Mar 232010

Have you ever considered fasting as a way to accelerate your weight loss and boost your progress? Chances are, you may have never even heard of the term “fasting” before. There’s really nothing to be scared of here though, as this just implies that you will abstain from drinking certain kinds of drinks during your weight loss process, and preferably afterwards – ensuring that you’ll get the best out of the whole deal.

Juice fasting is the best thing to consider here. It basically means that you shouldn’t drink any juices, regardless of their contents, even the ones that are 100% fruit. Sure, they contain various healthy and useful nutrients, but they also contain many things that can be detrimental to your weight loss, including sugar and acids.

Replacing juices – and all of your drinks in general – with water, will quick prove to be a huge change in your life. If you were used to drinking lots of juices before, you’ll now have to adjust to a decreased sugar intake, which will lead to you craving candy and sugary treats on a more frequent basis. This is nothing to be worried about, you just need to control those cravings and you should be fine.

This brings us to one of the most important aspects of fasting – the psychological one. Fasting provides a very tough challenge for you to test yourself with, as it involves adjusting your body’s functions in various ways. Thus, if you manage to get comfortable with a fasting regime, you should also have no problems with the more serious and challenging aspects of weight loss.

Remember to also take short breaks from your fasting efforts – even though it’s good to last as long as you can, you should still take some “time off” and drink a bottle of juice every now and then – this will add some variety to your diet and ensure that your body gets supplied with a good number of healthy nutrients as well. It won’t harm you, as long as you manage to control the timing well enough.

If you find yourself failing, just lower the bar a little – for example, don’t go all the way right from the beginning, try to cut down on some specific drinks first and then move on to the others gradually, until you’re left with just water. It will take more time, sure, but at least you’ll know that you’re going somewhere. In the end, it’s much better to make it easy on yourself than to struggle like that.

Once you’ve mastered fasting, you’ll realize that it’s much easier for you to stick to any diet – fasting shapes you not only physically, but also prepares you mentally for the challenge of living without your favorite drinks. Once you’ve managed to overcome the initial stress and anxiety, you’ll see how much better it is to live like that, without having to worry about any harmful effects on your body!

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