Training for a Marathon

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Jul 192014


Participating in a marathon takes a lot of dedication. But there benefits to running the 26.2 mile trek: confidence to deal with life’s problems; camaraderie with an elite group of runners; solid fitness levels; and, naturally, a real source of pride.

To avoid injury, you have to plan to complete the marathon. This article is a basic guideline for people who are already in basic shape. If you think you’re active and are confident you can handle a marathon, please keep reading, although this article is written for someone who is not a regular runner.


There are a few things you need before you get started: good shoes (going to a running specialty store for a proper fitting is a great idea), comfortable clothes (dry-fit materials work best), and a good runner’s watch.

First, you need to establish a solid running base. Start by running ten to twenty miles weekly, beginning with low mileage runs (two to five miles, two or three times weekly), then slowly increasing your overall weekly mileage. Eventually you should add one run of eight to twelve miles every week. The entire process should take place over the course of a few months


Speed should not be a concern. Your focus should be on form, comfort, and racking up the miles. Don’t overexert at this time, either. Rest between running days is very important. You should rest even longer if anything feels out of the ordinary.

This training period is a good time to read about running and decide which marathon you are going to complete first. There are many training programs available. Many free ones can be found online. There are also training apps available for smart phones.

The important thing to remember is this will not be an overnight project. Twelve to eighteen weeks (and maybe even longer) of training are needed to complete a marathon. But, with proper training and a positive mental attitude, you will be able to finish your first marathon.

Benefits of Fitness Boot Camp

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May 302014


If you are a current or former member of the military (thank you for your service!), the term “boot camp” may cause you a little uneasiness. However, fitness boot camps are one of the latest fitness crazes. They help you establish a healthy lifestyle while giving you rigorous work out. Here are five ways fitness boot camp will assist you in obtaining your health goals: 

1. Fast Results – An organized, one hour boot camp fitness session will help you burn up to 900 calories. They include exercises such as calisthenics, cardio circuits, plyometrics, resistance training, and endurance events. This condensed workout will provide benefits much quicker than many other exercise classes offered at a gym.


2. High-Intensity Workouts – Many people don’t have the willpower to reach their physical potential while exercising. Fitness boot camp instructors will force you to go harder and execute better than you would without someone pushing you. This helps you reach your goals of weight loss, firmer muscles, improved cardiovascular system and others very quickly!  

3. Built-in Support – There is a natural bond created when people endure a demanding time with others. Just like in military basic training, a sense of camaraderie is born within the team. This helps motivate you to complete your workouts while creating accountability among the group members.


4. Lower Costs – The instructor’s fee is split amongst everyone in the group. You get the same positives of having your own trainer at a considerably smaller cost.

5. It’s Fun and Exciting!  The friendships, passion, and various physical routines of a fitness boot camp class help create a more agreeable atmosphere than more-conventional programs. It helps you get out of the mundane routine many fitness enthusiasts get mired in. Fitness boot camps help reinvigorate your desire to get healthy by offering a change of pace to your normal workout regimen.

Increase Your Workout Intesity For Maximum Weight Loss

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May 132014


You have probably heard the term “quality time” before. Well, it also applies to exercising. Intensifying your training can assist you to make your weight loss goals faster while also reducing the length of your exercise periods. A truly intense session can give you great results in less than half an hour, but you have to get that heart beating.

Most people don’t realize that the intensity of a workout is important. An intense 25 minute workout can do more to help you than a slow one hour one, especially if there are lots of rest breaks in that hour. Low intensity with their exercising is one reason why many people don’t lose weight as quickly as they want.


It’s simple for your mind to wander while you are exercising. This is the only time many people get to spend by themselves during most days. While it’s good to find that level of relaxation, if it starts to affect your workout, you might need to get zeroed back in.

There are several things you can do to stay on track. Find an exercise partner or even hire a professional trainer. If there is someone by your side, you will be less likely to ease off your training. Another solution is an MP3 player with a workout playlist. This list should include fast moving songs to help you keep up the pace.


The whole key to weight loss is burning more calories than you are consuming. Just to lose one pound a week, you need to average reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day, whether it’s through additional exercise or reducing your eating. Using an intense workout routine can go a long ways towards helping you reach this goal and melting off those unwanted pounds.

What Are the Health Benefits of Snowboarding?

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May 082014


Whether you’ve got a snow-capped mountains near you or not, snowboarding is becoming an increasingly popular action sport wherever you are. Most major cities now have an indoor slope with either real or fake snow, and there are also a lot of outdoor areas covered with a snow-like surface. If you’re looking for a new way of getting fit that doesn’t involve the gym or running, then this could well be for you.

The first thing that you’ll notice about snowboarding is that it is a cardio-intensive workout. You’ll get hot, sweaty and burn a lot of calories. It’s not uncommon to be burning 4-600 calories each hour you’re on a board, so this is an ideal activity for those looking to get really fit or to lose weight. Although it looks like your legs are staying still, they actually have a lot of work to do when carrying you down a slope, so don’t underestimate the fitness levels that are required to be a truly great snowboarder.


It’s not all about cardio though – as an action sport, snowboarding involves a lot of strenuous physical movement, which means that it’s great for giving the muscles a workout. Although it might not seem like it at first, you actually use all of the major muscle groups, and can easily build core strength.

