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Working out hard with weights to create your ideal vision of the female body is great. If you do not partner it with the proper eating habits, and combinations of food, you are heading to rapid failure. The keys to feeding your body for muscle growth, definition, and body sculpting is very easy.

You must clear you mind of one idea right away. You do not want to cut back on your diet, you want to fuel your body for maximum change and effort. This means changing from the theory of three healthy meals per day to eating a minimum of six times per day. Do not panic, you are eating less calories per meal, so you will not be packing on the fat. Quite the opposite is actually true, you will most likely start becoming leaner.

Your diet needs to have high amounts of natural protein. This can come from eggs, especially egg whites, dairy products, fish, chicken, and beef. Work on getting 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you feel like this is eating too much meat, then you can use a protein supplement to make up the difference. These supplements are made from eggs, whey (dairy) and soy as the most popular sources. The egg supplements are the easiest to digest and enter the system the fastest. Soy is the least efficient of the proteins, but is the only complete protein for anyone seeking to stay on a vegetarian diet.

At each meal include carbohydrates, which can come from whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes, or other high carb sources. Adding a fresh vegetable or fruit at each meal is ideal to make sure you keep a balanced and healthy diet. The carbohydrates are crucial for powering your body during your workouts. If you are trying to trim a few pounds reduce your carbohydrates slightly.

Many of the same supplements men use can aid a female bodybuilder, too. Make sure you are getting a great multi-vitamin to balance out your nutrition. You can choose to add creatine on a limited basis. Make sure to cycle the products, with no more than 4 weeks on, before taking a minimum of two weeks off. Testosterone boosters may help you develop muscle, but are not recommended for most women. They can interfere with the proper balance of hormones, and play havoc with your body. Nitric oxide and other supplements which help aid in muscle recovery and rebuilding work great. Make sure to reduce the dosage based upon you weight in comparison to a man’s weight.

The most important part of a female bodybuilding diet is making sure to get plenty of protein spread throughout the day. This ensures your muscles always have their basic building blocks to rebuild and become stronger. Feed your muscles every 3 hours and you will see the changes start to happen rapidly. You are going to have the athletic, great looking body you are dreaming of.

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