Increase Your Workout Intesity For Maximum Weight Loss

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May 132014


You have probably heard the term “quality time” before. Well, it also applies to exercising. Intensifying your training can assist you to make your weight loss goals faster while also reducing the length of your exercise periods. A truly intense session can give you great results in less than half an hour, but you have to get that heart beating.

Most people don’t realize that the intensity of a workout is important. An intense 25 minute workout can do more to help you than a slow one hour one, especially if there are lots of rest breaks in that hour. Low intensity with their exercising is one reason why many people don’t lose weight as quickly as they want.


It’s simple for your mind to wander while you are exercising. This is the only time many people get to spend by themselves during most days. While it’s good to find that level of relaxation, if it starts to affect your workout, you might need to get zeroed back in.

There are several things you can do to stay on track. Find an exercise partner or even hire a professional trainer. If there is someone by your side, you will be less likely to ease off your training. Another solution is an MP3 player with a workout playlist. This list should include fast moving songs to help you keep up the pace.


The whole key to weight loss is burning more calories than you are consuming. Just to lose one pound a week, you need to average reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day, whether it’s through additional exercise or reducing your eating. Using an intense workout routine can go a long ways towards helping you reach this goal and melting off those unwanted pounds.

Sprinting: The King of Cardio

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Apr 092014


When it comes to ‘doing cardio’ there are very few people who look forward to it, especially if your goal is to build muscle and achieve a lean physique.

Boring, tenuous steady-state cardio is not something worthy of highlighting in the diary. In truth, excessive cardio training can put too much stress on your body and potentially has more negative effects than positive.

It is a wonder why more people do not perform anaerobic sprints and explosive speed drills. On the scale of benefits, sprinting outweighs aerobic cardiovascular training every time.

Lose More Fat

Without getting overly technical and scientific, sprint training ensures that more of the carbohydrates that you eat are partitioned and stored in the muscles, rather than as fat. Alongside burning more calories, sprinting also boosts the amount of certain enzymes in the body. These enzymes encourage the body to store more calories within the muscles rather than as fat storage.

Sprints are also a more effective fat burner than steady-state cardio according to a study in 1994 entitled ‘Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism’, in which participants took part in either 20 weeks of aerobic training or 15 weeks of interval training. The interval group lost over 8 times as much body fat.


Increase Strength & Build Muscle

As your body fat percentage descends, your bone strength and density increases with sprint training. In addition, anaerobic training helps the body to build new muscle tissue and increases the strength of your muscles.

Sprint training employs and increases the size of the type II fast-glycolytic muscle fibres, which are the bigger and more powerful type of muscle fibre in the body. Protein synthesis is also increased. Providing your diet is correct you will see muscle gain and a leaner physique.


Sprinting is very taxing on the body and requires a high-level of intensity. This intensity cannot be maintained for a prolonged period of time, therefore the optimal amount of time for a sprinting session is around 20 minutes. It will be a tough, painful 20 minutes, however the benefits your body will reap in that short space of time outweighs even an hour of steady-state cardio.


Increase Endurance

Performing sprints increases the body’s endurance –believe it or not! Despite being an anaerobic exercise, sprinting increases the body’s ability to store oxygen. A 2011 study by Macpherson and Hazell found that sprinting is more effective at improving endurance capacity than steady-state cardio.

Brain Food

All forms of exercise have been proven to reap some form of mental benefits and improve mood. Sprinting, however, blows them all out of the water. It improves hormone balance and decreases brain inflammation making you feel invigorated and energised.

Regardless of your physical goals, any active person can benefit more from sprint training. Try adding it into your exercise regimen and evaluate the results after a period of time. The majority of people would like to either improve mood and brain function, lose some body fat or build some extra muscle. It seems this super-exercise is a must-do with advantages for everybody, yet people are still sticking to the watching-paint-dry 60 minutes jogs – very bizarre!

This post was written by Joe Hurley a senior writer at HFE, the fitness course experts.

Motivating Your Fat Kid to Fitness

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Dec 192013

fat-kid-fitnessAre you the parent of a fat kid? You know it is not healthy for them but you might be struggling to get them motivated to exercise or to change their eating habits. There are a few hard truths you are going to have to face.

The Facts about Fat Kids You Are Avoiding

You are probably going to protest these facts are not based in reality, but instead of arguing listen to your heart for a moment. Here are a few items you must consider:

  • Parents have far greater control of their child’s eating than they like to admit.
  • Some children will only exercise when taught by example.
  • The child is not to blame.
  • Snacks MUST be removed from the home.
  • Whining and crying are not reasons to eat.

It is amazing to visit a grocery store and watch the parents of a fat child walk up and down the aisles with filling their cart with sweet snacks, chips, soda, and other non-nutritious foods. If you are guilty of this then ask yourself who is to blame for your child being fat?

Go through your home and look in the refrigerator and cupboards. Are the snacks and foods you see going to help your fat child become healthy or remain fat? Give away the foods which provide no nutritional value and replace them with healthy alternatives. As a few examples of logical swaps:

  • Potato Chips – Unbuttered Popcorn
  • Candy – Fresh Fruits
  • Ice Cream – Low Fat Low Sugar Yogurt
  • Soda – Water, Unsweetened Ice Tea (Try to avoid using diet soda.)
  • Sweetened Breakfast Cereals – Whole grain cereals and fresh fruit
  • Whole Milk – Skim Milk

By making simple logical changes you can start helping your child to lose weight and improve the health of everyone in your family. They will fuss, complain, whine, and possibly cry. You must be strong while they adjust.