All of your leg muscles are used to ride, steer and absorb impact, including your little-used ankle muscles. Your arms and shoulders also get a good workout because you’ll be constantly using them to keep your balance and push yourself up when you inevitably fall.

Finally, working all of these different muscles means that you’ll improve your flexibility and the health of your joints. Constant twisting and moving is natural when snowboarding, so you’ll become a lot suppler, and your balance will get better too, provided you learn properly, and don’t do yourself an injury by falling or twisting awkwardly.


Learning to snowboard doesn’t require any prerequisite skills, so you can take yourself down to just about any slope and start learning and getting fitter right away. You can rent most of the equipment that you’ll need from most slopes, but for maximum comfort and to get the best out of exercise, it’s always better to buy your own gear that fits you perfectly and does what you need it to do. High Octane Sport have got a great range of clothes for boarders of all ages.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get fit, and want an exciting way of doing it, then get online and search for slopes and beginner classes near you.

Homemade Flat Abs

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May 062014


There is a famous quote that says “Charity begins at home.” There are many programs on the internet which say they will give you great abs. If you want those “six pack” abs, the easiest place to look is in your home.

Here three simple things you should do at home that can lead to those six pack abs:

1. Look in your kitchen

Good recipes get good results. The secret of getting flat abs is reducing your body fat by at least ten percent. Your meals should regularly include high quality protein along with mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Mono- and polyunsaturated fats are found in olive oil, fish oil, nuts, avocados, and coconut milk to name just a few.

You will get high quality protein in various milks as well as in chicken, fish and tofu. High quality protein helps build up muscles along with helping you feel fuller after eating. Unsaturated fats help your insulin levels remain steady so your body will burn fat throughout the day.


2. Eat healthy food

There is nothing wrong with eating tasty food. But, there’s nothing wrong with eating tasty food that is healthy, too. It’s as easy as making a few simple modifications to your diet. For example, eat whole grain breads instead of white breads.

Avoid white sugar or artificial sweeteners while increasing your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from sodas (even diet sodas) and drink water instead. If you can’t completely do away with any of these, reducing how much you take in can be beneficial, too.


3, Create an exercise program

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand to creating flat, healthy abs. Exercise is needed to burn down stomach fat. Resistance weight training exercises help to flatten abs by burning fat calories while building up muscle tone. These exercises are better (and less painful) than the old fashioned crunches, sit-ups, etc.

Getting and keeping flat abs is not an easy task. However, if you create an intense resistance weight training program along with maintaining a healthy diet, you should see fantastic results.

Why Cricket is a Great Fitness Sport

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Apr 292014


It may seem unlikely but cricket is one of the best sports to participate in if you want to increase your fitness levels and improve your overall health. A typical match makes use of many muscles that are otherwise neglected in most other basic forms of fitness such as jogging or cycling and can even give you a sharper focus on your fitness patterns in general. Here are some top reasons why cricket provides such a great way to stay in shape.

Great for Upper body strength

In a game of cricket, the majority of physical strain and activity occurs in the upper body and specifically in the forearms and shoulders of both the batsmen and bowler. The bowler wields an extraordinary amount of arm power over the course of a match (which can sometimes last between one and two hours). The arm power and upper body strength used by the batsmen is even more demanding since the ball must be struck hard enough to be projected to a far distance.


Improves Hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is an essential skill in sport and plays an integral role in our ability to perform in everyday life and cricket just so happens to be one of the greatest exponents of this.

Cricket’s main aim is essentially to keep the ball in play by means of precise catching, throwing and striking of the ball. Each and every player in a cricket team, including linesman and those who are not in immediate play, will develop a heightened sense of hand-eye coordination which teaches the importance of precision and discipline in every area of your active life.


Strengthens Cardiac muscles

Exercise eases tension and stress and one of the worst areas to be affected by stress is the cardiovascular system. Thankfully, the many versatile movements in a game of cricket help to ensure that one of your most vital organs is strengthened, preventing your chances of heart disease and other cardio-vascular complaints.

The constant sprinting and extended stretching of the forearms during play works many of your core muscle groups simultaneously, allowing you to become more flexible and agile as a result. In short, the workout given to your cardiac muscles during a typical game is the equivalent of doing fifty or more squats or push-ups.

Cricket clearly provides many great health and fitness benefits to players, as well as being a fun and spirited sport to play. It’s worth remembering that cricket is not without its risks, however, whether played casually or in a more competitive environment. Always put your safety first during a game to reap the fitness benefits by wearing the appropriate gear from a quality supplier of cricket equipment.

How to Find Your Perfect Fitness Regime and Stick to It

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Apr 292014


From gyms and social classes to sports, there are so many ways to keep fit and choosing one that works for you can seem impossible when you’re first starting out. If you’re keen to get fit and healthy but aren’t sure where to start, the following tips should help to give you a better idea of the best fitness routine for you.

Use your initial motivation for inspiration

Try basing your exercise regime around your motivation for wanting to get fit in the first place. Are you aiming to rid yourself of work-related anxiety or general stress? Do you want a slimmer figure in time for summer or for your wedding? If any of these apply to you, ideas for a fitness routine will start to fall into place since specific exercises can be attributed to things like getting a bikini figure or limiting stress etc.


If you don’t have a specific reason for wanting to start a fitness regime other than to stay healthy and agile, it may be a good idea to get a personal trainer. In just a handful of sessions, you may be able to figure out your fitness niche and begin to form a regular routine based upon what you enjoyed most in training.

