Stretching Benefits – How Stretching Can Enhance Your Life

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May 272010

One of the biggest problems when you are getting older, or have not been exercising regularly is losing your range of motion. The movements which used to be easy now are difficult. Getting improvement is your range of motion is only one of the stretching benefits you can experience. Stretching is one of the best way to improve you body’s capabilities, and to get other added benefits.

With a program of daily stretching you can increase your range of motion no matter what age you are. The best time to start to use stretching exercises is today. If you are 20 years old you will still get an improved range of motion and maintain it throughout your life. If you are 70 years old you will start to regain your range of motion, getting back the freedom to do things you took for granted before.

Another of the stretching benefits is improved coordination. Flexible joints, and limber muscles make motion much easier. Stretching can improve muscle condition. With this combination you will discover you have more physical dexterity and coordination. Instead of tripping over every little thing, and feeling clumsy, you will move gracefully and easily about the house and world.

One problem which creeps into your life as you age is poor circulation to extremities. Stretching can improve circulation throughout your body, and especially in your limbs. With consistent use of stretching exercises your cold feet will begin to stay warm, your cold hands will regain better circulation and feel warmer. Exercise and stretching benefits can begin to change your life in just a few weeks. It takes consistent practice and effort, but the changes can be dramatic.

How often do you finish a day with tense shoulder muscles, an aching back, and other aches and pains? By starting and ending your day with stretching you can begin to eliminate these troublesome problems. Many days it is just as bad starting off the day. It is a big effort to get out of bed due to aching joints and muscles. The is one of the most important stretching benefits, giving yourself back a body which functions smoothly throughout the day from the time you wake up, until you close your eyes at night.

The importance of stretching increases with each passing year of our lives. If you are not carefully taking care of your body you will discover you are no longer capable of my activities. It is important to maintain flexibility. If you do not the things you love will suffer. Bowling, golfing, dancing, and even gardening all require flexibility and muscle fitness. By starting to work on these issues today, you ensure a healthy more enjoyable life throughout all of your years. Stretching benefits are important for everyone, whether you were the best athlete in your class, a business man, or a factory worker, stretching is going to allow you freedom from many of life’s most annoying physical limitations. Losing your range of motion should not be accepted as normal, you should challenge it, and start stretching daily.

Stretching and Flexibility – Increase Your Range of Motion and Protect Your Body from Injury

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May 272010

Muscle pulls, strains, joint injuries, pulled ligaments and other injuries are often caused by one thing, lack of flexibility and proper warm-up. Stretching and flexibility exercises should be part of every workout you have.

Have you ever watched high school, college, and professional athletes train? At the beginning of every training session their trainers and coaches insist they go through a complete series of stretching and flexibility routines. The players often hate this portion of the practice. They are excited about building strength, growing bigger muscles, and the actual time playing their sport. Coaches and trainers know without this critical time of warm-up and stretching they will be losing players left and right to injury.

Now, go to your local fitness gym and watch the average person come in for their exercise routine. They walk in the door already dressed to exercise. They walk up to the first machine, climb on it, and start their workout. That night they lay in be, get a cramp, want a massage, or complain about their latest annoying little injury. It might not be a severe injury, but they have an annoying pain in the arm, leg or back. These kinds of problematic training injuries can be avoided by taking a little extra time to prepare your body.

When you head into the gym to workout, take the first five minutes to do stretching and flexibility exercises. Make sure your hamstrings, calf muscles, and back muscles have been gently warmed up and stretched before you jump on the weight equipment, exercise bike, treadmills, or other gear. Not only do you help protect yourself from injury, you will make your workouts more effective. Your body will move more freely, with a little more range of motion. Your muscles are warmed up and ready for action and will be ready to start burning off the fat.

If you want the best overall effects, then add a five minute session of stretching and flexibility at the end of your workout, too. Your muscles will be warmed up, and you will discover you can stretch a little further. Working to have a great range of motion will help protect your body when you do those strange and unusual moves at home to pickup things off the floor, the quick twists to grab the running child, or trying to control the dog while you give them a bath.

The biggest benefit from using stretching and flexibility exercises will be noticed in the quiet of your bedroom at night. You are less likely to have the cramps, to notice tight painful muscles, and will discover less annoying aches and pains. Instead of taking extra time off from training all the time because of annoying injuries, you will never miss a session. Your body will be ready for action all the time. All those coaches and trainers are not making their players stretch for fun. They know it protects and prepares their bodies for the game ahead. It will work just as effectively even if your game is chasing kids. Take some time to prepare your body properly.

Stretches for Runners – Start Your Run the Right Way To Prevent Injury

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May 272010

How do you start your morning or evening run? If you are lacing on your shoes and taking off out the door for your run, you are risking your muscles. Learning the proper stretches for runners will help you protect your muscles, and avoid many of the common runner’s injuries.

Before we jump into the best stretches for you to use, it is important to understand when to use them. Do not try to stretch your muscles until you are warmed up. You could start off your running session with a five minute walk or light jog to get the blood flowing and then stop to run through these few stretches. When the muscles are warmed up the stretch further, and easier, enhancing the injury reducing effects.

It is important to get a good stretch into all of your major leg muscles. The first place to start is with your hamstrings. The most popular stretch is the hang ten. You keep your feet fairly close together, keep your legs straight but not locked. Bend over at the waist as far as possible hanging your arms down, and letting your head relax downward, too. For most people their hands will be dangling just above their shoe tops. For more flexible people their hands may actually be on the ground. Hold the stretch for at least 45 seconds. Do not bounce. You want to stretch until you feel the tension, maybe slight discomfort, but not pain.

