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How do you define fitness? Many people watch an amazing performance by a marathon runner winning the Olympic marathon and are convinced he must be the fittest man alive. Then you watch the 2 days of intense activity of the decathlon and are sure the winner must be the most fit. As you flip channels you see an ironman triathlon underway and become equally sure the winner is as fit as possible. When you choose to become Crossfit you will begin to understand how fitness should really be defined, and discover the real truth.

Many fitness programs are designed to specialize your body for one activity. A great example is bodybuilding. A bodybuilder is strong, lean, muscular, and usually has good cardiovascular fitness. You could term him as being very fit. In the Crossfit method of measuring fitness it would not be so sure.

The Crossfit definition takes a very unique look at fitness. The first part of the qualification is the general qualifications of cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

The second portion of the definition is even more encompassing. You must be able to perform at above average levels at any task. Yes, any task you can imagine is included. Take a box fill it with 100 or more tasks, athletic sports, physical activities, and draw one out and perform it. You must be able to do it at above average in order to be Crossfit. An amazing definition of extreme fitness.

The third portion of the Crossfit definition gets into some very scientific measurements of the three metabolic pathways of energy in humans. We are going to skip this discussion for now.

Taking our bodybuilder and running him through just the first two parts of the Crossfit definition leaves us with some serious questions about his fitness. How good is his coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy? At times many power athletes suffer in these areas, and in the Crossfit definition this indicates a lack of fitness. Looking into the second portion leaves even greater questions. How effective is the bodybuilder going to be when you pull out a card which says swim 1 mile in the ocean? Some may be very capable of this task and others would fail in the first 100 yards.

Crossfit training takes into consideration creating an extremely well rounded workout which includes diversity at its core. You cannot continually specialize in one type of movement and reach the fitness levels required to be Crossfit.

Back to our opening questions about who is the fittest person the marathon runner, the decathlete, or the ironman triathlete? Most likely it comes down to a close race between the decathlete and triathlete. They both work on a wide variety of body skills, motions, strength, and endurance. A Crossfit athlete is prepared for anything, in any walk of life for a firefighter, mother, full contact karate contestant, or even a professional football player. Do not just get fit, get Crossfit.

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  1. As a 3 time Ironman, wrestler and boxer I thought I was “fit”. But seeing some intense crossfit videos and having a strong understanding of high intensity training, I may have to bow down to some of those crossfit athletes.. Needless to say I’m training to join that club!

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