Do what you can with your resources

Not everyone will be lucky enough to have a gym or fitness centre on their doorstep so if this is the case, do what you can to keep fit with the amenities that are available to you. Arrange to go jogging socially with a friend once or twice a week, take up indoor exercises such as yoga or Pilates or maybe consider taking up an active hobby that you can keep to on your own throughout the week such as cycling or running on a morning and evening.


As aforementioned, a hobby can be an effective way to keep to a regular exercise routine as it promotes wellbeing by releasing tensions and endorphins on a regular basis, motivating you to go further with your fitness.

An enjoyable and active hobby besides swimming or cross-country running is cycling since it can provide a full body workout in a relaxed setting and save you considerable money on gym memberships too. Quality bike manufacturers such as Fatbirds stock a wide range of brand bikes to get any fit phobic started and give them the inspiration to stick to it.

Apr 112014


Are you like so many other people and on a tight budget? You start looking at fitness centers and it seems you must make a choice between great equipment and facilities or low price. Fitness 19 has a motto which says “Where You Can Afford to Get Fit”. This is a motto they take seriously.

The problem with many fitness centers which adopt a budget slogan or motto is it shows up in the quality of their facilities and equipment. You walk in the door and the equipment might look old or not well maintained. Their building may look run down and is in a bad part of town. With Fitness 19 their motto of keeping prices affordable are teamed with providing the best quality equipment and facilities possible.


Getting Strong on a Budget At Fitness 19

One of the most impressive areas in Fitness 19 facilities is their free weights area. You will see rows of chromed weight sets, dumbbells of all weights, barbells, power racks, benches, and every piece of equipment you can imagine.

The free weight areas are designed to satisfy the needs of almost any level of person. The benches, Smith machines, and power racks are all high-grade designed to withstand the abuse a power-lifter, bodybuilder, or strength athlete can throw at them.

The area is setup to be easy for someone new to using free weights to get started, too. The trainers are ready to walk new members through a variety of exercises and instruct them in the use of the weight machines.


Keeping Money in Your Pocket While Getting Aerobically Fit

Obviously there are many people who have no interest in free weights. Fitness 19 is packed with the latest technology in aerobic fitness equipment, too. Fitness 19 has selected the top quality Life Fitness cardio equipment for their facilities. This equipment is designed to give exercisers high comfort, high adaptability, and a challenging workout. You will enjoy the brushed metal look of the equipment which works flawlessly every single workout.

The fitness centers have elliptical, exercise bikes, treadmills, stair climbers, and cross trainers. To get the best quality workouts and levels of fitness the trainers often recommend rotating equipment on a regular basis to avoid stagnation and plateaus in your fitness level.


Strength Training Machines

You may want to get stronger but dislike the idea of using free weights. Fitness 19 installs a variety of Life Fitness and Strength MTS brand equipment in their facilities for you to get strong, powerful, and fit without the need of touching free weights. This equipment gives you a higher degree of safety with excellent range of motion.

Fitness 19 has one other feature which amazes first time visitors. They are staffed with qualified, highly trained personal trainers. You will not feel like you have been thrown into the middle of an exercise paradise but with no idea of how to use it. The trainers are ready to work with in on an initial consultation or to guide you through every workout. Whatever your needs you can be sure Fitness 19 will give you an affordable option you can live with.

Mar 162014


Are you looking for a gym? If the answer is yes, here are a few things you should think about when deciding which gym to join:

1. Location

You should try to join one close to your home or office. You are much more likely to stop there when you already pass it every day. Conversely, if you have to go out of your way to get there, you are much more likely to put it off.

2. Budget

What fee fits into your budget best? While staying healthy is imperative, it shouldn’t break your bank account, either. There are health clubs for just about every budget out there.


3. The Equipment

Most gyms will let you look around before joining. Pay attention to what it has to offer (and not just the scenery) while you are walking around. Does it have the machines you are looking for? What kind of free weights does it have? Does it look like you may have to stand around waiting for your favorite machine a lot?

4. Cleanliness

No one wants to work out in a dirty facility. How clean in the place in general? Does it look like they keep the showers clean? Is there enough room or does it feel crowded? What kind of safety precautions are around?


5. Attitude

Your workout is always more enjoyable and effective when the staff makes you feel like you belong there. Talk to the workers to get a feel for them. Pay attention to how they interact with current customers. If they speak to just about everyone while you are walking around, chances are they are pretty friendly. It can’t hurt to talk to some of the current patrons while you are walking around, either.

These are probably the most important things when picking a place to spend your money to work out. You probably have some other things you will look for, too. It is important to find a place you will enjoy going to so you will actually use that membership.

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Jan 192014


When done right, boxing is one of the best exercises around. Getting the proper boxing bag is an imperative part of doing it right. Speed, heavy and double end bags are just a few of the options available for you.

Speed bags are the fast-moving ones you see extending from an overhang. They work on your reflexes, speed and agility. The overhang is generally installed on a stand or the wall. It takes a lot of work to get the timing down on hitting those little things. But, once you do, your reflexes and speed of your punches will definitely improve.


A heavy bag helps you improve the power in your punches. They generally hang from the ceiling and are fairly beefy, weighing anywhere between 25 and 150 pounds. They are usually sand, sawdust or any other number of fillers surrounded by a vinyl or leather bag. While the leather bags are pricier, they do last longer than the vinyl ones.