Another popular stretch is the Splits. Spread your feet as widely as possible, while keeping your feet pointing forward. Again bend down as far as possible. This will stretch completely different muscles in your legs, especially the adductors.

The Flamingo stretch is one of the most common exercises you will see runners doing at street corners waiting for traffic. Standing on one foot you grab the opposite foot with your hand and pull the foot up to your buttocks. This stretches the muscles throughout the front of your leg, keeping them ready for those intensive miles.

You must keep your calf muscles well stretched and limber to prevent getting cramps and having lower leg injuries. The heel drop is the most important of the stretches for runners to improve lower leg flexibility. It is most easily accomplished at a stairway or curb. Standing on the ball of one foot on the edge of a stair or curb, simply let your heel drop downwards below the level of your toes to stretch the calf. It feels great and will improve your running.

The last of the stretches for runners we will discuss is the lunge stretch. This stretch is the most inclusive of all muscles. Stretching deeply into a lunge position will stretch the calf muscles, and all of the upper leg muscles. It helps to lengthen your stride. Make sure to include it in your regular stretching times.

By using these few stretches for runners you can greatly reduce your chances of injury, and enhance your running ability. Taking these few extra moment in your running session is going to increase your enjoyment of running dramatically.

Pilates Class – Develop A Longer, Leaner, Strong Body With Pilates

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May 272010

A Pilates class is going to be a big change in your exercise life. Instead of focusing on sweating, energetic movement, and shortening muscles through strength building. The originator of the Pilates program, Joseph Pilates, had a different vision of fitness. His vision included combining the mind, body, and building a long, lean, strong body by centering the body, and focusing on creating a strong middle.

The one thing you will notice in a Pilates class almost immediately is the focus on breathing. Proper breathing techniques are one of the core concepts of Pilates. You will be trained of the importance of deep breathing and complete flushing of the lungs to remove toxins from the body, while enriching the blood with high amounts of oxygen. Do not take this step lightly. Martial arts, yoga, and many other training methods around the world emphasize breathing, and have proven their effectiveness at increasing total body health.

In your Pilates class you will work on stretching and elongating your body. The movements of stretching and then recovering from the stretch both lengthen muscles and strengthen them. You are developing the long graceful looking muscles of a dancer, gymnast, or swimmer. Alignment of your body is one of the primary focuses in Pilates. Building the core of your body to support a straight spine, aligned muscles, and proper skeletal balance are critical in Pilates. This focus is intended to allow your body to have balanced health and strength instead of developing a strong and weak side. By creating proper balance you eliminate the possibility of many annoying sports injuries. Injuries can often occur when one portion of the body is more powerful than the opposite side.

Many exercise regimens discuss the importance of motivation, excitement, and being positive. A Pilates class is going to take you to a new level. You are going to learn about the mind-body connection. Learning to think properly, with alignment with your body extends the effectiveness of your workout. The opposite is true, also. Your Pilates workout is going to strengthen your mind, creating deeper relaxation, and an inner calmness. The change in your spirit and body will show up in everything you do. Your family and friends will quickly begin to notice the difference in your life.

Aerobics, weight training, and most other forms of exercise focus on fast, sudden movement. Pilates exercise teaches you to flow smoothly. You are going to create your power and fitness through a form of movement which makes you think of water flowing gently down a stream, the smooth movements of branches in the breeze, the graceful movements of a cat. You will discover every movement, every muscle, and every thought can flow together to give you a level of both mental and physical fitness you never have felt before.

Enrolling in a Pilates class is an investment in not only your physical fitness but in your mental wellbeing, too. If you want to experience a completely new way of changing your body and mind Pilates may be exactly what you want.

Muscle Stretches – Preventing Muscle Injuries Is Critical

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May 272010

Your muscles can be come shortened, tight, and injury prone if you do not take proper care of them. Using muscle stretches before and after your exercise sessions is one of the most important ways of preventing muscle injuries. Muscle stretches will give you a secondary benefit of improving your range of motion.

When you start planning your stretching routines do not neglect any part of your body. You want stretches to work on all the muscles from your neck all the way to your feet. Ignoring any muscle group can lead to possible injuries when some parts of your body have a great range of motion and their supporting counterparts have limited movement.

Muscle stretches are actually very easy. You can choose to follow a chart of planned stretches, or you can just choose to gently stretch each muscle group as you feel it. Some of the most innovative stretches come about just because one person decided to try a new way of stretching a muscle to get a little better angle on the muscle. If you can feel the pull, it is working.

For most people the best way to get started is with a good chart of stretches. These are available in many exercise books, and you can even purchase just the charts through many book outlets.

Here are a few examples of effective muscle stretches to get you started:

Heel Drop – Calf Stretch – This is one of the easiest stretches. Stand on a step, the edge of a curb, or other elevated stepping spot. Allow your heel to drop down, stretching the calf deeply. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds to one minute, and then rotate to the other leg.

Neck Stretches – Keep your head facing straight forward, but start tipping your head to one side. Go until you feel the tension in your neck and then allow the weight of your head to gently stretch the muscles on that side for about 30 seconds. Tip your head to the opposite side. After completing both sides, tip your head forward, and then backwards repeating the same sequence to stretch the front and rear neck muscles.

Hamstring Stretch – Place one heel up on a step, or possibly two steps up. Lean forward slightly at the waist towards the straightened raised foot. You should feel tension and pulling in your hamstring. Hold the position for 30 seconds, do not bounce. After 30 seconds rotate to the other legs.

These three examples should help your start visualizing how you can stretch all the muscles in your body. You are simply looking for ways to isolate a muscle, and move until you feel tension and stretching, then stop and hold. Over time you will gain additional depth in your stretches, increasing your range of motion.