Exercise is the Catalyst to Creating a Healthy Child

You may exercise regularly at a fitness center or in your home gym, but do you engage your child in the same activities? When you exercise hidden away from your child you are not setting the example they desperately need to see. If you do not exercise, it is time to start to give them an example. Choose an activity they can accompany you on. It might be cycling, walking, hiking, or even a kickboxing aerobics class. Try to choose an activity which will peak their interest and then join them. You can inspire your child to start exercising.

If your child is resistant to traditional exercise then you need to start participating in outdoor activities with them which seem like play. Basketball, playing with a Frisbee, games of tag, swimming, and other activities which get them moving, laughing, and having fun will help them to start getting fitter and losing weight.

The hardest part of being a parent of a fat kid is taking responsibility. You must lead them and guide them to change. It may not always be easy, but it is the best gift you will ever provide them.

Oct 132011

The stomach area is usually the hardest, and last place you will lose fat when exercising and dieting. It’s stubborn, yet there is no magic cure to targeting fat loss from this area. However, when you combine the following exercises, with a low fat diet, you will see results within 4 weeks.

Unfortunately, you cannot just lose fat from your stomach. You need to follow the general fat loss principles and you will lose fat from your whole body, including your stomach. Fat is burnt when performing cardio, or aerobic exercises. This type of exercise is long duration, moderate intensity exercise. In other words, you elevate you heart rate to about 70% of your max heart rate, and sustain this for a minimum of 20 minutes.

When performing cardio exercise, your body uses fat stores as energy during the exercise. It uses fat stores from all over your body, as I mentioned earlier, there is no way of targeting burning fat just off your stomach. Research as shown for optimal weight loss, it is recommended that you perform 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, at an intensity of 70% of your max heart rate, at least 4 days a week.

Once you start burning fat form the area, by exercising and eating a low fat diet, its now time to tone an tighten the abdominal muscles. There is no point starting these exercise earlier as they will never be seen if there is a layer of fat covering them! The three best ab toning exercises are crunches, oblique crunches and the plank.

Crunches are basically 1/2 of a traditional sit-up. Start by lying on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Make sure your feet stay on the floor throughout the exercise, if they lift off you are using you hip flexor muscles more than your abs. Place your hands behind you neck. Never pull you neck with your hands, they are just there for support. Breathe in as you lift you head and shoulders off the floor towards your knees, then breathe out as you return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of as many as you can!

Oblique crunches are a variation of the above exercise. As you lift you head and shoulders off the floor, twist your body as if trying to get your right shoulder to your left knee. This exercise targets the oblique muscles more than the rectus abdominus (six pack) muscles at the front of your stomach.

The final exercise is the plank. It is important you don’t hold your breathe when doing this exercise. You start by lying on your stomach. raise your body off the floor so your body-weight is supported on your elbows and feet. Try and hold this position for as long as possible. If you feel any back pain stop the exercise immediately.

In summary, the first step in losing stomach fat is starting a low fat diet and an aerobic exercise program. When you start losing fat, ad din resistance exercises and you will tone and strengthen the area, creating a six pack in no time!

This is a guest post by Susan. To learn more of the fastest way to lose weight off your stomach please visit Susan Johnsons blog here.

Sep 012010

Using the proper weight loss workout routine can make the difference between getting stuck in weight loss or having continual successful loss. Using the right combination of exercise in your workout routines is required for the best results.

Too many weight loss programs focus too heavily on cutting calories, pushing supplements down our throats, or improper exercise. Cutting calories too deeply leads to a serious slow down in your metabolism which can bring your weight loss to a halt very rapidly. Even worse when you begin eating more your metabolism can take a long time to adjust and you pack on fat pounds.

Supplements can be beneficial but are not a replacement for proper eating and exercise. Use supplements only in the manner they are intended, as an aid to weight loss, not as the method to weight loss.

Now that we have covered those two bases, what do you really need in your weight loss workout routine? It should cover two important areas, aerobic fat burning exercise, and resistance training to build your metabolic engine.

The aerobic fat burning exercise should be done at least 3 times per week. You can choose any form of exercise you enjoy which raises your heart rate and makes you perspire lightly. Exercise bikes, treadmills, aerobic dance classes, fast walking, and jogging are all great options. For a more energetic workout you could try a martial arts exercise routine. Pilates and Yoga do not qualify as aerobic exercise.

For your resistance training you have two primary choices. You can choose weight lifting which is the most common form of training. Working out with weights will increase your strength, give you gains in muscle condition and size, and increase your metabolism. You should do resistance training a minimum of twice per week with three days being ideal.

Your other choice for resistance exercise is using one of the non-weighted forms of resistance training. These can include body weight exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups and others. Pilates classes, using exercise resistance bands, or weighted exercise balls all qualify as resistance training, too. Pilates will not increase muscle as much but does increase core body strength very well.

By combining resistance and aerobics exercise you get a dual advantage in your weight loss workout routine. You burn calories quickly on your aerobic workout days. On your resistance training days you are redesigning your body to burn even more calories. You are increasing lean muscle which requires more calories and helps notify the body it is not in a starvation situation avoiding the decrease in metabolic rate.

When you exercise properly dieting becomes easy, weight loss is consistent, and your body changes in appearance more dramatically, quickly approaching the ideal appearance you have in mind.

Make sure you include a good variety of resistance and aerobic exercise on alternating days in your weight loss workout routine and you are sure to have a successful diet. Without proper exercise your diet is almost certain to be difficult with high risk for failure.

Lifting Weights – Amazing Way To Lose Fat and Recreate Your Body

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Sep 012010

Stand in front of full length mirror and look at your body very critically. Does it look the way you want it to look? Does it have excess pockets of fat? Lifting weights is one of the most effective methods to create a new look and get rid of excess fat.

