Jun 212010

Most workout routines verge on complete boredom. Kickboxing exercises punch and kick the boredom out of your exercise time, and fill it with energy, excitement, and passion. If you have never tried kickboxing exercises you are in for a real treat.

Kickboxing exercises can be learned two easy ways. The first way is to buy a video and learn from the instructors while you train at home. This can be very effective, but is not ideal. The real fun in kickboxing comes when you have classmates and fellow adventurers in this fun way of training.

There is one reason you should consider grabbing a video or two even if you choose to train in a class. There will be days you are on the road, or cannot make it to the gym due to weather, children, or other events. By having a DVD you can throw into your laptop or DVD player you can still get a great workout. A second advantage is variety. You may some days enjoy seeing a little different routine than your instructors. Pop in the video and get the variety you crave.

Kickboxing aerobics is offered in many fitness centers and gyms. If you stop by a class and watch the current students you will see looks ranging from joy, to effort, to exhaustion. Kickboxing exercises are very intensive and will give you a complete workout including almost every muscle in your body.

Your training sessions whether in a class or on a video are almost certain to start with stretching exercises. You will want to follow the techniques taught here very carefully. You want to improve your range of motion and prepare your muscles for the work ahead.

The next portion of your kickboxing exercises is going to be getting in motion. Expect to start off slowly with a variety of punches and simple kicks to get your body heated up. Once you are warmed up the real fun will begin. Hopefully as you warmed up you paid attention to all the punches and kicks being taught because now you are going to start combining them into some fast paced movement.

Kickboxing exercises are designed to have you move quickly between different kicks and punches in combinations, repeating the moves several times before switching body sides, and then moving on to the next combination. The powerful kicking and punching will bring your heart rate and your breathing rate up quickly. Expect to feel sweat pouring off your body. This is a phenomenal workout.

Your body will increase in strength from your lower legs through your fingertips with these workouts. Expect a noisy room full of a shouting teacher, great fast music, and your own grunt, yells, and cheers. One thing you will discover, no kickboxing exercises are boring. They are fast moving, intensive, and a lot of fun. When you finish a session you feel like you have really accomplished something great. If you have not tried this form of exercise yet, you are really missing out. Give it a try, and see what all the noise is about.

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