Muscle stretches help prepare you muscles for the sudden shocks, turns, and demands put on them through sports and daily life. A well prepared muscle avoids injury, or minimizes the injury allowing for fast recovery. Never neglect stretching in your exercise routines.

Low Impact Cardio – Aerobic Fitness Without The Physical Beating

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May 272010

Are you like so many of us, you are a little overweight and your joints already ache? The idea of pounding your body through jogging, an aerobics class, or tae bo is almost frightening. A low impact cardio workout is exactly what you need. You will be able to get the fat burning and aerobic fitness you want, without the unneeded pressure and abuse on your joints.

There are many different kinds of low impact cardio programs you can use to get plenty of daily exercise. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

Walking – While jogging puts a lot of stress on your joints, walking is very low impact, and very beneficial. Bone strength and joint conditions usually improve with weight bearing exercise. Taking a brisk walk for 20 to 40 minutes per day can help you to start losing weight, and getting into better cardio fitness. Walking does not require any special equipment and can be enjoyed year round. You may need to take it inside during the winter months in a large department store, fitness center, or mall.

Water Aerobics – One of the most fun low impact cardio exercises is water aerobics. You can get an energizing workout while playing in the water. No worries about sweating, it is all washed away by the water. Usually these classes are filled with laughter and fun. If you have not tried a water aerobics course, now would be a great time.

Swimming – Since we are already discussing the water, why not go swimming. Swimming laps, treading water, and steady movement in water makes for a great workout which improves your overall health and burns fat quickly. Remember how hungry you were as a kid after swimming for an hour or two. You burned calories rapidly.

Bicycling – Whether you choose to ride a real bicycle down the bike paths in your community, or hit a stationary bike in your home, cycling is a great way to increase you fitness without the impact of many other exercise routines. Cycling is one of the most popular ways to burn fat, and build up cardiovascular condition. It is the choice of many sports trainer when they are working to rehab their athletes from sports injuries.

Low Impact Aerobics – While many aerobics courses put great pressure on joints, there are many classes which are designed to be low impact. You avoid the jumping, large moves, and the pounding steps of other aerobics classes. You can get a great workout with a room full of other exercisers, or enjoy a video at home. This form of exercise can be great fun.

Do not use your aching joints as an excuse to avoid exercise. Low impact cardio will help you get in shape, and improve the condition of your joints. You are not going to have improvements in your health without effort. Make the decision to get started today, and enjoy the benefits of a better looking body, less joint pain, and improved energy.

May 272010

If you want to have great looking legs then you are going to need to use leg toning exercises. Losing weight will only give you skinny legs, not great looking legs. Legs need muscle tone and firmness to look fabulous.

To get the best looking legs you cannot ignore any portion of your legs. You will want to do exercises for the calf muscles, your upper thighs, and for the hamstrings on the back of your legs. While you are doing your leg toning exercise you can make some very minor adjustments and tone your buttocks, also. The buttocks work as an extension from the legs and can be toned very easily at the same time.

Starting at the bottom, let us look at the best exercise for toning your calf muscles. Toes raises target the calf muscle. Stand on the edge of a brick, board, or stair. Stand so most of your foot is hanging out into the open air, and you are balanced on the ball of your foot. Now lower down into a heel drop stretch, now raise yourself to highest level you can crunching your calf muscle at the top. Do this exercise at least 20 times, take a brief rest and repeat for 2 more cycles. If it feels too easy, then do the exercise one leg at a time to increase the weight being lifted by your calf muscle.

For the hamstrings we will use two leg toning exercises. The first one is the lunge. This is not only a good exercise for the hamstrings, but gives some work to the quadriceps on the front of the legs, and the buttocks, too. A lunge is completed by placing one foot about two feet in front of the other, then bending the front knee until you drop to about a 90 degree angle at the knee, then powering back up. You may want to have a chair to hold onto for balance. Make sure to focus your thoughts and efforts at using your hamstrings to power up. Three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions are ideal.

The second exercise for the hamstrings is the straight leg dead lift. This can be done with or without weight. Keeping your legs straight, but not locked, bend at the waist to about a 90 degree angle, then bring your body back to a straight standing position. Make sure to keep your back straight or slightly arched throughout the exercise. You will notice this exercise works not only the hamstrings but the buttocks, too. Do this exercise 10 to 15 times, rest and repeat twice more.

Moving to the front of our thighs, or quadriceps, requires getting low. Squats are the best exercise to build strength, improve shape, and tone the front of your legs. Keeping your back straight, to slightly arched, lower your buttocks as if you were sitting down on a chair. When you reach a 90 degree leg bend power back up to an upright position. Repeat for 20 reps. Rest and repeat twice more. If this becomes too easy try adding some weight by holding some dumbbells or any household items. If you want to work on the buttocks a little more, drop down a little further, even as far as allowing your buttocks to touch your heels. The lower position will require the buttocks to start your upward motion.

Using these few simple leg toning exercises you can begin to build toned, strong, and firm legs. Your legs will look great in skirts, shorts, or on the beach.

Home Gym Exercises – Put the Confusion Behind You And Build A Great Body

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May 272010

You just finished watching the DVD which came with your home gym. You are pouring through their exercise charts and start feeling confused and very intimidated. You want to get started but the 30 to 100 exercises they have in their information are giving you information overload. You need to simplify and get started.

Hopefully your home gym training materials gave you a starter program, but if not, here is the home gym exercises you should get started with. These are the few core exercises which can start building a stronger healthier body.

We are going to start at the top of the body and work down. The first exercise is the bench press for your chest. While many home gyms offer alternatives to the bench press, stick with this basic move to get started. Doing 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps is a great starting point on all exercises.