Lifting weights has an advantage over other forms of exercise. Lifting creates new muscle. Muscle gains increase metabolism and fat burning capacity. A faster metabolism and increased fat burning ability leads to faster, more permanent fat loss.

Notice it says burn fat, lose fat, not necessarily lose weight. Losing weight should never be your goal, changing your appearance and reducing your body fat percentage should be your goal. Why is this such an important distinction? Because when you gain 10 pounds of muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat at the same time you have made a dramatic change in your body shape but lost zero pounds. As an easy example, a 200 pound man who is starting with a 20 percent body fat percentage has 40 pounds of fat on his body. Now after losing 10 pounds of fat and replacing it with 10 pounds of muscle he has a 15% body fat percentage. He may have lost 2 or more inches off his waist, and inches off of other portions of his body while losing no weight.

There is another important distinction you need to understand. Building muscle by lifting weight changes your appearance in other ways, too. Your shoulders become wider, your arms larger, your legs get firmer. When you lose weight without exercise you get smaller, but retain the same basic shape. Have you ever seen a man or woman lose 20 pounds and simply look like a smaller version of their fat body? The same person having lost 20 pounds while exercising would look much different. Their body changes shape and improves in appearance.

Now the best news about lifting weights to change your body. To lose weight without resistance training or exercise is much harder than with proper training. Your body is very effective at adapting to changes in food intake. It learns to slow down and hold onto fat. When you exercise, especially increasing muscle, your metabolism becomes faster. You lose weight easily, often without changing your food intake much at all.

The most amazing fact of lifting weights to change your body is this, you can gain weight and become lean. By increasing muscle you can go from 200 pounds at 20 percent body fat to 220 pounds at 10 percent body fat. This kind of change is a body transformation you may have a hard time imagining. Your body goes from fat, to lean, large, powerful, and ripped.

Lifting weights is the way to the best looking body possible. It spurs loss of fat and an increase in metabolism. It changes the shape and appearance of our body faster than any other method. It is the way to create the body you have always dreamed of having.

Cindy Crawford Workout – Can Cindy Make You Look Like A Super Model?

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Sep 012010

Get ready to transform your body. You too can make millions by being a super model. The Cindy Crawford Workout is the answer to your prayers. Wait a minute, have you lost your mind?

Before you run out to Amazon, Ebay, or the store to buy the Cindy Crawford Workout you need to do some serious soul searching. Are you buying the program because you want to watch Cindy or because you are serious about getting fit? If you are serious about getting fit, it is time to talk.

The facts are very simple, the Cindy Crawford Workout is nothing special. If you really are serious about looking different you can make a much better choice. Let us get started where you should start any decisions about working out. What do you look like today?

The average buyer of Cindy’s plan is overweight and out of shape. If this fits you, then here is some great ideas. Instead of spending money on Cindy’s program buy a fitness ball. The cost of a fitness ball is very low, and the number of exercises you can do are almost unlimited. You can build more muscles, work on cardio fitness, and flexibility. It is a highly effective way to workout.

Take another look at your body. How much do you want to change your body shape? Setting up a home gym with a low cost exercise bike and a few dumbbells is a very effective way to start burning more calories, reshape your body, and develop a body like Cindy’s.

If you are questioning the wisdom of these statements it is time for you to hit the garage sales in your town. You can bet you are going to find the Cindy Crawford Workout sitting on some one’s table. It is nothing special, unless you want to watch Cindy.

If you really want a workout which if going to transform your body look into the programs from the Biggest Loser, Tae Bo, or a Martial Arts fitness program. These programs are going to get you going and working to change your body. If you want a true expert in changing women’s physiques check into Denise Austin.

Cindy Crawford is one of the most beautiful super models of all time. She has one of the most sensational bodies in history. Her program can be successfully used, but it is not the best program available for any purpose.

Set your goals and then seek out a program which matches your goals. If you are not sure, then take your money and invest in one session with trainer in a fitness center to discuss your goals and have them advise you on the proper forms of exercise to change your body.

The Cindy Crawford Workout is a great video to watch and enjoy the elegance and beauty of one our most beautiful women, but take the time to evaluate your real goals, not Cindy’s.

Boxers Workout – Knockout Your Fat With Workouts Inspired By Boxers

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Sep 012010

Think about the fitness level of various professional athletes. Can you name anyone more fit than a top ranked professional boxer? They are lean, strong, have excellent endurance, and can take a pounding but keep on going. Using a boxers workout can help you get into the same kind of excellent shape but does not require getting punched in the face.

The key in any boxers workout comes down to basic circuit training techniques. You must have great endurance to make it through 10 to 15 rounds of boxing. The only way to achieve this level of endurance is to train hard and long.

You must have a strong body both to deliver blows and to endure the punishment of getting hit. Building a powerful body requires resistance training either in the form of body weight exercises or weight lifting.

Here is a very simple example of a boxers workout you can either use, or modify to fit your particular needs.

To develop hand power and arm endurance use weighted gloves and shadow box for about 60 seconds. Keep the hands moving fast punching at different levels. Your feet need to be dancing the entire time, too.

Move instantly over to a jump rope and jump rapidly for 30 to 60 seconds. Your feet should stay together and spin the rope rapidly.

Drop down to the floor, it is time to develop arm and chest strength. Start doing push-ups as fast as possible for the next 60 seconds. You want to keep count and attempt to improve the number of push-ups completed in each workout.

