Jun 212010

Do you dread the idea of exercise but still want to lose weight? Can your really lose weight without exercise? The simple answer is yes. You can easily lose weight without exercise, but it may be harder than you anticipate.

A few years ago people were flocking to over the counter drugs which increased their metabolism and allowed them to burn fat, lose weight, and do it without ever visiting a gym. Then came the bad news. The drug could potentially damage your heart, which resulted in several deaths, and great scares around the world. It simple was not worth it, and the drug agencies in most countries quickly shut down the industry.

You can lose weight without exercise without using drugs, too. You will need to decrease you calorie intake very carefully to make sure you eat less calories than your body requires, but not so few calories where your body switches into survival mode. When your body sees an extreme change in calorie intake it will slow down your metabolism and start preserving the fat stores. Not what you want to accomplish.

If you chose to just add some simple walking to your change in diet you can avoid both the problems from over the counter drugs, and reduce the odds of having a slowing metabolism. You will not need to restrict your calories quite as deeply, either.

Walking for 30 minutes a day can be magical in helping you lose weight. You may be arguing this sounds like exercise. You can call it exercise or fun in the park, it does not really matter, it is just important you understand to lose weight without any exercise is going to be much harder and less effective than losing weight with simple exercise.

If you persist on the idea of wanting to lose weight without exercise there is one more word of caution. You are going to create a smaller body in the same shape as your current body. Muscle is what defines your shape. If you really want to re-sculpt and re-shape your body, you will need to use a little exercise to firm and tone the muscles to get the best looking shape possible. It does not take much exercise to transform your shape when combined with a simple diet. The combination is more effective than either diet or exercise alone.

We have all heard of the Slim-Fast Diet, the Subway Diet, and scores of other diets. Are you aware every one of those diets recommend exercise? Yes, it is possible to lose weight without exercise, but it is not your best choice. Ask your doctor, ask a nutritionist, and ask yourself the serious question. You know the answer already, but you were hoping for less effort. Instead of avoiding exercise, discover a form of exercise you find enjoyable, it is either a stroll in the park, or exercise, you choose what to call it. Get out their and play, and lose weight along the way.

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