For your upper back you should do lat pull downs. Your gym should have a cable attachment or pully system for allowing you to face the rack, and pull the handles towards your chest, drawing your shoulders, and shoulder blades back to focus the pulling with your back muscles.

Moving on to your arms, your home gym will have an option for doing bicep curls. This is the primary exercise to build a strong peak on your arm muscles. For the back of your arm you should have an option to either do a triceps extension or triceps kickback with the cable attachments.

You have two primary options to work on your abdominals. Your home gym probably has an option for doing cable resistance crunches. This allows you to do your crunches in a sitting position. If not, then hit the floor and do traditional ab crunches.

It will require 3 home gym exercises to take care of your legs. For the front of your thighs, choose either squats or leg extensions. Both target the legs great. The squats give you more added benefits by engaging the buttocks, lower back, and other support muscles. For the hamstrings, on the rear of your legs, you will want to do leg curls. These will either be in a standing or laying position. Make sure to go through a full motion on your leg curls to get the most benefit. Feel the muscle contract completely, squeezing it at the end of the rep. Finish up your legs with the calf muscles. This will be accomplished with toe raises. Depending on your home gym it will either be in a seated or a standing position. Simply raise and lower the weight with your calves. Clinch the calf muscles tightly at the top of each rep.

These are the basic home gym exercises you should master at first. Once you start feeling great with these exercises and can feel your muscle fitness and strength improving, then you can start adding in sets of an additional exercise for each body part. Stick with 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps raising the weight when you can do more than 15 reps. Your home gym is going to change your body into a work of art with a little persistence on your part.

Exercise To Reduce Tummy – Say Hello To A Slim Firm Stomach

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May 272010

One of the most defining parts of a great body is a slim, flat stomach. When your stomach bulges out, it destroys your appearance and increase health risks. You can exercise to reduce tummy size, and get the slim firm stomach you want.

Hopefully you are not living in a fantasy world, because we are going to discuss the real world here. In order for exercise to reduce your tummy to be the most effective you are going to need to contribute one more thing. You must take control of your diet. The fastest way to reduce your stomach size is to reduce your intake just a little and then let the exercises do their work. You do not need to kill yourself on a major diet, just use a little common sense and cut back on a few calories.

Now that we have the bad news out of the way, what exercises can you do to reduce the size of your stomach, and start developing a sexy middle. We need to take a well rounded approach to the stomach if we want to get the best possible shape. We need to hit the upper abs, the lower abs, and the obliques on the side of your abs.

The first exercise you should be doing is abdominal crunches. This exercise is like the beginning of a sit-up, you simply come partially up, and then you intensely contract the muscles. This exercise focuses on your upper ab area, and will create a powerful and flat stomach.

To address the lower areas of your abdomen, leg raises are ideal. Keep your knees bent slightly, and raise your legs to about a 30 degree angle from the floor. Then lower and repeat. You will feel the leg raises in your entire abdomen, but focused in your lower abdominal region.

To get the best looking shape you must work on the sides of your abdomen, too. The external obliques help to draw in your sides, and to firm up the entire region. Use the same two exercises as above, but change your focus by pulling to the right and left. In the leg raises allow your knees to bend a little more as you lift your legs, drawing them to the right side on the first lift, then to the left side on the next lift. With the crunches instead of rising evenly with both shoulders tilt and rise from the left shoulder on the first rep and then lead with the right shoulder on the second rep. These slight twists require the obliques to be used to pull.

Exercise to reduce tummy does not need to be complicated. Just the simple moves we discussed can tighten and flatten your stomach quickly. Combined with a modest diet you will quickly start seeing a new trimmer you in the mirror. There is nothing magical needed, just a little persistence and desire on your part. It is all up to you.

Exercises for Osteoarthritis – Getting Relief and Improved Range of Motion With Exercise

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May 272010

Pain is faced by many people who exercise, but only another person with osteoarthritis can really understand your challenges. Starting an exercise program may sound very intimidating, and you are anticipating pain. There is no guarantee you will not feel pain, but you can be assured exercise will help improve your condition, not make it worse.

What kind of exercises should you undertake? In reality most kinds of exercise will work. The only thing you must avoid are exercises which directly stress a very loose, or weakened joint. Visit with your doctor about what you would like to try and they can give you the proper advice.

One of the best exercises for osteoarthritis is water aerobics. You get the assist of lessening your weight through water flotation. The movements are more fluid and slower. You still get amazing cardiovascular benefits due to the resistance of the water. It as a very low impact form of exercise. This is a great starting program for anyone.

Traditional low impact aerobics classes are very good, too. You can get your heart pumping, work on your range of motion, and increase muscle strength in an aerobics class. Discuss your limitations with the instructor to make sure you are both comfortable with the class. When the rest of the class is doing a motion you do not feel confident in completing just continue moving in place to the last move, or walking in place. When they move on to the next movement rejoin them.

Weight and strength training can be a very beneficial form of exercise. You are building stronger supporting muscles which can help to take pressure off the joints. If your osteoarthritis is affecting your grip strength make sure you take it into consideration when choosing your exercises. Weight training works on improving range of motion, too. You will need to make sure you always take the motions to the limits of your motion to stretch the muscles and improve your flexibility.

Pilates, Yoga, and other stretching routines can be highly beneficial in reducing pain and increasing range of motion. These programs are designed to give you a longer, leaner look. The increase range of motion can help you get a little more capability back out of your body.