The double end bag has elastic bands which are attached to the bottom and top of the bag. The other ends of the bands are attached to the floor and ceiling. They are available in speed bag and heavy bag sizes. This bag helps you with your speed, agility and ability to aim. It also bounces back towards you so you get to work on your blocking and dodging skills at the same time.


Boxing provides a great cardio workout while toning your muscles at the same time. You can perform these exercises even if you never step into the squared circle to get hit upside your head. Using any of these three bags will give you an excellent workout. Other types of bags are available, but these will cover all the basics for you.

Casual Sportswear – Working Your Favourite Sportswear into your Every-Day Outfits

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Jan 032014


We all like to feel comfortable, but we also like to look presentable, especially during occasions that call for it. Finding the right balance between function and fashion, comfort and class, can be an absolute nightmare, especially if (like myself) you have about as much natural fashion sense as an otter. There is a compromise to be made though, and once you find it, you’ll never have to worry about whether to go ‘smart’, ‘casual’ or ‘smart-casual’ again.

Here we’ll be taking the example of sportswear, the most perplexing of attire in that it is inordinately expensive and yet is still seen somehow as ‘casual’ wear that is often snubbed by all but the most reprehensible restaurants. The great thing about sportswear (and the primary reason men enjoy wearing it so much) is that it’s generally just so damn comfortable!

Of course, this is not by accident, but by design, as the initial idea behind any piece of sports attire is for it to be worn whilst playing sport. When you’re running around and working up a sweat, comfort is paramount, less so when you’re sitting down at a nice restaurant or are heading out to sip cocktails at a fancy wine bar.

Below are four nifty little tricks I’ve picked up over the years that allow you to look stylish whilst feeling as comfortable as if you’re lounging around in your pyjamas.


If it’s underneath a blazer, anything looks posh. Football shirts, hockey jerseys, custom basketball uniforms and even branded ‘performance’ t-shirts can look suave if offset by a classy, dark blazer. The blazer has always been synonymous with high-class and high fashion, and if you’re wearing one, people might be able to look past the less desirable (but obscenely comfortable) aspects of your overall outfit.


How many times have you not been let into a club or restaurant because of your shoes? Let’s be honest here, trainers are not only far more comfortable than ‘conventional’ shoes but they are so much more convenient to slip into and require none of the polishing and scrubbing that makes wearing a pair of ‘smart’ shoes such a colossal pain.

There is a middle ground though. Converse trainers might essentially still be just that (trainers), but they are trainers that don’t really look like trainers so as long as you’re careful, you should have no problem making it past that velvet rope. If you’re still feeling a little cagey, try wearing longer trousers to cover them up and sticking to black shoes where possible.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are not only incredibly comfortable, but they can look deceptively smart. Considering you can purchase a good looking polo shirt for less than you’d pay for a pair of good socks, you’d be seriously mad to overlook them. Branding is not particularly necessary, but a smart logo in the top-left of the shirt (regardless of the name) always makes it look that extra bit more ‘genuine’.

Polo shirts are also incredibly flexible when it comes to what they can be worn with. For example, they will go with both smart jeans and cotton trousers and when paired with a smart jacket or blazer the results can be astonishing.



Now this is where things start to get a little trickier. Have you ever tried to get into a posh club or bar in a tracksuit? You’ll be turned away with all the passive distain of a vagrant, (in fact; it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that you might have been mistaken for one).

They are undeniably comfortable though so why wouldn’t you want to go clubbing in them? The key here is distraction. It’s almost impossible to hide a pair of tracksuit bottoms completely, but you can distract attention a number of ways. First off, steer well clear of tracksuit bottoms with stripes or symbols, keep it plain, simple and dark. Also, make sure you’re wearing a smart jacket and smart shoes.

Finally, you might even want to consider wearing a belt (purely for show). This might seem like a lot of work, but believe me, the sense of achievement you’ll get walking up to the bar in a pair of tracksuit bottoms without batting an eyelid will be more than worth it, and the comfort? Don’t even mention it!


Another tricky one this as it’s almost impossible for most men to wear a gilet without looking like an aggressive dock worker. Again though, the key is in keeping it as simple and plain as possible. Stay away from garish, brash, obvious bands such as ‘Adidas’ and ‘Nike’ and instead try less well known (and cheaper) alternatives such as ‘Mckenzie’ and ‘Brookhaven’. Not only will you be saving a small fortune on the more famous brands but they generally look more ‘formal’.

Alan Rosinski likes to blog about clothing and how to stay comfortable in your daily life.

Biking – A Great Hobby For Young and Old

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Dec 202013

No matter how old you are, biking is fun and healthy for everyone. There are bikes to suit just about anyone’s needs and desires. There are bikes for road racing, off-road racing, trail riding, and pleasure riding just to name a few.

Today there are as many bikes to choose from as you can imagine. Most bicycle shops can help you choose which one will suit your needs. They will ask you a series of questions to get a good idea how you want to use it. After you provide the answers, they will suggest the bike for you.

The old-fashioned 10 speed bikes are still available. But most multi-speed bikes today have over twenty gears to choose from, even mountain bikes. There are even hybrid bicycles which are a mixture of mountain bikes and comfort bikes. These can be ridden casually on a paved road or aggressively on a mountain bike trail.


