May 272010

Are you like so many of us, you are a little overweight and your joints already ache? The idea of pounding your body through jogging, an aerobics class, or tae bo is almost frightening. A low impact cardio workout is exactly what you need. You will be able to get the fat burning and aerobic fitness you want, without the unneeded pressure and abuse on your joints.

There are many different kinds of low impact cardio programs you can use to get plenty of daily exercise. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

Walking – While jogging puts a lot of stress on your joints, walking is very low impact, and very beneficial. Bone strength and joint conditions usually improve with weight bearing exercise. Taking a brisk walk for 20 to 40 minutes per day can help you to start losing weight, and getting into better cardio fitness. Walking does not require any special equipment and can be enjoyed year round. You may need to take it inside during the winter months in a large department store, fitness center, or mall.

Water Aerobics – One of the most fun low impact cardio exercises is water aerobics. You can get an energizing workout while playing in the water. No worries about sweating, it is all washed away by the water. Usually these classes are filled with laughter and fun. If you have not tried a water aerobics course, now would be a great time.

Swimming – Since we are already discussing the water, why not go swimming. Swimming laps, treading water, and steady movement in water makes for a great workout which improves your overall health and burns fat quickly. Remember how hungry you were as a kid after swimming for an hour or two. You burned calories rapidly.

Bicycling – Whether you choose to ride a real bicycle down the bike paths in your community, or hit a stationary bike in your home, cycling is a great way to increase you fitness without the impact of many other exercise routines. Cycling is one of the most popular ways to burn fat, and build up cardiovascular condition. It is the choice of many sports trainer when they are working to rehab their athletes from sports injuries.

Low Impact Aerobics – While many aerobics courses put great pressure on joints, there are many classes which are designed to be low impact. You avoid the jumping, large moves, and the pounding steps of other aerobics classes. You can get a great workout with a room full of other exercisers, or enjoy a video at home. This form of exercise can be great fun.

Do not use your aching joints as an excuse to avoid exercise. Low impact cardio will help you get in shape, and improve the condition of your joints. You are not going to have improvements in your health without effort. Make the decision to get started today, and enjoy the benefits of a better looking body, less joint pain, and improved energy.

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