Mar 232010

Knowing the theory behind weight loss is always good when your goal is to get slimmer, but haven’t you noticed how the little pieces of advice are usually worth far more than the general theory and ideas? That’s because we, as humans, find it much easier to incorporate specific pieces of advice rather than applying a concept to our current situation. Thus, when trying to find the best ways to lose weight, the best approach is to look for little tips on what to do. To make things easier for you, we’ve collected some such tips that should open your eyes at least a little.

1) Water is your friend. We’re probably not saying this enough – water is the single most important key to any successful weight loss. It acts as a booster to any process that goes on in your body, and thus having more water makes you more energetic and more capable of performing everyday tasks. This also reflects on your performance in working out, as you’ll be able to do far better there as well.

2) Everything can be bad in excess. When starting a diet, most tend to look for substitutes for their favorite foods – for example, a person who normally eats lots of candy would probably replace that with lots and lots of fruit. While fruits are good for you, they can also have some very severe negative effects if you overeat them, especially because of their sugar contents. And this goes for every other type of food, too – take care of how much you eat, or you’ll face trouble sooner or later.

3) “Sugar-free” doesn’t mean “calorie-free.” Brands advertized as sugar-free are commonly targeted towards those trying to lose weight. But get this – sugar isn’t the only source of calories in this type of foods/drinks, and the substitutes used usually have some very negative effects on your health in other ways, completely nullifying the purpose of having a sugar-free product in the first place.

4) Make a chart.
Know how much weight you want to lose every single week from now on, until, say, two months ahead – and try to make yourself believe that this will actually be your final result. The more you believe in it, the more likely it is that you’ll succeed. The psychological element is a very important aspect of weight loss, though it’s not really the topic of this article – but still, give yourself the right mindset, and you’ll make it really far.

5) Share your experience.
If you encounter a problem, you can be absolutely sure you’re not the first one to get there – nor will you be the last. And surely, at some point, somebody gave you a tip on how to get out of such a situation. That felt good, right? Try to pass it on – if you know someone who’s struggling with weight loss and you’ve already made progress, talk to that person, tell them what you’ve learned, and help them feel better. Sometimes you may even get an unexpected tip yourself!

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