Bicycles are also available in just about any material you can imagine. You can find them made out of everything from aluminum to space-aged, high-quality alloys. Of course, as the technology increases, the price does, too.

Many people (especially those of certain generations) will pay more for a bike nowadays than they did for their first car! But, if you are going to ride it hard, the extra price might be worth it.

Being fun is not the only benefit of bicycling. It is also good for you. Typically, you will burn over 400 calories in one hour of riding. And, this is just on a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood. This increases significantly if you are racing or trail riding. It will also keep your leg muscles toned and improve your blood circulation.


These are all great reasons to get a bike and ride. You can do it alone or have some quality time with your family or friends. So, what are you waiting for? Get a bike and pedal away!

Motivating Your Fat Kid to Fitness

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Dec 192013

fat-kid-fitnessAre you the parent of a fat kid? You know it is not healthy for them but you might be struggling to get them motivated to exercise or to change their eating habits. There are a few hard truths you are going to have to face.

The Facts about Fat Kids You Are Avoiding

You are probably going to protest these facts are not based in reality, but instead of arguing listen to your heart for a moment. Here are a few items you must consider:

  • Parents have far greater control of their child’s eating than they like to admit.
  • Some children will only exercise when taught by example.
  • The child is not to blame.
  • Snacks MUST be removed from the home.
  • Whining and crying are not reasons to eat.

It is amazing to visit a grocery store and watch the parents of a fat child walk up and down the aisles with filling their cart with sweet snacks, chips, soda, and other non-nutritious foods. If you are guilty of this then ask yourself who is to blame for your child being fat?

Go through your home and look in the refrigerator and cupboards. Are the snacks and foods you see going to help your fat child become healthy or remain fat? Give away the foods which provide no nutritional value and replace them with healthy alternatives. As a few examples of logical swaps:

  • Potato Chips – Unbuttered Popcorn
  • Candy – Fresh Fruits
  • Ice Cream – Low Fat Low Sugar Yogurt
  • Soda – Water, Unsweetened Ice Tea (Try to avoid using diet soda.)
  • Sweetened Breakfast Cereals – Whole grain cereals and fresh fruit
  • Whole Milk – Skim Milk

By making simple logical changes you can start helping your child to lose weight and improve the health of everyone in your family. They will fuss, complain, whine, and possibly cry. You must be strong while they adjust.

Exercise is the Catalyst to Creating a Healthy Child

You may exercise regularly at a fitness center or in your home gym, but do you engage your child in the same activities? When you exercise hidden away from your child you are not setting the example they desperately need to see. If you do not exercise, it is time to start to give them an example. Choose an activity they can accompany you on. It might be cycling, walking, hiking, or even a kickboxing aerobics class. Try to choose an activity which will peak their interest and then join them. You can inspire your child to start exercising.

If your child is resistant to traditional exercise then you need to start participating in outdoor activities with them which seem like play. Basketball, playing with a Frisbee, games of tag, swimming, and other activities which get them moving, laughing, and having fun will help them to start getting fitter and losing weight.

The hardest part of being a parent of a fat kid is taking responsibility. You must lead them and guide them to change. It may not always be easy, but it is the best gift you will ever provide them.

What You Need to Know About Clothing for Dance and Exercise

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Dec 132013

clothing-for-dance-exerciseMaintaining focus and attention is one of the important things to keep in mind when exercising or engaging in any physical activity. Whether you are dancing, playing a team sport, or training on your own a lapse in attention can really break your stride. You can keep your head in the game with the help of the right clothing. Picking the right clothing for athletic activities, in particular dance or other aerobic exercise, is necessary for success and improvement. There are many options and each is best suited to a particular use. As you will see, a unitard is just the beginning.

Know what the fiber content means

Athletic clothing is almost always made of cotton, polyester, or a blend of cotton and polyester.

Cotton is a very comfortable fiber to wear and allows the garment to breathe; air can circulate easily and keep the wearer cool and comfortable. Cotton is also very durable and is the perfect wash-and-wear fabric. However, cotton is likely to shrink when exposed to high temperatures during washing and drying. That favorite shirt may not fit correctly after a year or so.

Polyester is used for athletic pants, jerseys, and other pieces of outerwear. It does not breathe and so can be too warm to wear next to the skin. It is cheap and easy to clean so it is a good option for sports gear. It will not shrink though some people do not like the feel of polyester. It also has a tendency to absorb smells; frequent washing may be necessary.

Cotton-poly blends combine the best of both worlds. You are likely to find t-shirts, socks, sweat pants, and other exercise fundamentals made of cotton-poly blends. Clothing made from a blend will resist shrinking and allow for cooling air circulation, too.

Close fitting or loose clothing?

Running, weight lifting, and most team sports can be comfortably engaged in while wearing fairly loose clothing. This allows for maximum range of motion without impediment. Loose clothing can also draw sweat away from the body, allowing you to feel cooler even when you’re working hard.

Though loose fitting clothing is often thought of as more comfortable, some activities are easier to do when wearing something that fits close to the body. Dance in particular requires a close fitting body suit or long sleeve unitard. This allows the dancer to see exactly what their body is doing. The instructor can provide more detailed input when the body is visible and not hidden under a loose shirt. Dance-appropriate tights provide a degree of support to the legs that cannot be achieved any other way. Without close fitting clothing, dance training is not as effective or as straightforward.