Exercises for osteoarthritis are not really any different than exercises for everyone else. You just need to use more caution and take time to rest your joints when they hurt. Do not continue exercising through joint pain. If you need them, a brace or supporting elastic bands can make your exercise easier. With increased muscles strength, weight loss, and improved range of motion the benefits of exercise can improve your conditions. Do not let osteoarthritis stop you from improving your health, it should be your call to take action and start exercising. A body in motion will improve. A body at rest will continue to increase in stiffness, reduced dexterity, and increasing pain. Consult with your doctor, and then get started improving your quality of life.

Exercise Bike Workout – Leave the Ordinary Spinning To The Amateurs

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May 272010

There you sit in front of the television pedaling your bike. You have the tension set to a level you are comfortable with, and you have a pace locked in. Does it sound familiar? If you really want to get the best benefit out of your equipment and have more fun, you need to follow an exercise bike workout system.

What does an exercise bike workout add to your normal routine? You will need to start varying your pace, your tension, and your attitude. There are several ways to go about getting a great program. The first method is to check what your bike offers. Many exercise bikes include an electronic workout routine which can automatically vary the tension and prompt you to speed up or slow down. Honestly, this is the most boring way to have a varied workout. It is rather dull.

Another way to get a great varied workout is to use your television and a workout DVD. There are great exercise bike videos which are created to help you simulate real riding experiences. You get scenery, music, and prompts to adjust your tension and speed based upon the terrain of the video. This method of creating a workout can be fun, stimulating, and adds a few mental stimulants.

Do you really want to kick it up another notch? You can choose your own playlist of songs, and music videos and put them on your television or computer to watch while you exercise. Put in a great mix of slow and fast paced songs. Use the tempo of the songs to determine the speed of your pedaling and the tension levels you set on the exercise bike. This helps you get almost the feeling of dancing and playing on your bike. It can be a very motivating way to design your exercise bike workout.

There is one more suggestion which works great for many people. Use exercise videos for other kinds of courses. The trainers normally will be varying intensity, shouting out motivation, and you see the excitement of their class. This can help motivate you to pedal faster, remember to change the tension, and enjoy the excitement. You may even choose to start adding some of the upper body movements from their classes into your exercise bike workout. This can increase the efficiency of your workout and improve your upper body fitness. The important thing, have fun with whatever you are doing. When you have fun you workout harder.

These techniques are primarily for creating an exercise bike workout for your home equipment. If you are going to a fitness center to use the stationary bikes, then partner up with another person. You can set the bike’s built-in programs and then have fun competing against each other. No matter how you choose to create or work on your own plan of exercise, get out of the rut of pedaling at one tension and one speed. You will get faster and better results with variety in your workout from both your body and mind.

Cardio Workouts To Lose Weight – Burn The Calories And Watch Fat Disappear

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May 252010

Are you ready to lose weight the most consistent way possible? Cardio workouts to lose weight are more effective than calorie restriction diets. When you burn the calories, you will burn the fat, changing your body’s appearance quickly.

To make sure you are not misunderstanding, it is still a good idea to take control of your eating habits, and eat a reduced calorie diet. Do not become obsessed with cutting calories. You just need to make wise choices in your types of foods and eat a little less to make a big difference. When you combine planned eating with a cardio workout the results are magical.

Using cardio workouts to lose weight gives you many advantages over just restricting calories. First, you are going to be building a stronger heart, and circulatory system. Secondly, you will start building some lean muscle tissue. The combination of a stronger cardiovascular system and more lean muscle creates a fat burning engine. With your enhanced body you will find burning fat is quite simple and enjoyable.

To burn fat and lose weight the best cardio workouts will use sustained activity. Examples would include jogging, fast walking, bicycling, rowing, and swimming laps. You want to get your body’s systems working at faster rate, with your pulse elevated, and your breathing coming a little harder. When you reach the proper training level you will be burning calories and fat at a rapid pace.

If you want to increase overall body strength and health, choosing a circuit training program might be perfect for you. You would use a combination of several exercises to push your body into the training zone, while creating stronger muscles over your entire body. Having added lean muscles over your entire body is more important than you probably imagine.

The magic of having the extra lean muscle is what it does throughout the entire day. Muscle tissue requires calories to burn for energy. This means your lean muscle tissue will be helping you lose weight 24 hours per day, not only during your workouts. This is why many top diet consultants insist you include exercise during your diet. Even the TV shows being broadcast to show very overweight people competing to lose weight push their competitors to exercise intensely, and to learn to love exercise as one of the key ingredients in their success.

Cardio workouts to lose weight are not restricted to one kind of exercise, so you can have fun varying your program. Just strive to exercise at least 30 minutes per day, at least 5 days per week. You will start seeing amazing changes in your levels of fat, and in increased energy. Funnel your added energy into even more activity and you will find the weight disappearing very quickly. Soon you will be needing to buy new smaller clothes. Your mirror will become one of your best friends, instead of the evil thing in the bathroom. Get started exercising right now and watch the changes begin.

Cardio Kickboxing – Get Your Cardio Workout With Excitement and Power

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May 252010

Getting sick and tired of the pretty moves, the pop music, and the dancing around in a regular aerobics class? If you want to take your workout up a notch and combine power, strength building, and excitement, cardio kickboxing is the best program in town.

Cardio kickboxing is not for everyone. This is a high impact training program. If you are having trouble with joints, your back, or other physical problems it may be pushing your body too far. If you still want to give it a try, talk to the instructor, explain your conditions and get their opinion. Many times the added benefits of the stretching, increased strength, and faster weight loss can help your joints improve rapidly. Your instructor can evaluate your situation quickly.

This style of aerobics exercise takes pages from various martial arts techniques, especially Thai kickboxing. You will learn proper punching and kicking techniques. The training is great to get improved balance. One of the key components at the beginning of every training session is warm up and stretching. When you are going to be punching and kicking aggressively you must stretch and warm up your joints. Once you are warmed up the real fun begins.

