Jun 212010

Football techniques and plays are critical to success, but when it comes down to one player up against another, power is often the critical factor in choosing the winner. Football weight lifting will help you be prepared to drive your opponent back on their heels, and take control of the game.

Do you want to be the player who powers through the line and chase down the quarterback? Do you have visions of holding off the tackler, using your power to drive on into the end zone for the touchdown? If you want to excel in football you must have strength to overcome the other players. What kind of workout do you need?

Football weight lifting is not going to focus on giving you a great looking ripped body. It is going to focus on creating power. Power is needed in two different ways for football. You need massive power, but you also need to develop fast power. This often means training in two different ways for the most football success.

For massive power you need to do very few exercises. The bench press is going to help your build massive pushing power. Do 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps. Overcome your fears of handling large amounts of weight, and drive yourself to improve in every workout. The squat will build the massive leg drive you need to control another player, or to drive right through them. Again, the squat is not about doing high amounts of reps, but of working heavy. Often overlooked, but essential, is the dead lift. The dead lift builds the power in your lower back and buttocks which will let you throw off a player with ease. Add in the barbell curl, close-grip bench press, bent over barbell rows, and hamstring curls to round out your body. Focus most intensely on the squat, bench press, and dead lift.

What about the explosive speed and power you need? When you are lifting really heavy weights you may not be developing the speed you need. This is why you should alternate in days of lighter weights and higher speed, with more reps. You need both elements for your game. A great addition is the progressive box jump. Get several jumping boxes of various heights, 1 foot, 18 inches, and 2 feet high are a good starting point. Jump from the floor onto each height as quickly as possible for 10 reps, moving to the next highest box, then reverse down to the lowest box. As you can, increase the height of the boxes, striving to be more explosive and jump higher.

If you workout hard with your football weight lifting year round, you will soon be the player to be dealt with on the field. The opposing team will start trying double teams, and you will just chuckle as you split them and drive on through. You can create tremendous physical power when you train hard. Build a strong and explosive body to excel on the field.

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