Cycling is another activity that can require close fitting clothing. Even though you could wear just about any everyday outfit to ride a bike, people in training for a triathlon or bike race rely on close fitting clothing that has been specially designed for cycling. These garments help keep cyclists comfortable and focused.

The clothes you wear help prepare you for the activities you wish to engage in. This is especially true when it comes to exercise, dance, training, or playing a sport. By selecting the right clothing you will be preparing yourself for a more enjoyable fitness experience.

Increase Your Zest for Living with GoodLife Fitness

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Dec 122013

good-life-fitnessGoodLife Fitness has become the largest fitness group in Canada because of passion. Their prices are not guaranteed to be the lowest. You might find a facility with more equipment, better parking, or some other little item you like. What you will not find at other fitness centers is the passion for teaching and fitness which is found in every trainer and employee at the GoodLife Fitness centers.

Passion for Fitness is Demonstrated in the GoodLife Classes

GoodLife has a series of exciting and life enriching classes they offer at all of their facilities across Canada. A few of the classes you might be interested in include:

  • BodyPump
  • CXWorx
  • BodyVive
  • Zumba Toning
  • BodyFlow

This is just a sample of all the intriguing classes and exercise groups offered by GoodLife Fitness. To understand why Canadians prefer GoodLife requires a little closer look at some of these courses.

BodyPump Getting Fit and Strong at the Same Time

BodyPump is one of the innovative classes offered by Goodlife. It utilizes a barbell for resistance paired with challenging exercises, fast paced music, and choreographed programs to make a weight lifting circuit training exercise plan which will increase your strength and cardio fitness rapidly. In a 60 minute class you burn over 600 calories.

CXWorx Develops a Flexible Powerful Core

The CXWorx is a system designed by Les Mills to focus on your mid-body core. You develop powerful abs, buttocks, lower back, and other core body muscles. The workout is only 30 minutes long but is very intensive. It is a great workout for people not seeking to develop massive muscle size but wish to develop core strength.

BodyVive Is THE Workout to Overcome Exercise Burnout

If you struggle staying interested in your workouts you must give GoodLife Fitness BodyVive a try. It is a fast paced lower impact aerobic class with a twist. It uses a combination of balls and tubes, along with your own bodyweight, to create a fun filled workout which seems to always be changing. The music will inspire you to push harder. Since it is a low-impact exercise class it is ideally suited for pregnant women, new mothers, people recovering from minor injuries, seniors, and anyone not wishing to take a pounding during their workout. It increases core strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. Of course the best feature is the fun.

Smiles are Mandatory with Zumba Fitness

One of the most interesting group exercise classes at GoodLife Fitness is the Zumba Fitness. You will have a hard time getting rid of your smile even as the sweat drips from your body. You will be dancing and exercising to hot music from around the world. The mixture of rhythms and moves will have you constantly smiling and looking forward to your next class.

GoodLife Fitness did not become Canada’s premier fitness centers by accident. They give clients exactly what they want. They get fun, fit, and high quality all for a reasonable price. While they may not always be the cheapest in town, you can be sure they will be the best experience in town.

Running in Style

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Dec 112013


Staying Fit, Warm, and Active Tips for Women
Running is one the greatest ways to both lose weight and feel great. For most women, though, maintaining their fashion sense while out on a jog is important. They want to look good while feeling good. Here’s a list of tips provided by SweatVac Performace Wear that will help you assemble a trendy running wardrobe. 


Finding a pair of running shoes that fit right and are comfortable is one of the most important elements in any woman’s running kits. Instead of saving a few dollars shopping online, pay the in-store premium by visiting a specialty running shoes shop. These stores have great specialists on staff that will assist you in finding a pair of shoes that fit your running style, offer a cushiony ride, and fall within your budget.


The perfect running hat for the fashionable woman is one that has an adjustable (one size fits all) loop or snap back-strap, so the hat can easily be maneuvered around a ponytail or bun. Make sure, too, that the hat is made of high visibility fabric, and has hits of 3M scotchlite fabric that will reflect off of car headlights. Many companies manufacture hats that have trendy colors – neon pink, neon green, and bright yellow are the most popular.

Comfort Tanks

The key to a good comfort tank is in the fabric. specifically, find a tank that is made of a lightweight, loose-fitting fabric like polyester interspersed with heavy swatches of mesh and vent panels to keep moisture from soaking your shirt. Another necessity in a comfortable tank top is an internal bra that will keep things modest, encapsulated, and sweat-free during your run. Choose a tank with 3M reflective panels to give your outfit a sleeker, safer, and aggressive look.

Running Tees

Finding the perfect fashionable running tee is a lot like looking for the ideal tank top. Look for light, moisture-wicking fabrics, preferably made of polyester and mesh. Another important characteristic of a comfortable tee are flat seams, which will eliminate rubiing and chaffing. 

Many top-of-the-line tees on the market today have an internal loop system that allows you to tuck your headphone cords inside your shirt so that they do not get accidentally caught up in your jogging motion. Nearly every woman’s activewear brand also includes reflective strips on their shirts. Seek these out because they will give you a bit of safety with your style.

Running in the Winter

Depending on your region, finding trendy, comfortable, and warm clothes for wintertime running is imperative. Winter running, with its below freezing temperatures, brisk winds, and snow-covered running paths, is a completely different experience than running on a sun-soaked August afternoon.

