Jun 212010

Are you aware of how important deep breathing exercises can be to your health? Deep breathing can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, and help clear your mind. It may be the simplest form of exercise available, and one of the most beneficial.

Oxygen plays a critical part to every bodily function we have. Perhaps the three most important things we can do for our body are drink plenty of fresh clean water, eat a healthy natural low fat diet, and do deep breathing exercises to increase our ability to oxygenate our blood. These three things make sure our body is fully nourished, and able to produce plentiful energy for all of life’s challenges.

Deep breathing to improve your health should be done with purpose and a plan. The first thing is to make sure you are sitting or standing in a position which allows your diaphragm to move freely and without restriction. Wear comfortable clothes which do not restrict your free movement.

Many people breathe from their chest and not deeply from their diaphragm. To get the most benefit breathe deeply starting from your belly button. Draw the air deeply into the lower portion of your lungs allowing them to fill from the bottom to the top. As you are drawing in the air picture your lungs inflating from their lowest recesses slowly inflating up to the very top.

Once your lungs are fully inflated you need to let the air out slowly. Do not expel all the air in one big gasp, but slowly let it out, taking approximately twice as much time as you did to inflate your lungs. If you took a count of 4 to 5 to inflate your lungs, strive to release the air in about 8 to 10 counts. As you are expelling the air picture all the poisons, stress, and pressure of your life being released with the air. Clear your mind of negativity, and picture all the good things of life being drawn in with each deep incoming breath. Picture love, joy, happiness and laughter being inhaled along with the oxygen. Your mind is a powerful part of improving your health, use it fully.

We are not just working on our body but also our mind with your deep breathing exercises. This is one form of exercise which can be very therapuetic to both our bodies and our minds. Try to stop thinking about all of the problems of the day, and just focus on the breathing exercise. If thoughts keep straying into your mind exhale the thoughts with the next deep breath. Imagine the thoughts disappearing out of your body with the air. What you are going to discover is the increased oxygen, the release of poisonous thoughts, and taking a break from the day is going to relieve tremendous stress. There have been many medical studies done showing the power of decreasing blood pressure by doing deep breathing exercises. Why not give your body a treat and start adding deep breathing to your day.

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