Quickly roll over on your back and start doing ab crunches. Again, repeat the crunches for 60 seconds squeezing the ab muscle tightly at the top of the movement. Your lower back stays flat on the floor as your head and shoulders rock upward.

Back to your feet. If you have some dumbbells or a barbell grab them. Do bicep curls for 30 seconds working up to at least 15 reps, then add weight. Next switch to doing presses from your shoulders to straight above your head for 30 seconds. Work to get to 15 reps and then add weight.

You are ready to start all over again. Do this rotation of exercises for 3 full passes. Move quickly on each exercise with little rest in between exercises. This boxers workout is inspired by Earnest Hemingway, and is one used by many young boxers as they get started. You will lose weight, get in great physical shape, improve speed, and power with this simple routine.

The biggest key to making any boxers workout work for you is not in the complexity of the routine, but in your commitment to work through the burn. Your body is going to feel very challenged to accomplish all the tasks laid out in front of you. Once you master these exercises you will know why boxers are among the fittest men in the world because you will be, too.

Rowing Machine Exercise – Complete Aerobic and Strength Conditioning in One Machine

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Jul 062010

Rowing machine exercise is one of the most complete forms of exercise you can utilize. It works your arms, upper and lower back, your chest muscles, your abdominal muscles and your legs. Being an exercise of almost constant motion it is highly aerobic in nature, and very effective at increasing cardiovascular health. You may begin wondering why it is not the most popular machine in most gyms.

The simple fact is rowing machine exercise is challenging. It requires good coordination, can put stress on your lower back if proper form is not used, and requires getting down near floor level. As anyone who has mastered exercising on a rowing machine can tell you, overcoming those few hurdles can lead to the greatest benefits possible.

Before you start using a rowing machine in the gym or at home, you must take a few minutes to warm up and stretch your back. Rowing machines are more intensive on your back than many other forms of exercise. Your lower and upper back muscles are used extensively in rowing machine exercise. Make sure you get a good stretch in your legs, too. Your legs will be providing much of the power used on the rowing machine.

Using nearly perfect form is very important on the rowing machine it minimize your risks of back strain. The first part to keep in mind is keeping your back straight and flat throughout the exercise. When you start off a repetition on the rowing machine use your legs. Push strongly with your legs to start the motion. You then engage your lower back, arms, and upper back muscles to draw the rowing handles to your chest while leaning slightly backwards. We need to repeat the part of keeping your back straight. Keep your back flat and straight even while you power back and lean back.

Keeping your back straight is required as you move back to the starting position again. This return movement is when it becomes very tempting to allow your back to round off as you extend your arms to the starting point. Do not allow the temptation to win, make sure to maintain great form.

As you are completing your workout make sure to focus on the muscles you are putting into use. Feel the power of your legs driving the seat back. Notice the strength of your lower back and buttocks helping to drive the seat and transitioning you to the arm pull. As you pull with your arms feel your biceps and upper back muscles drawing the handles to your chest. By paying attention to the muscles your are using you will keep better form, and get a better workout.

You will quickly discover rowing machine exercise is very effective at building lean muscle and burning fat quickly off your body. You will not only be improving your cardio fitness, but the overall shape of your body, too. This could be the most effective exercise machine you will ever use.

Lose Weight Without Exercise – Can Your Really Lose Weight Without All The Sweat?

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Jun 212010

Do you dread the idea of exercise but still want to lose weight? Can your really lose weight without exercise? The simple answer is yes. You can easily lose weight without exercise, but it may be harder than you anticipate.

A few years ago people were flocking to over the counter drugs which increased their metabolism and allowed them to burn fat, lose weight, and do it without ever visiting a gym. Then came the bad news. The drug could potentially damage your heart, which resulted in several deaths, and great scares around the world. It simple was not worth it, and the drug agencies in most countries quickly shut down the industry.

You can lose weight without exercise without using drugs, too. You will need to decrease you calorie intake very carefully to make sure you eat less calories than your body requires, but not so few calories where your body switches into survival mode. When your body sees an extreme change in calorie intake it will slow down your metabolism and start preserving the fat stores. Not what you want to accomplish.

If you chose to just add some simple walking to your change in diet you can avoid both the problems from over the counter drugs, and reduce the odds of having a slowing metabolism. You will not need to restrict your calories quite as deeply, either.

Walking for 30 minutes a day can be magical in helping you lose weight. You may be arguing this sounds like exercise. You can call it exercise or fun in the park, it does not really matter, it is just important you understand to lose weight without any exercise is going to be much harder and less effective than losing weight with simple exercise.

If you persist on the idea of wanting to lose weight without exercise there is one more word of caution. You are going to create a smaller body in the same shape as your current body. Muscle is what defines your shape. If you really want to re-sculpt and re-shape your body, you will need to use a little exercise to firm and tone the muscles to get the best looking shape possible. It does not take much exercise to transform your shape when combined with a simple diet. The combination is more effective than either diet or exercise alone.

We have all heard of the Slim-Fast Diet, the Subway Diet, and scores of other diets. Are you aware every one of those diets recommend exercise? Yes, it is possible to lose weight without exercise, but it is not your best choice. Ask your doctor, ask a nutritionist, and ask yourself the serious question. You know the answer already, but you were hoping for less effort. Instead of avoiding exercise, discover a form of exercise you find enjoyable, it is either a stroll in the park, or exercise, you choose what to call it. Get out their and play, and lose weight along the way.

Best Fat Burning Exercise – Do You Know How To Get Rid of Fat Quickly?

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Jun 212010

The best fat burning exercise is going to require a little effort on your part, but it is going to give you tremendous results. When you combine this exercise with a minor change in your diet, the results are outstanding. The fat deposits all over your body will begin to disappear, and you will have a completely new appearance.