Essential wintery clothing items for any trendy lady include a pair of skin-tight, moisture-wicking leggings that will keep you warm and the sweat level low at the same time. Find a pair that fits snugly and does not ride up your ankles or down your waist. If you can, purchase a pair that is made of thermal fabric. thermal fabric will give you some added warmth on those super-cold February mornings. 

You should also consider investing in a winter hat (or a pair of athletic earmuffs). Running in winter is all about maintaining a comfortable level of warmth, and you lose more heat from your head while exercising than any other part of your body. A hat that is properly insulated goes a long way in keeping you warm. 

SweatVac Performance Wear is an online-shopping site for athetic apparel. To learn more about the SweatVac Guarantee, you can connect with them on Facebook.

How Can You Prevent Your Bike From Being Stolen?

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Dec 032013

prevent-bike-stolenBicycling is undeniably an eco-friendly and healthy way to go places, but it can be harmful to your bottom line. According to Nesta research, bicycles are more susceptible to theft than automobiles; the rise of online auction and classified sites makes it easier than ever to sell the stolen goods. To hang onto your bike, follow the tips listed below.

Lock it up–Always

Locking your bike to something such as a gate, grille or fence will reduce the chance of theft. Don’t lock your bike to a chain-link fence, as they are easily cut or snipped. Try to lock it through the frame instead of the tire; many public areas have bike racks available for use if you can’t find another suitable location. Always lock up in a public, well lit area, and abide by parking rules and restrictions.

Make your Bike Less of a Target

If you’re leaving your bike unlocked and outside, consider adding locking nuts or antitheft spindles. If you can’t do that, remove the seat or front wheel (on models equipped with quick release). Many cyclists choose to remove accessories such as lights and panniers if they’re leaving their bikes outside for a time.

Register Your Bike

By registering your bicycle’s serial number with local authorities, you’ll have proof of ownership if it’s recovered after theft. Registration helps retailers and police identify when/if stolen bicycles are being resold; there are some websites that allow you to register your bike for free, and which are connected to police databases.

Buy a Good Lock

A proficient bike thief can get through a cheap lock in seconds, so it pays to buy the best lock you can afford. For the most protection, use more than one kind of lock to secure your frame and wheels. Good locks are often heavy, but make up for it in terms of protection.

Lock it up, Even at Home

A bicycle can be stolen from your home, and you should always lock it up even when it’s in your apartment, garage or residence hall. Keep it away from open doors and windows, as it could prove tempting to a potential bike thief or burglar. You may think that because your bike is on your property, it’s safe, but thieves don’t respect property rights. An unattended bike is all the incentive some need to break into your home–lock it up at all times.

Ride a Cheaper Bike

If you ride in the city, or must leave it outdoors in high-crime areas, consider riding an old ‘beater’ bike. This bike doesn’t have to be beat-up–just an older, less-expensive bike in good shape. Some riders are reluctant to do this; after all, they’re riding for pleasure, and the thought of riding an old, clunky bike isn’t all that appealing. If you don’t want to ride an old bike everywhere you go, lock it up as well as you can, and accept that there’s always a risk that it will be stolen.

These great tips come from Amy Elliott and the team at 50 Cycles. 50 Cycles are passionate about cycling and all aspects of the cycling lifestyle and believe that preventing cycle theft can be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

A Gateway to a Healthier You

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Nov 292013


Are you sick to your back teeth of feeling bloated, sluggish and worn out? Modern day lifestyles mean that many of us suffer with a lack of energy and drive. This is simply due to all the toxins our bodies absorb through poor diets and our polluted lifestyles.  The good news is that as we are becoming educated and learning what’s good for us and what’s bad, we can begin to make the required changes to feel and look better than ever. It’s time to give up the bad things in life and concentrate on the good, and here’s how.

Fresh, Organic and Full of Goodness

Over the years food producers and marketers have been trying to save us time. They have worked to do this by providing us with foods that are processed. They can be stored for longer and cooked within a few minutes by putting them in the oven or microwave – whole meals can be cooked at once. Yes it’s easier, but it’s also very bad for you. You aren’t getting the goodness of the food, you’re eating too much sugar, salt fat and you’re eating preservatives and additives not to mention consuming the toxins released from the plastic used in the packaging.

The first thing to do to work on achieving a healthy weight, feeling energetic and generally improving your health is by stopping yourself consuming processed foods. Start buying foods from your butcher, fish monger and fruit and vegetable stores. Yes it will mean preparing your meals takes a little longer but it’s worth it. Buy organic whenever possible and buy fresh, you can always freeze the foods to make them last longer or store them in the fridge. You’ll feel so much better and you can lose weight simply by making this simple change, even if you generally eat the same dishes.

Work Your Heart so it Works Harder for You

Exercise is so important yet it is something many of us avoid doing in our busy lives. We head to work in cars or on the train, come home, cook a processed meal and spend the rest of the night in front of the television. You may think housework is enough to stay healthy but you need to do more. If you feel tired as soon as you come home from work it’s a good sign that you do need to exercise.

Exercise increases energy levels and boosts your immune system. Rather than leaving you feeling ready for bed you will be energised, which is why it’s a great idea to exercise before work or when you come home after a busy day. Leaving it before bedtime isn’t a good idea as you’ll have too many endorphins moving around your body and you will find it hard to settle down and sleep.

