Jun 212010

Are you trying to choose what exercise equipment to get at home? An elliptical exercise machine should be towards the top of your list.

The big three in home exercise equipment today are the treadmill, the exercise bike, or the elliptical exercise machine. The treadmill is the most efficient machine for training someone planning on running on the road. If you are going to be going out jogging, running in races, or even doing a lot of hiking, a treadmill is probably your best choice. The treadmill gives you the simulation of running on the road even giving you a similar load bearing experience.

An exercise bike takes the load completely off your legs, but works the muscles of legs. Your workout is very one dimensional using only your legs for the pedaling action. Some exercise bikes do have options for upper body attachments, and some riders use punches or other upper body movements to give themselves a more complete workout. Since both of these options are not common, they should not be considered in choosing your piece of exercise equipment.

An elliptical exercise machine most commonly has handles for exercising your upper body along with your legs. You will not get the impact you do on a treadmill since the foot pads travel with your foot. Their movement simulates the same action as a runner running down the street, but is not identical due to not having the weight bearing impact.

Elliptical trainers are excellent for people with weak knees, back pain, or other joint issues. Since you are not taking the impact of running your joints stay healthier while you still get a very intensive aerobic workout. This allows an elliptical to be used by almost everyone in the family. Whether it is for a teenager in great shape, or grandma who has sore knees, an elliptical trainer can give them a great workout.

Which machine is mosts efficient at burning fat? The elliptical trainer and a treadmill come in almost even. The treadmill gets a little more fat burning compared to the exercise bike due to the weight bearing activity and higher impact. The elliptical trainer comes in even with the treadmill due to the added upper body involvement. From a standpoint of burning fat, the exercise bike is going to come in last on our choice of exercise equipment.

Choosing the right machine for yourself can be simplified a little. If you are not training to be doing outdoor running, or preparing for races, the elliptical exercise machine should be your preferred piece of exercise equipment. You have less risk of damaging or stressing a joint with the elliptical trainer. You will get the added benefit of the upper body workout which helps give you a better balanced overall appearance. Since you burn the same amount of fat, and get the same aerobic benefits, the added upper body workout and lower risk of injury make the elliptical a great choice.

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