because your back was stiff, your legs were aching, or some other minor problem? Those are injuries. Maybe they did not require you call the doctor, but they are injuries. What if you miss a week of exercise due to a nagging problem? Suddenly the importance of warm up stretching becomes a little more clear.

Taking 5 to 10 minutes to warm up your muscles and stretch them thoroughly before you start exercising will help protect you from most to the annoying little injuries you may have experienced in the past. Often the back injury seems to occur because of some little random twist or turn you made and you feel the little tweak happen in your back. You hope it is not going to cause problems, but you know it probably will. This is exactly the types of injuries which are most times avoided with simple stretching and exercise before you start your exercise routines.

Many aerobics classes, kickboxing exercise programs, and other group exercise programs integrate warm up and stretching at the beginning of their class sessions. This is one reason you must be on time. If you show up late and start the program when it is going full speed, you are not going to perform well, and you will be risking those minor annoying injuries.

If you exercise on your own using the weight equipment, or aerobics machines it is very easy to overlook warm up stretching. You may believe starting off slowly and working up to full speed is good enough, but it does not target all of those supporting muscles, getting them thoroughly warmed up. It does not improve your range of motion, which is one of the biggest factors in avoiding injury. Most of these minor injuring occur because you exceeded your range of motion resulting in a minor muscle or connecting fiber tear. Take those few minutes to warm up and stretch and you will avoid those problems.

It is discouraging when you have worked hard to create a habit of regular exercise, and can see the improvements happening, then to suddenly be sidelined for a few days due to nagging injuries. Starting today, warm up stretching should be at the start of every exercise session. You will be able to keep your progress moving forward, and more importantly not need to worry about finding the doctor’s phone number.

Tae Bo – Use Martial Arts and Aerobics to Kick Fat Off Your Body

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May 272010

Have you every watched the way Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, or Jean Claude Van Damme kick their opponents down and out? With Tae Bo you can take fat and give it the beating it deserves. Fat may be your enemy, but Tae Bo can defeat it every time.

Tae Bo is a powerful combination of Taekwondo and Aerobics originated by a dynamic and powerful motivator Billy Blanks. This workout is filled with intense punching, kicking, and constant movement. The powerful motivation provided either in videos by Billy, or by Tae Bo instructors, drive you to workout hard. This type of workout is not for everyone, but if you want excitement, fun, and a great physical challenge it may be exactly what you want.

When you first here this program described you would assume it is a workout routine for men. In most classes you will find as many, if not more, women working out. Both men and women enjoy learning to kick and punch while getting a full body workout. This is one place Tae Bo excels over many other workout programs. It will hit every muscle in your body, and you will feel it. Expect to put on a little extra muscle due to the powerful movements. This is part of Billy’s plan for creating a better body for his students.

Another exciting thing is knowing you are creating powerful punching and kicking techniques. It is not really intended to be a self defense lesson, but you will feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself because you are a practiced veteran of kicking, punching, and you have developed a strong, toned, and fit body. In a crisis it is always good to know your body is ready for action, instead of being stuck in a body which is out of shape.

Your exercise classes will be fun, but expect to feel the sweat rolling off your body. You are going to be burning calories at an accelerated pace. The music is loud and quick. The instructor will be barking out instructions and leading your through a quick paced workout. You are going to feel the fat burning off your body. This is quickly going to show up on the scale and on the tape measure. Your clothes are going to first start fitting better, and then you will notice they are too large for your body. Not only are you getting smaller, your shape is becoming athletic. You are not soft and round any longer, but strong, lean, and fit.

Tae Bo is one of the most fun, intense, and exciting ways to change your body. You will quickly see the camaraderie which builds in these kinds of classes as everyone overcomes the same challenges. Even if you choose to workout at home, Tae Bo is very fun. Talk with your family before you start, or they may come running when they hear you grunting, yelling, and sometimes breaking out in laughter. The screams they may hear are just your fat running for cover. Fat knows it is no match for your new punching power.