This is not a class for people not ready for a little noise and excitement. The music is usually hard hitting, the trainers loud and aggressive in their instructions, and your partners in training will be noisy with their grunts as they punch and kick. Most trainers have their students facing a mirrored wall to watch their own techniques and movements. Learning to kick and punch properly is very important. You risk possible injury if you are letting your kicks and punches flail around wildly. Martial arts and cardio kickboxing require technique and precision to get the most benefit. Listen closely to your instructor’s directions, following the instructions closely will help you get the greatest benefits from the workout.

While many kickboxing classes do not include specific abdominal exercises, you will be amazed at the tone and strength you develop in the core of your body. Your lower back and abdominal muscles will become powerful by working in the twisting, turning, and support of your other powerful movements. Your legs become powerful from the kicks, bending, and driving forward through your punches. Your arms become firm and powerful with the efforts of the punches. This is one form of exercise which works out almost every muscle in your body.

Cardio kickboxing develops confidence on many different levels. You are developing a very strong and fit body, which gives you personal confidence in being able to accomplish physical tasks. Your body shape becomes lean and strong, giving you an appearance you are confident showing to the world. You gain confidence in your ability to defend yourself. While you may not actually be getting self-defense training, you are learning powerful kicking and punching techniques. You are developing power. Cardio kickboxing gives you all the excitement, and great physical benefits you really desire.

Cardio Exercises At Home – Who Needs The Gym, Exercise At Home

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May 252010

Sometimes getting to the gym is not as easy as everyone makes it sound. The only time you have to workout is in the morning while the kids sleep, or after you tuck them in bed at night. You really do not need a gym to get into great shape. Cardio exercises at home are very easy, and just as effective as heading to the gym. Sometimes they can be even more fun.

Are you thinking the last statement is a bit crazy? How can you possibly have more fun at home alone doing cardio exercises than being surrounded by like minded people? Honesty time, most people are not that comfortable exercising in front of other people when they are really out of shape. Most of us are not willingly to get a little crazy when we are surrounded by other people. When you do cardio exercises at home all limitations can be thrown out the window. If you want to exercise to Jazz, Rock, or Mozart, you get to choose. If you want to howl at the moon while you exercise, just make sure you warn the family, they will want to join you.

Cardio exercises can take many forms. Do not get hung up on the idea of needing an exercise bike, treadmill, stepper, or cross-trainer. You can get a great workout with just your body, a little floor space, and your DVD player. Why not grab a few DVD discs showing some great kickboxing cardio workouts, an aerobics dance workout, and one with a good boot camp workout. Now you can rotate shows and workouts and have an exciting workout every day. You will be doing push-ups, sit-ups, jogging in place, kicking, punching, dancing, and having fun.

The real fun of doing your cardio at home is you get to play. You can have a wide variety of workout movies, music, and ideas. Your workout time can become playful, instead of serious. You may be sweating like crazy, huffing and puffing, but you are having a good time. When you get finished and are dripping in sweat you will not compete for the showers, you just walk to your bathroom and have a nice pleasant, long, soaking shower.

What if you choose to buy some cardio equipment for the home? Then still search out some good videos to exercise with. You may love having a Tae Bo video playing while you are on the treadmill. Punching your arms while you jog or walk on the treadmill can energize your workout. Hearing and seeing the intense workout on the TV screen adds to your own intensity and fun. You will accelerate your weight loss and your fitness improvement. If you want something a little more laid back, then get one of the movies simulating running or riding down a country road for your workout.

The best thing about cardio exercises at home is the freedom. The freedom to exercise, play, and have fun your own way. Go ahead grunt, holler, and scream, it is your home, and your workout.

May 252010

Pedal, pedal, pedal, the spinning pedals of an exercise bike can become a tedious drone in your ears. A treadmill is no better. Are you one of the people who have come to believe your cardiovascular workouts have to be boring? Using cardio circuit training is one way to drive away the boredom and increase you overall health.

What is cardio circuit training? Instead of using only one exercise machine, or exercise type, you are going to start rotating through a series of exercises. If you goal is to get an energized aerobic workout for 40 minutes every day, you can break the time down into a challenging series of activities. This is going to keep your mind interested and engaged, while your body gains the benefits of working additional muscles. Let us take a look at an example workout.

For your 40 minute cardio circuit training workout we are going to break it down into 5 different exercises. You are going to rotate through the 5 exercises (one circuit) two times doing each exercise for 4 minutes. If you cannot do a particular exercise for the entire 4 minutes, then rotate on to the next exercise in the cycle. You will just need to start into a third circuit to finish out your full 40 minutes.

Our Example Circuit:

Exercise Bike – 4 minutes – Pedal intensely. Do not take it easy on yourself during this four minutes. You want to get the heart pumping and prepare for your next exercise. Keep track of the time and be ready to move on.

Jogging in Place – 4 minutes – Jog fast enough to keep your pulse in the training zone. This is putting some new stresses on your body, but this is good thing. Watch the clock.

Push-ups from knees – 4 minutes – Do not attempt to do this with straight legs to start with. It is very unlikely you will be able to do this for the full four minutes, but do not worry about it. Do as many push-ups as possible and then move on into the next exercise in the circuit. With time you will build up the number of push-ups you can do, and will approach being able to do 4 minutes.

Side to Side Jumping – 4 minutes – Place a small object on the floor and jump back and forth sideways over the top of it. Make sure it is a flat item in case you would happen to come down on top of it. As you get stronger over the upcoming weeks you can use slightly higher items to make yourself jump even higher.