What is the best fat burning exercise? First it is time for an admission. This is not a single exercise, but is strength building exercise. If you really want to get the fat off of your body you need to produce more of fat’s worst enemy, muscle. Muscle burns fat, requires more calories, and makes every movement you make help you to get rid of more fat deposits.

Second admission, if you really want to accelerate your fat burning, then you will want to add in aerobic exercise, too. Are you starting to feel like there really is not a single best fast burning exercise? You would be correct. The real answer to your needs is a combined group of exercises to increase your overall fitness and strength. Let us discuss a few of the core items you should look at.

Your large core muscles are the first area you should start working on. If you really want to burn fat quickly by building additional muscle in your legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, and arms you will accelerate your fat burning engine. Use the simple time tested exercises like the bench press, bent barbell rows, barbell curls, triceps extensions, squats, and dead lifts to build up lean tissue quickly. If you are working out at home without weight equipment substitute exercises like lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and other body weight exercises.

It is not important to build big bulging muscles to burn the fat off, but building added lean tissue is critical to burning fat.

Aerobic exercise is the second portion of getting rid of fat quickly. When you have added lean tissue and you use it in activities like swimming, jogging, cycling, and hiking you burn fat very quickly. Your body will begin to trim down and reshape into a more athletic and healthy shape. The transition from fat to lean can happen very quickly, and is very impressive.

If you must choose just one exercise as the best fat burning exercise select rowing. Rowing machines work on both cardio fitness and build added lean tissue. They work on the upper and lower body hitting the upper and lower back, legs, abdominal muscles and arms. Rowing can do both the strength building and aerobic fitness activities you need for a great body. It is not quite as effective as lifting weights and aerobics, but it is close.

The best fat burning exercise is not really just a simple choice of one exercise as much as it is understanding how to use your body to maximize fat loss. Combining strength conditioning and aerobics will give you the results you really want.

Tae Bo – Use Martial Arts and Aerobics to Kick Fat Off Your Body

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May 272010

Have you every watched the way Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, or Jean Claude Van Damme kick their opponents down and out? With Tae Bo you can take fat and give it the beating it deserves. Fat may be your enemy, but Tae Bo can defeat it every time.

Tae Bo is a powerful combination of Taekwondo and Aerobics originated by a dynamic and powerful motivator Billy Blanks. This workout is filled with intense punching, kicking, and constant movement. The powerful motivation provided either in videos by Billy, or by Tae Bo instructors, drive you to workout hard. This type of workout is not for everyone, but if you want excitement, fun, and a great physical challenge it may be exactly what you want.

When you first here this program described you would assume it is a workout routine for men. In most classes you will find as many, if not more, women working out. Both men and women enjoy learning to kick and punch while getting a full body workout. This is one place Tae Bo excels over many other workout programs. It will hit every muscle in your body, and you will feel it. Expect to put on a little extra muscle due to the powerful movements. This is part of Billy’s plan for creating a better body for his students.

Another exciting thing is knowing you are creating powerful punching and kicking techniques. It is not really intended to be a self defense lesson, but you will feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself because you are a practiced veteran of kicking, punching, and you have developed a strong, toned, and fit body. In a crisis it is always good to know your body is ready for action, instead of being stuck in a body which is out of shape.

Your exercise classes will be fun, but expect to feel the sweat rolling off your body. You are going to be burning calories at an accelerated pace. The music is loud and quick. The instructor will be barking out instructions and leading your through a quick paced workout. You are going to feel the fat burning off your body. This is quickly going to show up on the scale and on the tape measure. Your clothes are going to first start fitting better, and then you will notice they are too large for your body. Not only are you getting smaller, your shape is becoming athletic. You are not soft and round any longer, but strong, lean, and fit.

Tae Bo is one of the most fun, intense, and exciting ways to change your body. You will quickly see the camaraderie which builds in these kinds of classes as everyone overcomes the same challenges. Even if you choose to workout at home, Tae Bo is very fun. Talk with your family before you start, or they may come running when they hear you grunting, yelling, and sometimes breaking out in laughter. The screams they may hear are just your fat running for cover. Fat knows it is no match for your new punching power.

Low Impact Cardio – Aerobic Fitness Without The Physical Beating

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May 272010

Are you like so many of us, you are a little overweight and your joints already ache? The idea of pounding your body through jogging, an aerobics class, or tae bo is almost frightening. A low impact cardio workout is exactly what you need. You will be able to get the fat burning and aerobic fitness you want, without the unneeded pressure and abuse on your joints.

There are many different kinds of low impact cardio programs you can use to get plenty of daily exercise. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

Walking – While jogging puts a lot of stress on your joints, walking is very low impact, and very beneficial. Bone strength and joint conditions usually improve with weight bearing exercise. Taking a brisk walk for 20 to 40 minutes per day can help you to start losing weight, and getting into better cardio fitness. Walking does not require any special equipment and can be enjoyed year round. You may need to take it inside during the winter months in a large department store, fitness center, or mall.

Water Aerobics – One of the most fun low impact cardio exercises is water aerobics. You can get an energizing workout while playing in the water. No worries about sweating, it is all washed away by the water. Usually these classes are filled with laughter and fun. If you have not tried a water aerobics course, now would be a great time.

Swimming – Since we are already discussing the water, why not go swimming. Swimming laps, treading water, and steady movement in water makes for a great workout which improves your overall health and burns fat quickly. Remember how hungry you were as a kid after swimming for an hour or two. You burned calories rapidly.

