Apr 292014


From gyms and social classes to sports, there are so many ways to keep fit and choosing one that works for you can seem impossible when you’re first starting out. If you’re keen to get fit and healthy but aren’t sure where to start, the following tips should help to give you a better idea of the best fitness routine for you.

Use your initial motivation for inspiration

Try basing your exercise regime around your motivation for wanting to get fit in the first place. Are you aiming to rid yourself of work-related anxiety or general stress? Do you want a slimmer figure in time for summer or for your wedding? If any of these apply to you, ideas for a fitness routine will start to fall into place since specific exercises can be attributed to things like getting a bikini figure or limiting stress etc.


If you don’t have a specific reason for wanting to start a fitness regime other than to stay healthy and agile, it may be a good idea to get a personal trainer. In just a handful of sessions, you may be able to figure out your fitness niche and begin to form a regular routine based upon what you enjoyed most in training.

Do what you can with your resources

Not everyone will be lucky enough to have a gym or fitness centre on their doorstep so if this is the case, do what you can to keep fit with the amenities that are available to you. Arrange to go jogging socially with a friend once or twice a week, take up indoor exercises such as yoga or Pilates or maybe consider taking up an active hobby that you can keep to on your own throughout the week such as cycling or running on a morning and evening.


As aforementioned, a hobby can be an effective way to keep to a regular exercise routine as it promotes wellbeing by releasing tensions and endorphins on a regular basis, motivating you to go further with your fitness.

An enjoyable and active hobby besides swimming or cross-country running is cycling since it can provide a full body workout in a relaxed setting and save you considerable money on gym memberships too. Quality bike manufacturers such as Fatbirds stock a wide range of brand bikes to get any fit phobic started and give them the inspiration to stick to it.

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