Sit-ups – 4 minutes – Once again, do not expect yourself to hit 4 minutes on this part of the circuit. If you can, excellent, be proud of yourself. If you cannot, move on to the exercise bike again and start the circuit over.

As you can see from this example, cardio circuit training works more parts of body, keeps you excited, or maybe a little frightened at what is coming next. You are going to build a more balanced and healthy body using circuit training. Keep in mind this is only an example. You should create your own series of exercises choosing ones you enjoy and which target parts of your body you wish to change.

Callanetics Exercises – Seeing Results in Hours Not Months

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May 252010

Callanetics exercises are an innovative and sometimes controversial exercise method to get fast body improvements. When Callan Pinckney started her Callenetics program she had no idea the impact it would make on so many lives.

Callanetics works very differently from other exercise programs. It is designed to isolate and focus the work deeply on individual muscles. This isolation allows you to get fast results from the muscle. The movements are not dramatic, but are tiny, strong, movements to get the muscles deeply involved.

Another benefit from Callanetics exercises is the low impact. You will never cause stress injuries or have high impact in a Callanetics class. While the tiny movements are not designed to work on cardiovascular fitness the overall health and strength of your muscles can give you cardio gains. Callan has developed a training program which does include a combination of Callanetics, low impact aerobics, and body alignment techniques to give you a complete workout.

With the Cardio-Callanetics Exercise routines you will improve your aerobic fitness, your flexibility, muscle strength, and tone. This is one of the most comprehensive exercise routines available. You can follow a course with either a DVD or by enrolling in a Callanetics class.

You need to be aware with this type of exercise it is very likely you will feel a little muscle soreness. The programs were designed to give you the same level of muscle conditioning in one hour of training as your get from 20 hours of an aerobics class. This kind of deep, intensive muscle training is at times going to cause you to have sore muscles. This is just a sign the exercises are working and you are getting the benefits.

Most programs which can promise gains in muscle strength, flexibility, and condition are not recommended for older people, or for people recovering from medical conditions. With the low impact nature of Callanetics exercises it is practiced by people of all ages, ranging from young children to people in their seventies. If you have been struggling with a body getting weaker, out of shape, and losing the mobility you want, Callanetics can help you regain your life. You will discover with the stretching and muscle strengthening you will get better balance, better body control, and feel more energetic.

Not every fitness center or gym offers Callanetics exercises. If you discover your gym does not offer callanetics you can pick up one of Callan’s books or videos to get yourself started. If you love the training and changes in your body as much as many people, you may choose to become an instructor yourself. Callanetics is not only an efficient exercise program, but is also a way of life. Once you have experienced the changes in your body it becomes hard to keep your mouth shut and not be telling everyone. Go ahead and spread the word. You will have more fun when you find a few people to enjoy your exercise passion with you.

Best Home Exercise Equipment – Do You Know The Best Equipment For Your Health?

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May 252010

What are your exercise goals? This is the first question you must answer before you can determine the best home exercise equipment for you and your family. Some of the members of your family may be dreaming of getting rid of fat. Other members may be dreaming of building massive muscles. Another person may just be thinking about how much fun it will be to play on the equipment. Get an idea of everyone’s goals before you start choosing your equipment. Here are some suggestions to help you make decisions.

An exercise bike is a great choice in home exercise equipment for anyone wanting to lose weight and increase their cardio fitness. It is easy to use, low impact, and very safe. It will help you build a little more leg muscle as you turn up the tension. With variable tension and the variations in speeds you can pedal you have a piece of equipment which can grow with you as your fitness improves. When you combine it with an upper body attachment you can get a full body workout.

A cross trainer is one of the most complete exercise machines. It is designed to work your body from top to bottom. You get a great aerobic workout which engages your arms, legs, and body. It is not designed to increase muscle mass, but will help you get lean quickly. Most cross trainers include variable tension, and you can vary your speed. It is another piece of equipment which will grow with your through your improvements.

Choosing a Bowflex, weight bench, or strength training apparatus is the choice for many of the guys in your home. They want to build muscle, get strong, and get fit. Do not overlook this as an entire family piece of equipment. You can all improve your bodies, lose fat, and look great working out with strength conditioning equipment. They are not as efficient in providing for cardio fitness, and usually are not selected as the best home exercise equipment for the entire family.

There is one innovative new entry on the market, which combines playing and exercise. The Nintendo Wii with the Wii Fit equipment can give you a great workout, loads of fun, and competition between family members. With an internet connection you can compete against other family member spread around the country. This piece of equipment is not the most efficient in any category except fun.

Do not overlook the importance of fun in choosing the best home exercise equipment for you and your family. As we all know, exercise equipment is often purchased and then left to gather dust. If the equipment is fun, enjoyable to use, and creates a little competition in the family you are more likely to use it on a daily basis. Discuss the different kinds of equipment with your family and then you are ready to make a choice of the best equipment for your home, and then let the fun begin.

Best Exercise For Love Handles

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May 252010

Do you have those wonderful little rolls on your side? The name love handles sounds so cute, but describes something we all want to get rid of quickly. The best exercise for love handles is answer you probably do not want to face. Are you ready?

Love handles, as you probably already know, are fat. They are excess fat which has accumulated in an area of your body you find very annoying and unattractive. The best exercise for love handles is not a spot exercise. It is not some magical cream, or vibrating belt. The best exercise is an aerobic-cardio workout to burn off the fat.

Have you been watching television and keep seeing advertisements trying to convince you their diet supplement, exercise machine, or video is going to get rid of love handles? The simple truth is unless you lose fat you will not get rid of the love handles. Now the secret is out, let us get down to the business of eliminating those love handles.