Bicycling – Whether you choose to ride a real bicycle down the bike paths in your community, or hit a stationary bike in your home, cycling is a great way to increase you fitness without the impact of many other exercise routines. Cycling is one of the most popular ways to burn fat, and build up cardiovascular condition. It is the choice of many sports trainer when they are working to rehab their athletes from sports injuries.

Low Impact Aerobics – While many aerobics courses put great pressure on joints, there are many classes which are designed to be low impact. You avoid the jumping, large moves, and the pounding steps of other aerobics classes. You can get a great workout with a room full of other exercisers, or enjoy a video at home. This form of exercise can be great fun.

Do not use your aching joints as an excuse to avoid exercise. Low impact cardio will help you get in shape, and improve the condition of your joints. You are not going to have improvements in your health without effort. Make the decision to get started today, and enjoy the benefits of a better looking body, less joint pain, and improved energy.

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The big event is just around the corner. You are beginning to feel the pressure of losing weight, and looking great. By using a combination of fast weight loss exercises and a sensible diet you can reach your goals. What are the best exercises to help you lose weight?

There are two sides to the coin in fast weight loss exercises. The first side of the coin requires exercises to burn calories and get the fat off of your body. The second side of the coin requires exercises to build lean muscle, to increase your ability to lose fat. Losing weight is not your real goal, losing fat is the goal.

Back up and read the last sentence again. You may believe you want to lose weight, but you must lose fat, not weight. Here is the difference in the two statements. Losing weight can come in the form of losing water weight, lean muscle, or fat. When you lose water weight it rapidly returns once you start drinking normally again. The dehydration risks can be very severe. Losing lean muscle is the worst thing you can do. When you lose muscle you are slowing down your metabolism allowing fat to become even more dominant. Losing fat is the goal. You can lose fat, while losing very little weight and look much different.

Here is a recommended set of fast weight loss exercises. Set up a plan of exercising 6 days per week. You are going to workout 3 days per week on your fat burning cardiovascular exercises. This can include jogging, an exercise bike, fast walking, an aerobics class, or any other favorite fast paced exercise. Plan on spending 30 to 40 minutes each of those days exercising. Set you goal to go a little further, or to increase your pace a little each day. If you are walking, try going an extra 10 to 20 steps each exercise session, while keeping your time the same. This will push you to improve gradually burning off more fat.

On the other 3 days of the week you are going to work on increasing your lean muscle. For beginners the best plan is to use body weight exercises. Sit-ups, ab crunches, push-ups, lunges, one legged squats, and other exercises. This helps to increase your muscle, accelerating your fat burning. Ladies, do not worry, we are talking about very modest gains in muscle which will only increase your level of firmness, overall tone, and enhances your shape. You are not going to build large muscles with this workout.

By combining both strength and cardio exercise you are creating a fat burning machine. This combination is the fast weight loss exercises you need to meet your goals. The changes can be very rapid, and very impressive. The only thing required is your own motivation and commitment to make it happen. Are you ready to look fantastic? Then get started, and change your body.

Exercise To Reduce Tummy – Say Hello To A Slim Firm Stomach

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May 272010

One of the most defining parts of a great body is a slim, flat stomach. When your stomach bulges out, it destroys your appearance and increase health risks. You can exercise to reduce tummy size, and get the slim firm stomach you want.

Hopefully you are not living in a fantasy world, because we are going to discuss the real world here. In order for exercise to reduce your tummy to be the most effective you are going to need to contribute one more thing. You must take control of your diet. The fastest way to reduce your stomach size is to reduce your intake just a little and then let the exercises do their work. You do not need to kill yourself on a major diet, just use a little common sense and cut back on a few calories.

Now that we have the bad news out of the way, what exercises can you do to reduce the size of your stomach, and start developing a sexy middle. We need to take a well rounded approach to the stomach if we want to get the best possible shape. We need to hit the upper abs, the lower abs, and the obliques on the side of your abs.

The first exercise you should be doing is abdominal crunches. This exercise is like the beginning of a sit-up, you simply come partially up, and then you intensely contract the muscles. This exercise focuses on your upper ab area, and will create a powerful and flat stomach.

To address the lower areas of your abdomen, leg raises are ideal. Keep your knees bent slightly, and raise your legs to about a 30 degree angle from the floor. Then lower and repeat. You will feel the leg raises in your entire abdomen, but focused in your lower abdominal region.

To get the best looking shape you must work on the sides of your abdomen, too. The external obliques help to draw in your sides, and to firm up the entire region. Use the same two exercises as above, but change your focus by pulling to the right and left. In the leg raises allow your knees to bend a little more as you lift your legs, drawing them to the right side on the first lift, then to the left side on the next lift. With the crunches instead of rising evenly with both shoulders tilt and rise from the left shoulder on the first rep and then lead with the right shoulder on the second rep. These slight twists require the obliques to be used to pull.

Exercise to reduce tummy does not need to be complicated. Just the simple moves we discussed can tighten and flatten your stomach quickly. Combined with a modest diet you will quickly start seeing a new trimmer you in the mirror. There is nothing magical needed, just a little persistence and desire on your part. It is all up to you.

May 272010

Before we start discussing what kind of exercise after pregnancy you should be doing, you need to take care of one important item. Do not start an exercise program without discussing it with your obstetrician or gynecologist. Your body has undergone major changes and stress during pregnancy. Depending on whether you delivered naturally, by cesarean, and the stress of your delivery can all play a role on how soon you should begin your exercise program. Many women are able to start exercise within only a few days after delivery.

