Mar 022014


In the home health care industry, fast and efficient service is important. Individuals rely on their home health aids to provide quality care. When they call in to discuss an issue or schedule an appointment, being greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable and supportive voice can be comforting.

A Sound Business Decision

Managing inbound calls can be difficult if every member of the staff is occupied or out caring for patients. Hiring an efficient answering service that specializes in health care, is beneficial for both the client as well as the healthcare staff. The staff is able to be kept up to date on changes in the schedule as well as the concerns of their clients.

Furthermore, instead of administrative tasks consuming medical staff, they are free to devote more time to attend to patient needs. In other words, overhead, staffing and benefits costs are reduced significantly because the medical staff can focus on medical tasks, and the administrative duties can be completed by an outsourced call center for a low monthly fee.

Most importantly, the last thing a patient wants to hear when they call in to talk to an aid is an answering machine. Using an actual answering service allows the caller to be greeted by a real person. It adds a personal touch to the call that no machine can compare to. It also shows the client they are valued as a person and shouldn’t have to wait for their concerns to be addressed, resulting in higher patient satisfaction.


Specially Trained Staff

The staff members of professional answering services receive training to help them respond to clients and answer any questions they may have. They can manage inbound phone calls so that the right staff member gets the message. In some cases, receptionists are hired that have expertise in specific industries.

For example, an answering service that caters to home health care aids, may hire virtual receptionists that are familiar with medical terminology and have an extensive work history in the health care field. This allows clients access to someone who can understand their concerns and needs. Although they cannot offer medical advice, they can assist the clients in assessing the urgency of their need and establishing priorities.

Further Benefits

A few of the main perks of having an answering service include:

  • Phones are answered quickly and efficiently by a real person, no electronic recordings
  • Call scripts can be personalized and customized according to your needs
  • Virtual receptionists are trained to take highly detailed notes and to ask questions concerning the issues the client is experiencing and the urgency of the situation
  • Ensure HIPAA Compliance without even lifting a finger yourself by choosing a medical answering service company like Peak Answering that was designed with HIPAA laws in mind
  • Live operators are able to relay messages between clients and caregivers in a matter of minutes
  • Receptionists are able to answer questions about scheduling
  • Answering services record all inbound phone calls and maintain a log of all call placed by clients

Record Keeping

A home health care agency would benefit greatly from hiring an answering service. Not only would their inbound phone calls be answered by a real person, calls could be recorded and logged for security purposes. Clients could receive fast and efficient care without waiting in line for a phone call or response.

With the aid of a qualified and knowledgeable receptionist, clients can update their information, schedule appointments and get immediate attention. Receptionists can actually solidify the bond between the caregivers and their clients by providing a solid connection that is built on trust and respect.

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