Jun 212010

Core stability exercises are a little different than all other kinds of exercise. These exercises are not intended to build impressive muscles, increase cardiovascular efficiency, or to burn fat. Your core exercises are intended to build a strong and stable center for your body. Stability exercises work to create a steady and stable spine, strong and healthy back, and a stable abdomen for centering all other movements in your body.

Think about every movement you make with your body. It does not matter if it is swinging a tennis racket, lifting your child, or even washing the dishes, they all center around and are supported by the central core of your body. Your central core is made up of the lower back, abdomen, and spinal support muscles. This group of muscles are responsible for giving you balance and stability for all your other body movements.

One way to picture the importance of core stability exercises and building a strong core is to picture your body as having a loose, rubbery moving center, or having a strong, resilient, powerful core. If your body flows, twists, and flexes without restriction when you move you are inviting spinal stress and injury. Without a strong core sports and normal household activities pose a much greater risk to minor injuries.

Your core exercises are usually centered around putting your body into a pose or position which aligns your spine, while using your support muscles to maintain the pose. A classic example is the superman. In this position you are on the floor on your hands and knees maintaining a straight back. Raise your right arm to a straight out to the front position, and raise your left leg to a straight back position. Work to maintain a straight spine. Hold the position for 15 to 20 seconds and the switch sides. You will feel this exercise up and down your spinal support muscles, in your lower back, and will require you use your abdominal muscles for support.

Another one of the common core stability exercises requires the use of either a chair or a exercise ball. Place your elbows on the ball or chair, stretch your body out fully supporting your body only the tips of your toes and your elbows. Make sure to maintain a straight back. This exercise is mainly felt in the back, abdomen and buttocks. Make sure to hold the position for 30 seconds or longer, then you can relax a moment and repeat.

This exercise can also be done on your side to build up core stability from the sides. Just rotate on to your right or left side, supporting yourself on the side of your foot, and the side of your body. Maintain a straight spine. After holding the position for 30 seconds rotate to the other side and repeat.

Core stability exercises are not difficult to perform, but play and important role in maintaining a healthy body. All of your other exercises, activities, and normal life are centered around the core of your body. Taking time to perform a few stability exercises daily helps you maintain a healthy spine and lower back.

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