Now that you have talked to your Doctor, what should you be doing? There are a series of exercises recommended by most health care professionals for women after pregnancy. These include kegel exercises, pelvic tilts, bridges, and leg slides. These exercises are designed to start firming up the muscles which were stretched and abused during pregnancy and delivery.

Before you start with any of these exercises take a few moments to warm up. This could be as simple as walking around the home for a few minutes to get your body warmed up and your blood pumping a little quicker.

Kegel exercises are ones you can do during your workout or anytime during the day. A kegel exercise is simply contracting the muscles in your pelvic wall similar to stopping urine flow. Make sure to hold the muscle contraction for 10 to 15 seconds, then release. Do this in a series of 10 to 15 contractions. Do kegel exercises at least 3 times per day, or more often if you wish. These exercise will help you have better bladder control and start firming up your lower pelvic area.

The leg slides are a very simple exercise but great at starting to build up leg muscles and your abdominal muscles. Lay flat on your back and slide one foot up until your knee is bent and the foot is flat on the floor. Slide the foot back down until the leg is straight then rotate to the other leg. Start off doing this ten to twenty times with each leg, doing the reps slowly. As your energy and fitness increase you can do more reps and quicken the pace.

The pelvic tilt is another exercise you do flat on your back. Tighten your stomach muscles, pressing them inward and towards your backbone. Then slightly tilt your pelvic area upwards giving a deeper contraction to your abdominal muscles. This exercise will strengthen and flatten your stomach area quickly. Do five to ten reps to begin with and work up to 20 reps.

The bridge is our final recommended exercise after pregnancy. Starting on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, tighten your abdominal muscles and your buttock muscles to lift your rear off the ground. Bring your buttocks up until you have created a straight line from your knees to your chin. Start with five reps and slowly build up to 20 reps. This exercise improves the entire core of your middle body.

Exercise after pregnancy does not need to be intense to be helpful. Get started with these few exercises and your body will start to firm, your fat will begin to decrease, and you will feel great.

Cardio Workouts To Lose Weight – Burn The Calories And Watch Fat Disappear

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May 252010

Are you ready to lose weight the most consistent way possible? Cardio workouts to lose weight are more effective than calorie restriction diets. When you burn the calories, you will burn the fat, changing your body’s appearance quickly.

To make sure you are not misunderstanding, it is still a good idea to take control of your eating habits, and eat a reduced calorie diet. Do not become obsessed with cutting calories. You just need to make wise choices in your types of foods and eat a little less to make a big difference. When you combine planned eating with a cardio workout the results are magical.

Using cardio workouts to lose weight gives you many advantages over just restricting calories. First, you are going to be building a stronger heart, and circulatory system. Secondly, you will start building some lean muscle tissue. The combination of a stronger cardiovascular system and more lean muscle creates a fat burning engine. With your enhanced body you will find burning fat is quite simple and enjoyable.

To burn fat and lose weight the best cardio workouts will use sustained activity. Examples would include jogging, fast walking, bicycling, rowing, and swimming laps. You want to get your body’s systems working at faster rate, with your pulse elevated, and your breathing coming a little harder. When you reach the proper training level you will be burning calories and fat at a rapid pace.

If you want to increase overall body strength and health, choosing a circuit training program might be perfect for you. You would use a combination of several exercises to push your body into the training zone, while creating stronger muscles over your entire body. Having added lean muscles over your entire body is more important than you probably imagine.

The magic of having the extra lean muscle is what it does throughout the entire day. Muscle tissue requires calories to burn for energy. This means your lean muscle tissue will be helping you lose weight 24 hours per day, not only during your workouts. This is why many top diet consultants insist you include exercise during your diet. Even the TV shows being broadcast to show very overweight people competing to lose weight push their competitors to exercise intensely, and to learn to love exercise as one of the key ingredients in their success.

Cardio workouts to lose weight are not restricted to one kind of exercise, so you can have fun varying your program. Just strive to exercise at least 30 minutes per day, at least 5 days per week. You will start seeing amazing changes in your levels of fat, and in increased energy. Funnel your added energy into even more activity and you will find the weight disappearing very quickly. Soon you will be needing to buy new smaller clothes. Your mirror will become one of your best friends, instead of the evil thing in the bathroom. Get started exercising right now and watch the changes begin.

Cardio Kickboxing – Get Your Cardio Workout With Excitement and Power

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May 252010

Getting sick and tired of the pretty moves, the pop music, and the dancing around in a regular aerobics class? If you want to take your workout up a notch and combine power, strength building, and excitement, cardio kickboxing is the best program in town.

Cardio kickboxing is not for everyone. This is a high impact training program. If you are having trouble with joints, your back, or other physical problems it may be pushing your body too far. If you still want to give it a try, talk to the instructor, explain your conditions and get their opinion. Many times the added benefits of the stretching, increased strength, and faster weight loss can help your joints improve rapidly. Your instructor can evaluate your situation quickly.

This style of aerobics exercise takes pages from various martial arts techniques, especially Thai kickboxing. You will learn proper punching and kicking techniques. The training is great to get improved balance. One of the key components at the beginning of every training session is warm up and stretching. When you are going to be punching and kicking aggressively you must stretch and warm up your joints. Once you are warmed up the real fun begins.

This is not a class for people not ready for a little noise and excitement. The music is usually hard hitting, the trainers loud and aggressive in their instructions, and your partners in training will be noisy with their grunts as they punch and kick. Most trainers have their students facing a mirrored wall to watch their own techniques and movements. Learning to kick and punch properly is very important. You risk possible injury if you are letting your kicks and punches flail around wildly. Martial arts and cardio kickboxing require technique and precision to get the most benefit. Listen closely to your instructor’s directions, following the instructions closely will help you get the greatest benefits from the workout.

