May 272010

Are you wanting to get bigger, stronger muscles? Working out hard is only half of your battle. Without eating the right muscle building foods your body cannot get bigger, and develop the impressive muscles you want to have. You need to plan your diet carefully, and make sure to keep your calories and fat in the right range to avoid adding fat to your body at the same time.

What types of food should you be eating to get stronger, more massive muscles as quickly as possible? Here is a list of some of the top foods consumed by bodybuilder, power lifters, and other power athletes to increase their muscular size and power.

1. Fresh Fish – Fish tops the list of many bodybuilders lists of favorite protein foods. Fish like salmon, tuna, and other deep water fish are high in protein and high in Omega 3 fatty acids. This powerful combination helps to promote muscle growth, and repair muscle tissue quickly. Avoid cooking in oil, grilled fish is the preferred method by top lifters.

2. Eggs – While eggs have received both good and bad press throughout the years they have been a long term favorite for athletes building muscle. If you are wanting to reduce the amount of cholesterol and fat you can eat more egg whites and reduce the number of yolks you eat. The protein in eggs is high quality, easy to absorb, and very complete. Combined with the low cost of eggs, and you have one of the muscle building foods you will enjoy keeping in your home.

3. Chicken – Chicken breasts can provide you with high quality protein with limited fat. Once again, steer clear of the fried chicken and go for broiled or baked varieties. You do not want to add large amounts of unnecessary fats into your diet.

4. Lean Beef – Do not neglect the importance of beef. Beef is high in creatine, protein, and fats needed to repair your body. Mixing it in with the other forms of protein foods will help you get the most complete mix of amino acids and fats to build an impressive physique.

5. Pasta and Bread – While proteins are necessary for rebuilding muscles, your body must have plenty of carbohydrates to power those intensive workouts. Make sure you eat plenty of complex carbohydrate foods to give your body energy.

6. Dairy Products – Milk and yogurt are excellent sources of both protein, fats, and important minerals to help rebuild your body. When you are in building mode the added calories and fats from whole milk will not harm you. When you switch in to your getting ripped mode, then you can switch to skim or low fat varieties to reduce the fat and calories.

These foods when combined with a healthy combination of colorful vegetables will give you get the protein, vitamins, and minerals to fuel muscle growth. Supplementing with good bodybuilding products can enhance your diet of muscle building foods to increase the speed of your growth. Get out there and pound out a few more reps, then feed your body to grow massive muscles.

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