By exercising you can work off those flabby bits, tone up but that’s not all – you will feel happier and energised and have a healthier system that is stronger than ever. If that wasn’t enough you should remember that exercise also helps us to fight off diseases and illnesses and leads to a longer healthier life. Therefore exercise is essential for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you do, just concentrate on getting sweaty a few times a week and you’ll reap the benefits.

Where to Start

If you’re now ready to take care of yourself properly a great place to start is with your internal self. Cleansing the body removes all the horrible toxins that have been building up through an unhealthy lifestyle. Detoxing is pretty mainstream now, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fad that should be ignored. A detox can work wonders and is a great place to begin with your new routine.

What is a juice cleanse? A juice cleanse is when you use liquidised fruits and vegetables to flush out your system and feed it full of essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Cut out all the bad foods and drinks such as caffeine, alcohol, sweets and fats and replace it with foods that come fresh from the earth.

Avoid the Quick Fixes

One important note to take is the use of cleanses, detoxes and dieting as a quick fix. You need to change the way you feel about food and exercise. Healthy living requires healthy diets and a good amount of exercise all year round. If you undertake cleanses simply to lose a few pounds you will find yourself back where you started in no time at all. Change your diet and exercise routine for the long term and you will look and feel fabulous and never need to attempt a fashionable diet ever again.

The author, Lena Lewis, is passionate about living healthy lifestyles and inspiring others to think differently about the food they eat.

Nov 292013

muscle-and-fitnessYou have probably seen the Muscle and Fitness magazines in the grocery store near the checkout stand. They are usually right beside magazines like the National Enquirer, Vogue, and McCall’s. It is the magazine which highlights the massively muscular men of bodybuilding and power sports. Why would this magazine be important as both a diet and fitness resource?

The Knowledge of Extreme Athletes

The one thing you need to understand about bodybuilders is they are extreme athletes. When they choose to lose fat they are not happy with getting down to 10-15% body fat, they attempt to get down to single digit levels of body fat so their muscles are displayed to their maximum. The techniques they use to drive their fat levels down are highly effective for anyone trying to lose weight and get fit.

When you browse through an edition of Muscle and Fitness you are going to be faced with extreme workouts, but a ton of common sense information, also. If you do not desire to have massive muscles then you should focus on some of the columns and articles in their magazine. In a recent edition you would have found articles about:

  • Lean Meals that Taste Great
  • Ultimate Fat-Burning Plan
  • Gymless Workout Blueprint
  • 9 Routines Under 25 Minutes

These types of articles will help you create a workout plan to get fit and lose fat. When a bodybuilder tests out a workout plan their evaluation is based upon results, not speculation. They measure their muscles on a regular basis. They monitor their weight. They keep close track of their body fat percentage.

They can tell you with absolute certainty what works for their body and what does not work. This is the reason their workout routines and diets should be considered when you are designing your own plan. You know you will get results.

Supplements for Increasing Your Fitness

The other item which the editors, authors, and athletes who contribute to Muscle and Fitness research in extreme depth are supplements. When you read their articles about using a variety of different protein supplements, amino acids, creatine, or testosterone boosters you will get the straight facts about results, not advertising claims. You will quickly discover combinations which work for one athlete may not work for another.

The fact that not everyone responds the same is an even better reason to continue researching ideas through the pages of Muscle and Fitness. You will find articles written by a variety of people talking about their metabolism, supplements which have worked for them, and you can choose plans which meet your body-style and metabolism most closely.

The other important facts you will learn in Muscle and Fitness is how to buy supplements and exercise equipment on a tight budget. You will find a combination of high-end equipment and low-cost equipment evaluated in every issue. This helps you make the right purchase to meet your needs without wasting money. A subscription to Muscle and Fitness will save you money on your purchase of supplements and equipment which far exceeds the cost of the magazine.

If You Like Sports You Should Try Casino Sports Themed Games

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Nov 292013

casino-sport-gamesOne of the few activities that can genuinely rival the popular appeal of online casinos right now is betting on sports, with most of those who participate in either of these activities choosing to do so online. These days very few of the top bookmakers who used to fill the high streets are not offering their services on the internet.

This has tempted people who might have felt shy of going to one of these shops, to try it out at home. Online sports betting means you can also bet on sports from all over the world, but now casino sites are offering another option to fans of sports and gambling, sports themed casino games.

There are more of these games appearing all the time, but there is no question that if you are a fan of football (either the American or European version) then you will probably find more games. This is down to the fact these sports have the biggest followings throughout much of the world.

If you were to tot up the numbers visiting online bookies to examine the odds, available markets and lay bets, then you would find that both versions of football were leading the way. It shouldn’t be surprising that casino sites are developing a lot of football themed games.

Indeed the likes of Soccer Safari and $5 Million Touchdown are examples of what the best of these games have to offer sports fans. You get a genuine sports theme throughout, from the reel icons and video graphics to the game bonuses.

You also get all of those elements of slots games that have made them the most popular casino games. These include the presence of a (generally very attractive) jackpot, the higher likelihood of winning money, and the ultra cheap game play that makes them accessible to even those on a modest budget.

The best way of finding the casino offering the game you are looking for would be to check out a online casino page where you can play games like online blackjack, poker or different slot games.