If you want to get rid of love handles quickly, make the decision to take a three direction approach. The first part of the program is to cut your calories a little bit. Do not worry about going on a killer diet, just cut back a little. If you have been maintaining a steady weight a little reduction will get you started losing weight slowly.

The second part of your program is to add some cardio exercise to your life. You can make the choice whether it is going to be fast walking, an exercise bike, an aerobics class, or maybe even a kick boxing aerobics course. Any program which brings your heart rate up, and gets you perspiring will work. This is the best exercise for love handles. This is the step which is going to get the fat burning off your body, and the love handles disappearing.

The third part of the program is your accelerator for losing love handles. If you really want to make dramatic changes to your body appearance, add some strength training to your program. Whether it comes in the form of lifting weights, or using body weight exercises like sit-ups and push-ups, this step will create dramatic changes in your appearance. It will help you slowly add lean muscle and burn more fat. Your body will become tighter, leaner, and firm. If you are going to exercise 6 days per week, rotate 3 days of cardio workouts and 3 days of strength training.

When you combine those three ingredients into your recipe to change your body the results are amazing. You will quickly learn the best exercise for love handles is actually a combination of the proper diet and exercise routines. You will not only lose the love handles, but you will create a body you enjoy looking at in the mirror. Think how much confidence you will have with your new body. Go ahead, flaunt it a little, you will have earned it.

Best Cardio Machine – Get Your Body In Shape With The Best Machine For You

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May 252010

What is the best cardio machine to get yourself in shape? Watch television for a few hours and you will be completely confused. You will see machines of all styles, all price ranges, and some which look completely insane, all claiming to be the best exercise machine. How do you choose?

When you start asking wealthy people what the best cardio machine is you will probably hear some of them talk about the ROM 4-Minute Cardio Machine. Unless you were preparing to spend fifteen to twenty thousand dollars for your home gym you are not going to want one of these machines. While they are highly effective, they simply are not the machine most of us will ever own. Most of us are happy if we can budget $500 to $1000 for a good quality machine, with many of us hoping to stay even lower. Do not worry you are not needing to spend thousands of dollars.

The next machines most of us look at are the families of treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, steppers, and rowing machines for the home. You can make arguments for each of these machines as being excellent for promoting cardiovascular health. The advantage in these machines will go to machines which work the upper and lower body together. This normally will lead you to rowing machines, exercise bikes with rowing attachments, and cross trainers. These machines can range in pricing from around one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It is not always the most expensive machines which are the best either. Set your budget and then shop for machines in those price ranges. You can find a great piece of exercise equipment in your range.

How do you choose the best cardio machine out of the group? It is actually quite easy. While certain machines are a little more efficient at giving you an excellent workout, it is not the primary item you must look at. Take a look at the different machines, watch a video of them in use, and then picture yourself using each one. Can you picture yourself going down to floor level to use a rowing machine day after day? Are you going to enjoy riding an exercise bike for months? Choose the machine you feel most confident you are going to use consistently. Take into consideration other activities you wish to do while exercising. Do you want to watch a movie, read a book, or talk on the phone while you exercise? By choosing a machine which matches your interests and habits you are more likely to consistently use it.

There is the real answer to choosing the best cardio machine. Get one you will use consistently, then do it. When you workout daily you can make dramatic changes to your body. Your metabolism goes up, you start burning more fat, your energy levels spike. You will feel like a completely new person when you exercise regularly.

Beginner Cardio – What Every Beginner in Cardio Workouts Needs To Know

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May 252010

Are you out of shape and ready to get your cardiovascular system in shape? Every beginner cardio exerciser needs to do a little thinking, goal setting, and planning before they get started.

One of the big hurdles many beginning exercisers run into is trying to do too much, too soon. You have looked in the mirror and decided you are not going to look like this anymore. You chose an exercise program. You are highly motivated. Your first day you push yourself to the limit and feel really proud of yourself. Then you lay down in bed, a cramp crushes your calf muscle. You struggle through getting it stretched out and fall asleep. In the morning you wake up and your body aches. You crawl out of bed and choose to skip today’s workout. You are in trouble with your plan, right now.

A beginner cardio program should start you off slowly. If you have decided to jog as your chosen exercise try this plan. Once you are dressed and have stepped outside, take five minutes to stretch your muscles gently. Make sure to stretch your hamstrings and your calf muscles. Take off on a very fast walk for the first quarter mile to get your body completely warmed up. Now you can break into a gentle jog. Make sure you keep your speed at a level where you can still hold a conversation with effort. You should not be able to talk easily, nor should it be impossible to talk. Jog for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes drop back down to a fast walk, staying at that pace for 5 to 10 minutes. This allows cool down time. When you are back at home after the cool down, stretch again.

This cycle will work great for any kind of exercise program. The critical parts are to warm-up and cool-down properly. Stretching is critical to help avoid cramps and excessive sore muscles. Make sure before and following your workout you have plenty of water. Drink water throughout the day to make sure you are staying fully hydrated. Dehydration is a major cause of cramps. Plan on exercising only every other day for the first two weeks.

Since you are going to have a little slower start to your cardio exercise than you may have been thinking about, you will need to adjust your goals. You do not want to become disappointed. Setting goals is an important portion of staying motivated, so do not neglect to have them.

After two weeks of following this beginner cardio plan you can start stepping up to training 5 to 6 days per week. You can step up the intensity, too. The critical thing is to watch your results closely. If you start getting excessive sore muscles and cramps slow down slightly and build up gradually. By having a less aggressive start to your workout program you will stick with it for the long term, where the real benefits happen. You are on the road to success.