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Pilates has been gaining steady popularity in the mainstream lately, and mane associate it with great and efficient weight loss. On the other hand, some tend to wonder just how effective it really is, and whether it can be truly useful as a means of losing weight. If you’re one of those who still haven’t decided if they want to try it out, read on to find the answer.

In its essence, Pilates is not designed for losing weight. It’s rather meant to help you achieve a better posture, balance in your body, as well as more control over your body through your mind. One of the core principles in Pilates is that your physical health is closely tied to your mental one, so maintaining a good balance of both is essential in achieving a good-looking body.

The exercises in Pilates normally aim at improving your control over your body, and mostly emphasize that control in some ways. The exercises were originally developed to help rehabilitating soldiers regain themselves better and faster, but has subsequently made its way into everyday life, aiding people in improving their well-being.

Breathing is also a major focus of Pilates, and by improving your ability to control your breath, you’ll improve the oxygen circulation in your blood, which will reflect on the general functionality of your organs, making them more efficient. Breathing control is actually a major part of many similar systems, as its importance has become widely acknowledged.

In order to be efficient in Pilates, you need to learn proper posture – and this alone will benefit you in weight loss a great deal. Posture is very important in all of the exercises you’ll be doing to lose weight, and standing up straight ensures you a much better performance in those exercises. Also, by getting a better control over your body, you’ll also be able to more efficiently go through the various exercises you’ll be up against, and reap their benefits much more heavily.

Will Pilates get you to lose weight all by itself though? Hardly. Even though it’s a good system for maintaining your body’s health overall, Pilates doesn’t have weight loss as its primary purpose, and thus shouldn’t be relied on 100% for this. If you want to see any progress in losing weight by using Pilates, you’ll also have to stick to a proper, balanced diet, perform other exercises and generally keep your daily calorie balance negative – something which Pilates cannot achieve alone.

Will it, on the other hand, help you in getting there faster? Definitely – Pilates has proven many times to be of utmost significance in most weight loss efforts, and a great tool in the arsenal of many people who’ve successfully rid themselves of their extra pounds. It’s just that, as we mentioned, you mustn’t get the wrong idea and think that it will solve your problems alone, as this is something impossible.

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