May 112010

Gaining muscle mass seems to be the bane of some novice bodybuilders – whatever they do, they just can’t seem to manage to buff up their muscles properly. Worry not if you’re experiencing the same problems though – there’s always a solution to them, even if you’ll have to end up sweating a bit more. If you’re a regular, healthy person, there’s hardly anything that can prevent you from building your muscle mass properly and achieving noticeable progress in your efforts. Here are some tips to get you going:

1) Protein is king. Protein is basically the building blocks of your muscles – the more of it your organism has, the better it can build new muscles and recover the current ones from exercise. Make sure your diet includes a sufficient amount of protein, and also watch out what type of protein it is specifically – lean proteins have a much greater impact on your muscle building than regular ones.

2) Eat less in more servings. This should already be common knowledge to you if you’re concerned with your health and well-being, but if it isn’t – try to split up your diet into several smaller meals, this will both help your body cope with the food intake more easily, while also keeping you more energetic as a whole as your body will be more frequently supplied with nutrients.

3) Supplements can help a lot. You don’t have to go for the “hardcore” stuff if you just need to gain some extra muscle mass – using some plain supplements can produce some fantastic results for your efforts if you do it properly. Creatine should be taken as a supplement at some stage, most athletes find it very useful for building muscle mass (though in some rare cases it may not work up to the norm, but that depends on your body entirely!)

4) Increase your water intake. Up the amount of water you drink daily, simple as that. Water serves your body much like fuel serves a machine, so the more of it you drink, the better the various processes inside your body will go. Just make sure that you spread the drinking equally throughout the day – drink a glass of water at regular intervals, with your goal being 8-10 glasses daily.

5) Decrease your workout sets. If you want to build muscle mass as quickly as possible, you’ll have to limit the number of sets you do when working out – doing too many can have a negative impact on your muscles’ recovery, and may ultimately lead to a decreased performance. To prevent this, be extra careful with the amount of sets and limit them to two per session at best.

6) Fat can help you. You don’t have to limit the amount of fat in your diet to stay health – in fact, increasing it can actually have beneficial effects on your body if your aim is to gain muscle mass (which ultimately comes from regular mass). Don’t be afraid to increase the amount of fats in your diet, as long as they’re not saturated ones.

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