Sep 012010

Weight lifting can be done on many different schedules. Many programs suggest you only workout with weights approximately 3 times per week, but many of us love the feel of getting iron in our hands everyday. You can benefit greatly from daily weight lifting if you do it right.

The biggest difference in planning for daily weight lifting and less frequent lifting is designing the proper workout schedule and lifting program. On a system designed for three workouts per week you often split your body into upper and lower body parts and then workout upper two days the first week and lower body once. The next week you simply flip the schedule around.

When you decide to go on a daily routine you must split your body into even more parts. Your muscles require 2 to 3 days rest between being stressed with lifting for time to heal and grow. A good daily routine is going to require you split your body into approximately four areas.

A good split is to choose to do your chest and triceps on one day. The next day do your upper back, biceps, and shoulders. Day three focuses on lower back and abdominal muscles. Day four is the day to work on your legs. You are now ready to start the rotation over again.

This schedule gives your body plenty of time to heal, grow, and recuperate between workouts. Without this valuable time you would be over-training the muscle resulting in slower growth and strength gains. You do not want to be working out hard 6 to 7 days per week to only discover your results are decreasing instead of increasing.

Is daily weight lifting your best schedule? This is highly dependent on the intensity you are going to put into each muscle group. For a highly competitive bodybuilder it will be difficult to compete without daily workouts. For a lifter trying to maximize power lifting daily could be a disaster. Power lifters rarely lift daily. The difference is in the number of muscles they are looking to sculpt and improve.

A power lifter is looking to increase massive power in a limited set of muscles with added support from other smaller muscles. A bodybuilder wants to develop every muscle in the body to build symmetry, definition, and size. The bodybuilder needs more days of working out to isolate and focus on all of these groups of muscles making a daily schedule very beneficial.

Daily weight lifting can be highly beneficial in one other method, too. If the focus of your weight lifting is for overall health then circuit training with weights is a great method. It increases power, cardiovascular fitness, speed, and flexibility. The weights handled are much lighter, the speeds much faster, and a daily schedule is common.

Your plan for daily weight lifting needs to be kept in perspective based upon your goals. Make sure to segment your body properly to get the best results and daily exercise can be your best choice.

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