Apr 032010

Getting a personal instructor can easily be a life-changing decision, but it strongly depends on the quality of service that the person can provide you. You should take the time to find someone experienced enough so that you can be sure you’re in the right hands, and your health will be properly supervised.

You should first understand that you’ll likely be paying a somewhat high rate to your personal trainer – good service comes at a price and this should surprise nobody. Make sure you’re prepared to shell out some cash, but remember that in the long run it’ll be well-worth it, as the amounts you’ll save up in the long run will completely outweigh the money you’ll have to pay to your trainer.

To start your search, ask around your local gyms – some even provide on the spot personal trainers and you can sign up for one. However, make sure you familiarize yourself with the specific conditions the company sets first, of course – and never rush for the first and most obvious choice!

A good indication of an experienced personal instructor is someone with a background in martial arts, boxing, or something similar – those people usually know a thing or two about keeping their trainees well-motivated and on their toes at all times, so you should be able to find a great personal instructor in such a person. Check how many years of experience they have exactly though – simply having trained in a specific sport doesn’t mean they’re good at it.

A personal fitness instructor should also be able to develop a diet tailored to your specific needs – he/she will study your body and determine what you need in order to lose weight, or stay slim – depending on what your goals are. In some cases, you can even score some quality cooking tips, though you have to be lucky for that – which is not to say it happens rarely.

Last but not least, try to develop a sense of trust with your personal trainer. This goes a bit beyond what this article covers, but if you aren’t confident in what your trainer tells you, you’ll find it hard to make any progress – and for this to happen, you need to subconsciously realize that the trainer knows what they’re doing. This is where picking the right person plays in, and why it’s so important to find a good trainer.

Even though you’re going for quality, find out what price you’re being asked for as well – some trainers tend to take their services too seriously, far more than they’re actually worth – in those cases you may be asked to pay ridiculous sums of money for what will turn out to be a rather mediocre experience. Know what you’re spending your money on, and spend it cautiously – getting ripped off in this field can leave you very unsusceptible to working with personal trainers in the future.

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