While many kickboxing classes do not include specific abdominal exercises, you will be amazed at the tone and strength you develop in the core of your body. Your lower back and abdominal muscles will become powerful by working in the twisting, turning, and support of your other powerful movements. Your legs become powerful from the kicks, bending, and driving forward through your punches. Your arms become firm and powerful with the efforts of the punches. This is one form of exercise which works out almost every muscle in your body.

Cardio kickboxing develops confidence on many different levels. You are developing a very strong and fit body, which gives you personal confidence in being able to accomplish physical tasks. Your body shape becomes lean and strong, giving you an appearance you are confident showing to the world. You gain confidence in your ability to defend yourself. While you may not actually be getting self-defense training, you are learning powerful kicking and punching techniques. You are developing power. Cardio kickboxing gives you all the excitement, and great physical benefits you really desire.

Cardio Exercises At Home – Who Needs The Gym, Exercise At Home

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May 252010

Sometimes getting to the gym is not as easy as everyone makes it sound. The only time you have to workout is in the morning while the kids sleep, or after you tuck them in bed at night. You really do not need a gym to get into great shape. Cardio exercises at home are very easy, and just as effective as heading to the gym. Sometimes they can be even more fun.

Are you thinking the last statement is a bit crazy? How can you possibly have more fun at home alone doing cardio exercises than being surrounded by like minded people? Honesty time, most people are not that comfortable exercising in front of other people when they are really out of shape. Most of us are not willingly to get a little crazy when we are surrounded by other people. When you do cardio exercises at home all limitations can be thrown out the window. If you want to exercise to Jazz, Rock, or Mozart, you get to choose. If you want to howl at the moon while you exercise, just make sure you warn the family, they will want to join you.

Cardio exercises can take many forms. Do not get hung up on the idea of needing an exercise bike, treadmill, stepper, or cross-trainer. You can get a great workout with just your body, a little floor space, and your DVD player. Why not grab a few DVD discs showing some great kickboxing cardio workouts, an aerobics dance workout, and one with a good boot camp workout. Now you can rotate shows and workouts and have an exciting workout every day. You will be doing push-ups, sit-ups, jogging in place, kicking, punching, dancing, and having fun.

The real fun of doing your cardio at home is you get to play. You can have a wide variety of workout movies, music, and ideas. Your workout time can become playful, instead of serious. You may be sweating like crazy, huffing and puffing, but you are having a good time. When you get finished and are dripping in sweat you will not compete for the showers, you just walk to your bathroom and have a nice pleasant, long, soaking shower.

What if you choose to buy some cardio equipment for the home? Then still search out some good videos to exercise with. You may love having a Tae Bo video playing while you are on the treadmill. Punching your arms while you jog or walk on the treadmill can energize your workout. Hearing and seeing the intense workout on the TV screen adds to your own intensity and fun. You will accelerate your weight loss and your fitness improvement. If you want something a little more laid back, then get one of the movies simulating running or riding down a country road for your workout.

The best thing about cardio exercises at home is the freedom. The freedom to exercise, play, and have fun your own way. Go ahead grunt, holler, and scream, it is your home, and your workout.

May 252010

Pedal, pedal, pedal, the spinning pedals of an exercise bike can become a tedious drone in your ears. A treadmill is no better. Are you one of the people who have come to believe your cardiovascular workouts have to be boring? Using cardio circuit training is one way to drive away the boredom and increase you overall health.

What is cardio circuit training? Instead of using only one exercise machine, or exercise type, you are going to start rotating through a series of exercises. If you goal is to get an energized aerobic workout for 40 minutes every day, you can break the time down into a challenging series of activities. This is going to keep your mind interested and engaged, while your body gains the benefits of working additional muscles. Let us take a look at an example workout.

For your 40 minute cardio circuit training workout we are going to break it down into 5 different exercises. You are going to rotate through the 5 exercises (one circuit) two times doing each exercise for 4 minutes. If you cannot do a particular exercise for the entire 4 minutes, then rotate on to the next exercise in the cycle. You will just need to start into a third circuit to finish out your full 40 minutes.

Our Example Circuit:

Exercise Bike – 4 minutes – Pedal intensely. Do not take it easy on yourself during this four minutes. You want to get the heart pumping and prepare for your next exercise. Keep track of the time and be ready to move on.

Jogging in Place – 4 minutes – Jog fast enough to keep your pulse in the training zone. This is putting some new stresses on your body, but this is good thing. Watch the clock.

Push-ups from knees – 4 minutes – Do not attempt to do this with straight legs to start with. It is very unlikely you will be able to do this for the full four minutes, but do not worry about it. Do as many push-ups as possible and then move on into the next exercise in the circuit. With time you will build up the number of push-ups you can do, and will approach being able to do 4 minutes.

Side to Side Jumping – 4 minutes – Place a small object on the floor and jump back and forth sideways over the top of it. Make sure it is a flat item in case you would happen to come down on top of it. As you get stronger over the upcoming weeks you can use slightly higher items to make yourself jump even higher.

Sit-ups – 4 minutes – Once again, do not expect yourself to hit 4 minutes on this part of the circuit. If you can, excellent, be proud of yourself. If you cannot, move on to the exercise bike again and start the circuit over.

As you can see from this example, cardio circuit training works more parts of body, keeps you excited, or maybe a little frightened at what is coming next. You are going to build a more balanced and healthy body using circuit training. Keep in mind this is only an example. You should create your own series of exercises choosing ones you enjoy and which target parts of your body you wish to change.