Mar 232010

Getting a toned body is what everyone seems to be concerned with these days. The funny thing is that most don’t even realize the meaning of the term in the first place. When somebody says “I need to get a toned body”, they usually mean, of course, firmer and more defined muscles – which is understandable. However, “toned” muscles simply refers to a certain state that the muscles are put in when they’re at rest and ready for being used.

Still, if you wish to make your body more defined and well-shaped, there’s a lot you can do. First, you should understand that you can perform your workout in two very distinct ways, each giving its own advantage to the process. When talking about exercises that involve lifting weights, the general idea is that doing fewer repetitions (or reps) with heavy weights makes your muscles grow stronger, while doing lots of reps with lighter weights results in better-defined muscles.

One of the most important things when aiming towards a toned body is to get rid of as much body fat as possible. Face it – nothing ruins the sight of your beautiful muscles worse than some fat buildups around them. On the other hand, getting rid of fat has always been simple – you just need to control your diet and exercise, but we surely don’t need to explain this to you in detail.

A common misconception is that exercising a specific muscle group helps tone it. That’s not really true, as working out a given area of your body doesn’t guarantee that you’ll lose fat there – in fact, the only thing you’re contributing with, is helping your muscles grow in that area. But you can’t really control where your fat is burned – if you perform exercises that stimulate your metabolism, you’ll burn fat, but it’ll be evenly spread out throughout your body.

That said, make sure your exercising schedule is varied enough – you need to put enough strain on all of your muscle groups, and not just concentrate on a few. This is the only sure way to guarantee that your body will look good – it doesn’t matter if you have huge arms with mountains of muscles on them, when the rest of your body is skinny and/or flabby. A good impression is made by shaping your body evenly and putting enough effort into defining every muscle group.

Last but not least, try lifting some heavy weights – these types of exercises are fantastic for improving your body’s toning, as they put a tremendous strain on important muscle groups, stimulate your metabolism, and work as good cardio overall. Just don’t go overboard with those too much, as they can lead to some complications later on if you’re not extremely careful. If you feel you might be going in for a lot of strain, buy a safety belt to protect yourself from any injuries – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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